Jimmy Moore -- Big Fat Liar -- Steps in it AGAIN! It Was NOT a Joke, He Is!

Hey all!  Long (LONG) time no blog.      This is mostly an update, because the King Kahuna of Keto is still sort of kicking around out there.   

Jimmy Moore can't help himself!!

Nah ... not one iota of evidence!  LOLOL

On the gossip front, it appears the split with his wife is imminent and he lost the Low Carb Cruise and most of the friends in the split.  Christine has lost 400 lbs in the past year -- well, 50 of her own since no longer eating like Jimmy ... and Jimmy.  

After taking six or four months off, King Krankypants of Ketonia tried to rebrand as "The Man of Real" discussing his childhood.   That went over like a lead balloon and apparently what remaining sponsors he had went the way of handshakes and hugs in 2020.  

This has left Jimmy in three-to-four tee shirts, surviving on eggs from his chickens (and the occasional ribeye from a friend), ranting away on IG and solidifying his place in nutritional history proving that it is indeed cortisol and not calories or even insulin that causes fat to accumulate on his body.

Ever the victim, there are still a few people who believe his lies. His latest:

Several years ago I posted a picture of myself with a stick of butter on my plate while making a funny face as a joke and that photo very quickly (and infamously) became an instant meme where people believed I was supporting eating that way at every meal. Seven years later, I still get asked about this! When people ask me why I promote guzzling butter, I simply respond that I don’t. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough. ⁣

One of the great lessons I have learned being in the nutritional health community for as long as I have is that people will always attempt to smear and characterize you in the way they want others to perceive you. It really doesn’t matter at all if what they are saying is true or not. The only objective is to fully discredit you so as to diminish the impact of your work. This butter guzzling lie is merely one example of this horrible practice that I’ve had to deal with. ⁣

We see this devious tactic played out often throughout life. When someone starts accusing someone else of something completely absurd and then continues to ask them about it time and time again even though it has been thoroughly and repeatedly denounced, the primary purpose is nothing more than ridicule, embarrassment, and personal destruction. The reasons for this can run the gamut, but I’ve seen it happening way too often. ⁣

When you’re the one being accused of something that’s simply not true, it’s almost impossible not to get at least a little bit defensive. Especially when you feel like you have repeatedly responded to the exact same inquiry as if you’ve never said anything at all—it wears on you! If you remain silent about it when people ask, then they’ll just assume their charge is true. So you have to keep repeating your answer. It’s a vicious cycle. ⁣

In my case with the butter guzzling charge, anyone who regularly follows my work closely will see absolutely zero evidence that I promote this insane practice. But that doesn’t stop people who would prefer that I shut up about everything. And in the end, that really is the only objective of repeating a lie that has been thoroughly debunked again and again. Question asked, question answered—NEXT!

So enjoy the flashback, or perhaps it's your first time seeing this.   

Original post:  April 2018

Blogstress Note:

A quick note to all:  Please share!!

An apology:  Parts are long, and I threw a bunch of images in at the end and such just to preserve for posterity.  Sorry!

An open letter to my critics who may be in the audience:

It's OK for you to think what you may of me.  If you find yourself wanting to blame me, realize this is exactly what Jimmy Moore wants from you so that he can continue perpetrating his fraudulent livelihood.

Jimmy Moore, and now his wife Christine Moore, are not really interested or seeking optimal health.  Jimmy has long given up on weight loss, and it matters not what the actual weight is on the scale at this point, he's behind the ball position on January 1, 2004 (when he began Atkins) in so many ways.  He has a serious eating disorder at the root of all of this ... something he shows no desire to address.  Very sad for him and those who love him. 

Still, he inexplicably preys on desperate obese people seeking solutions or excuses.  He does this to feed an insatiable need for accolades from others, and to live a higher life than he otherwise would be (like multiple cruises each year!).

He makes carbohydrate restriction-based plans -- I don't care what the next fad (and that's what it is!) incarnation is -- look bad.

