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~ Charles Darwin (it's evolutionary baybeee!)

Friday, May 15, 2015

The BabyGate Files: Tim Noakes Blames Gerber for Baby Cereals

I've done a couple of background posts on this topic, and I've decided to dub it BabyGate. In doing so, I now have the freedom to launch another unending series of related posts. (Read: I might actually get to posting what I want to in some timely fashion!) 

Background posts:  

  1. Mammalian Infant Food Macronutrients ~ Especially Human
  2. Common Themes: The Chef Evans & Prof. Noakes Controversies, and Robb Wolf vs. North Carolina (use your browser to search on Tim Noakes for background on this specific situation)

Today's Focus:  

Tim Noakes, outspoken advocate of Banting (sic) #LCHF diet -- apparently for all! -- has been called to a hearing by the HPCSA.  The issue is a complaint filed by the dietetics board in South Africa alleging inappropriate conduct on social media for tweeting advice to a mother to wean her baby onto a low carb, high fat diet or "real foods".  According to this report:
"By implication I was saying that the child should not be weaned onto the traditional high sugar, high carbohydrate processed cereals."
Noakes said this has been the norm in the US in 1936 since the introduction of these foods by the Gerber Baby Food’s Company, which is now a subsidiary of the Nestlé Group.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Paleo Papers

[Bumping for new content #s 4 and 8]

Just links to the full text peer review articles on the nature and composition of the diet consumed by paleolithic humans.  In reverse chronological order of publication.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, and to be considered a "work in progress" in hopes of someday compiling a comprehensive list of citations characterizing the paleolithic diet, for which I can provide links to full-text articles.   As such, if you have anything to contribute, please do so in comments, I only ask that only articles for which full texts are freely available be included ... abstracts will likely provide nothing in addition to the already accrued list.   Also, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know if any of the links go dead.  For some articles, I have put a link to request a share through Google Drive, please only use this option if the primary link no longer works, thank you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Common Themes: The Chef Evans & Prof. Noakes Controversies, and Robb Wolf vs. North Carolina

As I found myself debating whether to tackle which controversy to publish up first, I kept running into trouble with some background and tangents to discuss one, that really could apply to either case.  And then my good friend [sic] Robb Wolf wrote a blog post about a proposed North Carolina law that seems pertinent as well.  So I'm going to write a post on the commonalities, and then, as time permits, a separate followup post for the Pete Evans and Tim Noakes controversies that raise some similar but distinct issues.

For those who are not aware of what has transpired recently, allow me to summarize:

Pete Evans

Pete Evans is a celebrity chef in Australia who has become popular through cooking shows and such much like Gordon Ramsey or many of the Food Network stars in my country.   Evans has apparently been into nutritionism for some time (activated almonds anyone?), but as recently as 2012, Pete was writing popular cookbooks on making healthy pizza ... (and I'm not talking the cauliflower crust with cashew cheese sort either).  But then Pete caught the paleo bug and has launched The Paleo Way -- an endeavor whole heartedly supported by one Nora Gedgaudas who is somewhat of an icon for some reason in the IHC. Pete teamed up with Charlotte Carr, an Australian actress and voice-over artist and wife of Austrailian Idol winner Wes Carr.  According to her bio, Charlotte is educated in "holistic nutrition" through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition -- an MLM-type online "certification" body with no formal academic credibility where you can learn about every-diet-out-there-known-to-the-modern-world-no-matter-how-whacky ... including paleo  (seriously, this is their sales pitch).  Pete Evans himself is certified by the IIN as a health coach ... I'm sure you're all impressed.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Obesity "Paradox"

From his very first foray into the abyss that is "horrible" nutrition science, right on up through today, one thing has remained consistent for Gary Taubes.  Sure, the alpha glycerol phosphate idea where you can't store fat without dietary carb was blasted to smitherines by his own reference decades before the advance for GCBC was paid out.  Nevermind that billions of white rice eaters countered his insulin spiking notions.  Don't even notice the man behind the fructose curtain, a mirage known as the non-insulin spiking carb.  

As any good man of science will tell you, Gary Taubes insists that any hypothesis (and thus any supporting mechanisms) must be able to explain all of the observations.  I agree.  Too bad he doesn't hold his own hypotheses up to even a modicum of his own standards, or perhaps we might be congratulating Peter Attia and Gary on their successful opening of the $40Mil Newcastle-in-America Diabetes Clinic.  But instead, NuSI is pouring millions into getting to the bottom of long  ago answered questions.   

