As to the matter of Jimmy Moore ...

Jimmy Moore was Arrested:

A request:  Due to the age of the victim or victims here (I will use singular for the rest of this), I have deleted several tweets etc. and blocked the person who tweeted potentially sensitive/identifying information.  While it is human nature to want to find out more details, we are talking about someone who was 13-14 when the offenses occurred, and is still a minor.  Publicly identifying or misidentifying the victim only can only add further trauma to the mix for the victim and his/her family.  Please don't do that!!

I was informed of this development a few days after the arrest via Twitter.  The general information has made the rounds now.  I do not desire to be the conduit for information but since I looked into it, and there is a lot of misinformation floating around -- and especially in light of the attempts to use my Twitter to spread information on the identity of the victim  -- I decided to make this post.  

For those who do not know, Jimmy Moore was arrested at his home in Spartanburg, SC on a Fugitive Warrant issued by Henrico County Virginia.   The arrest occurred on 5/23/2022.  He was extradited to Virginia on 5/31/2022 and booked shortly after 1am on 6/1/2022.  

He faces 7 counts of CARNAL KNOW 13-14Y W/O FORCE - also known as Statutory rape.    

These counts relate to three separate dates of offenses in 2019:  September 1, November 13, and December 1, 2019.   Jimmy Moore turned 48 in late December of that year.

The legal proceedings to date involved Direct Indictment in Henrico County Circuit Court on May 16, 2022.

Followed by issuance of a Capias Warrant in VA

I am not a lawyer, nor do I have any great knowledge of the law.  The Direct Indictment/Capias process may be procedural to bring him back to VA to face the charges.  I do know that the direct indictment goes directly to trial.

As of the writing/publishing of this post, Jimmy remains incarcerated awaiting trial.  I will not be providing a play-by-play here.  For anyone interested, you can follow along at:  Virginia Circuit Court Case Lookup    (search Moore, James in Henrico County

(You can click on Pleadings/Cases for detail)

Other Stuff I Know:

  • Jimmy Moore took a 6 month "sabbatical" from his work officially beginning on September 1, 2019 and officially ending on March 1, 2020.
  • Just prior to the sabbatical, Jimmy took a cruise with his "lovely wife" and a large group of her family.  He wrote a glowing tribute to her on their anniversary in August of 2019.
  • Around Thanksgiving of that year, he did a surprise IG live "update", the Jimmy Rants video replay of which is no longer available on the internet.
  • Shortly after that he made some sporadic third person posts in anticipation of his return.  His commentary in November and these additional posts oddly lacked any mention of his wife.
  • During the sabbatical, he was active on TikTok.  That content is/was ... erm ... disturbing shall we say.
  • In February he announced that he and his wife of 24 years were separated.  South Carolina requires a year to initiate the divorce.  His divorce became final in June or July of 2021.  He remains living in the Spartanburg SC home. 
  • Here's what else is now known about that:  Jimmy Moore left Christine.  She did not want the divorce.  He abandoned her in September of 2019 at the second home they had purchased the year before in North Carolina, basically leaving her stranded because she cannot drive.   I will not discuss her further other than to wish her well.  
  • Jimmy Moore has friends that live in Short Pump VA (Henrico County).  He used to live in Virginia Beach, and Christine's family was from VA.  I do not believe Christine had any knowledge of this prior to the arrest or that a member of her family was involved, but the Moores used to travel to VA to visit family and friends.
  • When Jimmy Moore returned from sabbatical, he attempted to rebrand as "The Man of Real", launch a new podcast called Real Talk, and talk about childhood trauma on which he now blames his obesity.
  • Upon his return, Jimmy looked much as he did six months prior, just with a fresh hair and eyebrow dye job. 
  • Long before the sabbatical, most of Jimmy's sponsors, and many friends had jumped ship.  The book he "wrote" with his wife was a flop.  Virtually nobody wanted him to speak anymore or be involved in those insufferable online summits.
  • He got FatHead in the divorce (this was around April 2021)

  • Upon his return, he was to do two Dr. Westman/Adapt meet-ups but those were likely canceled by the pandemic.
  • He lost the LC Cruise and is no longer affiliated with it. 
  • The former Keto Academy ladies (remember Melanie?  she was gone, but Cara and Michelle lived on and formed Keto United) remain friends with both.  This video is from December 2020.  They visited Christine just prior to attending the 50th Birthday Bash Jimmy through for himself.  (Of note, he posted that most who were to attend had backed out and was basically begging people to come for the free food).
  • His relationship with current (prior to arrest) One Step Deeper podcast co-host and book co-author, Brittany Lee Davis, dates pre-sabbatical.  They had met *in person* at a minimum in late June 2019 at KetoCON.  (The other man is her husband).  Jimmy routinely referred to her as "my bestie" or "my best friend".  
"2 of my favorite people"


Pretty much everyone has distanced and divested.  His following was a lot of women.  It always was, but now it was more young women, many of them single parents.   Several of them are claiming to be victims now, but they were all happy to get the attention and links, and Jimmy is nothing but the opposite of sophisticated.  He may be sick, readers here know he's a pathological liar, and he's not too bright.  He's been a charlatan since he began his full time blogging career.  Miraculously he's survived many scandals, but his ability to piss off and throw people under the bus finally caught up with him "professionally".  He was probably creeping on these women, but they didn't tell him to buzz off.  He was likely trying to find a revenue stream (some have impressive followings ...) and ego-strokes.  But the collective idea that he was "grooming" these women?  LOL.  For what??  

If any of them read this, grow up, and do your homework before associating too closely with people online.  You are not victims here.  This child or children are.


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