If keto or LCHF or Atkins or whatever has worked for you, and continues to work for you, go for it!  I'm NOT anti-LC.  But do not spread junk science.  Do not follow and elevate the likes of Jimmy Moore who is FAILING eating that way.   Go forth and share your own story if you want.  Or not.  Probably not a good idea to turn it into your primary source of income.  If you disagree with my assessment of "failing", step back, imagine if he's any fill-in-the-blank spokesperson for some diet you think is bull$#!t and see if you wouldn't agree.    He is the one delegitimizing your successful way of life in the eyes of others.  He is the one adding to all the confusion by spouting nonsense like steak is chocolate cake (true story).

Carbohydrate restriction plans could gain more mainstream traction if its promoters, ESPECIALLY doctors and researchers, stuck to the facts and what the science shows.  It's just that won't make those folks rich, and the accepted science will be nowhere near the exaggerated claims you've heard repeated in your echo chambers. 

Lastly, if you know someone who follows Jimmy or is thinking of following him, share this post with them.  If they still feel he's a reliable source of information, at least you've done your part.  I'd rather you encourage them to chase success.

I don't know what exactly prompted him to try to claim his butter eating stunt was a joke, but that lie don't fly!  In the past with Kimkins and the David Duke KKK scandals, he had to address controversy.  But this must be coming in reaction to "friendly fire" -- criticism from within the community.  I am encouraged by this development!

It was no joke, Jimmy Moore is the joke

That (other) time when Christine Moore watched Jimmy Moore eat an entire stick of Kerrygold at his momma's house

Folks, I had better things to do yesterday, but this plopped in my lap, and I just have to address it.  It seems Jimmy Moore is getting testy and defensive once again.  I'm happy to have a part in that.  Those in the world who are genuinely interested in pursuing better health for themselves will be far better off without this clown in it (the health world ... how long he's with us on this planet is not my concern).   This guy has a new book out with a practicing medical doctor.  (Actually Dr. Adam Nally wrote it, Jimmy Moore only chimes in with blurbs using a cartoon head with "Jimmy Says".  It is HORRIBLE.  So much so at times as to almost be a parody.  I did a cover makeover.  Just so folks are updated on who is behind the words and cover pictures.

It all started when a Facebook friend posted the infamous stick of butter with some eggs picture with the following caption:

With the ensuing conversation, it struck me that this picture was taken around a year after Jimmy's year-long "n=1 keto experiment" wherein he re-lost some 80 odd pounds.  Even though he had already regained quite a bit of weight, he looks positively svelte compared to today.  So I tweeted out this.

Of interest here is that I linked to Jimmy Moore's original tweet of that picture.  Mr. Mental Clarity Moore could have refreshed his memory regarding what he wrote at the time, but apparently he's too busy these days?  He DID respond to one recent comment left on that 4 year old tweet.

TL,DR:  He HAD to eat this in the morning at the free hotel breakfast buffet, because there would not be any food he could eat in the green room for the TV show he was taping ... oh and he forgot to pack a few f-bombs?  Give him a break!  He hadn't eaten in 24 hours!!  ...   Oh, but he had eaten the night before.

While he was there on Twitter being snitty with Obar, you'd think he might refresh his memory about what he said back then before "going off"?  I ALSO distinctly remembered he wrote an entire blog post (somewhat of a rarity for him by then) about "Buttergate" as he has now dubbed it.  Did he really not remember??  More on that post in a moment, but first Jimmy's recent "step so deep in it" moment.  NOW it was all a joke!!   

from his "stories" on Instagram

Interesting he should dub this Buttergate.  The original "gate" taught us that it's often not the original crime that brings you down, it's the coverup.    It's absurd for Jimmy to try to backtrack on his butter antics.  He should just own them.  To try to now pass them off as a joke?  Bahahahaha

So I'm going to publish the entire post here, preserved for posterity (including the sycophantic comments -- PROOF there are REALLY dumb people in this world).  Sorry, if you follow this guy for even a few days and don't get that he's a clown who eats a lot of fat, you're not very smart.