Heck, let's listen to Gary Taubes himself.  I've cued the embedded video here to the part I want you to hear, complete with the reference to "Tufts of all places" for some extra #IRONY.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just Eat Less - Move Moore, Jimmy

Another timely bump to go with the Three-Year "Update" for Jimmy Moore.  Seems he is receiving the expected backlash from the recent Paleof(x) CONference, and his pre-game post failed to stave off the gasps and criticisms.  Andreas "look at all the fat people on this cruise" Eenfeldt has just posted a short recap video from the event.  The comments on his blog are interesting to say the least.  Seems to have a strange thing going with Jimmy, kind of like Tom Naughton.  They both post unflattering images, etc. of their "friend".  The absolute worst light to show Jimmy in is a profile, and yet this is what his "friend" Andreas chose to use a lot of.  Eh ... their dysfunction.

[P.S.  After this post, a troll by the name of EatLessMoveMoore started commenting on various blogs using some of my terminologies like "webpire" and such.  This was NEVER me despite repeated accusations.  Even Nikoley had the decency to publicly note that it wasn't me.]

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mammalian Infant Food Macronutrients ~ Especially Human

There have been two major stories in the IHC-News of late, a mega-Facebook thread that has raised the issue of PUFA in baby formulas, a minor altercation between moi and Matt Stone on Facebook about a study on "autistic rats", and quite a few conversations on this blog involving PUFA of late that has prompted this post.  It is a prelude to at least two posts on the issue to come:  (1) The Pete Evans / Paleo Way / WAPF-inspired / Nora Gedgaudas defended liver-based baby formula controversy, and (2) Tim Noakes' recommendations of "LCHF" for babies.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

#LCHFollies ~ Is there a place for beer, wine, spirits in the Banting lifestyle?

You're kidding, right?

What?  This is a serious question?  Why yes it is!

I've got some things to say -- hopefully in the next week or so -- about Tim Noakes running afoul of the Health Professions Council in his country for advocating a woman wean her child onto a LCHF diet.  But I had a Twitter exchange of my own the past couple of days, in which I basically encouraged folks to hijack the #WeSupportTimNoakes hashtag.  This is being started to, well, support Noakes against his percieved persecution.  Said Twitter exchange took me to a podcast page with a sidebar image showing the Facebook post screenshot below, and leading me to this podcast:  Alcohol and the LCHF Diet: Can you drink when Banting?

For Real??
No ... not the Onion website!  
[it's a mighty good thing I didn't have an adult beverage in hand when I came across this!]

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Frassetto High Carb Paleo Diet in Diabetics - Part II

Part I

U Masharani, P Sherchan, M Schloetter, S Stratford, A Xiao, A Sebastian, M Nolte Kennedy and L Frassetto

{Apologies in advance:  No idea if this is truly as scattered as I think it might be, but I'm currently working on a number of projects, including "real job" stuff.  So rather than hold this up for perfecting, I'm hitting the publish button!}

The Take-Aways, Such as they are ...

In this three week trial, researchers used food questionnaires to assess usual intake prior to the study.  
... on the basis of our intake questionnaire and food recall responses, we expected the parameters of the subjects on the ADA recommended diet to remain unchanged from baseline, but in fact they also improved reducing the differences observed with the two diets.
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the baseline reporting was, as has been demonstrated many times, flawed and subject to under reporting.  Indeed, the fact that both groups lost weight despite being fed "weight maintaining" calories in the intervention, and a -- gasp! -- actual US Dietary Guidelines-compliant "low fat - high carb" diet indicates that ... well ... what would you say?  Probably, that they weren't eating what they claimed, and when this has been assessed in metabolic ward studies, the macros have come out decidedly higher in fat as a percent.  That's an educated guess.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Insulin Secretion in the Progression of Type 2 Diabetes ~ First/Early Phase

Random Bump:

There has been some discussion of diagnosing diabetes type going on in my comments of late and I thought this might be a good post to bump in response.  It's pretty specific, but contains links to some background blogging.

I think it would be safe to say that I'm of the belief -- and the scientific evidence seems overwhelming in support -- that peripheral insulin resistance is either non-existent or plays a minor role in T2 diabetes.  

Nonetheless, the concept of IR remains, but for the most part is diagnosed using a fasting HOMA-IR score based on fasting insulin and glucose levels.  This is considered a measure of hepatic IR, but even here appears to be a flawed measure.    The "swamped insulin receptor" model is flawed.  Not saying it doesn't perhaps play a role, but glucose uptake is not the first defect nor the main determinant of elevated circulating glucose.  

The WHO even classified Type 2 Diabetes as such (1999):
7.2 Type 2 (predominantly insulin resistance with relative insulin deficiency or predominantly an insulin secretory defect with/without insulin resistance)
There is much evidence for the latter, and the former?  Well, it seems the evidence points far more conclusively to relative insulin deficiency vs. any sort of receptor swamping dysfunctional clogged sink model.  

This is also why I believe LC will never "cure" T2, because the GSIS is the first thing to go with chronic carb restriction.  This is well known and why low carbers are told to "carb load" with 150 grams for several days before a standard OGTT.   Insulin does far more than regulate blood glucose levels, it should be a no brainer in my opinion to aim for NORMAL insulin signaling/glucose regulation where possible.