  • livinlowcarbman I want to address something today that has been lingering out there for many years as an impression that some have of my philosophy regarding a #lowcarb #highfat #ketogenic diet. When I was writing my bestselling KETO CLARITY book about five years ago, I was trying to think of ways to communicate with the reader why they no longer should fear saturated #fat. To illustrate this, I encouraged people to eat a little bit of butter with each bite of food.[I have a meme for that]
    • The point of that wasn’t necessarily to stuff your face with gobs of butter every single time you eat. [THEN WHY DOES JIMMY DO THIS??]  Instead, it was to give people permission to eat fat again after decades of being told how bad it is for their health, especially heart health. I knew from personal experience that if you restricted carbohydrates while in pursuit of nutritional #ketosis, then you needed to replace those with #realfood sources of fat. Once satiety kicks in from doing that, people are sold. *
    Now about this photo of my fawning over a block of butter on my plate. As many of you know, I enjoy having a little fun in life and joke around a lot (if you listen to my podcasts, it comes out there quite often). That’s what this photo of me with AN ENTIRE STICK OF BUTTER was. A joke. Meant to be funny. Never in a million years supposed to encourage gorging your body with unnecessary fat beyond satiety. *
    Since posting that photo in 2014, I have routinely receive emails from people telling me that I’m eating way too many calories for my body  [he has to be, but this is besides the point] —upwards of 5,000+ a day. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what gave anyone this notion and then someone sent this photo that was posted as a joke. Now it all made sense. *
    You can ask Christine (@muzikgirl1972) who was there that day and took this photo. I barely ate that butter. [THAT SMELL JUST MIGHT BE THE FATTY WEBPIRE GOING UP -- OR IS THAT DOWN -- IN FLAMES]  It was OBVIOUSLY a joke—well, to me it was. But some have stated that they thought I had an entire block of grass-fed butter three meals a day. Ummmm, ewwww. I like butter but not that much. I probably consume 2–3 tablespoons of butter daily now [COUGH COUGH ... LIAR! ... COUGH COUGH] as part of my #keto eating plan. If you fell victim to believing that I am eating three blocks of butter blocks on a daily basis, now you know the REAL deal.

  • muzikgirl1972Yes, I can tell you, this photo was meant as a joke. Some people learn things better when humor is used. This was just that. I have a feeling that some people who took this photo and ran with it to criticize you would do it even if they knew it was meant as a joke. Some people are just that pathetic.   
scroll down to end of post for more comments on Instagram ... 
I have mostly held my tongue regarding Jimmy's wife Christine Moore, now NoT a Practitioner.   But she's now doing a podcast and writing a book with her lying scammer of a husband.  Behind the scenes she's sat by as he has lied, and lied, and lied some more.  Lied about Kimkins.  Lied about David Duke.  (I wonder how often she balls {sic} lately).  Lied about his weight gain through 2012.  Lies about his health.  SHE lies by defending his lies, and now she's lying in her own right.  (This is not the first time she has, BTW, but as "just his wife" it wasn't usually relevant.)  Shame on them both.  They call themselves Christians.  SMH.  YOU are pathetic Christine Moore.  {I suspect the waterworks are flowing now!}  The fact that your health has been consistently declining over the past decade of adopting Jimmy's diet more and more is more is relevant to the credibility of you both, now more than ever.

That aside ....

Jimmy did put out a strawman argument here to divert.  Notice how these "people" somehow "got it in their heads" that he eats THREE STICKS of butter a day.  No!  That's not what he claimed at the time.  Eating the equivalent of two regular sticks of butter as a meal is surely enough to raise a few eyebrows!!  He claimed this was a "ketogenic rehabilitation" meal.

There is NOTHING in this tweet that implies humor.  WHAT exactly is the lesson being taught here anyway, eh Christine?  A full stick of Kerrygold (that's 8 oz = 1/2 lb = 16 Tablespoons of butter, not a regular 4 oz stick) is more than enough to be shockworthy.  THAT is exactly what he was after.  Shock, not humor.

This tweet was good for some classic comment exchanges though.  Like the first one!  

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!    I've included the entire subthread of these comments about Jimmy's damaged metabolism.  Classic!  Since I expect them to disappear, I'll include small versions of the rest of comments ... you can click to enlarge.  


"It's the only thing I ate all day."   "This is just to help get my ketones going again."

You don't need to read through.  There's NO indication he was joking.  Still think that might be possible?  Here's the blog post:  
link is to web archive just in case he alters it)

Some choice quotes:
... It’s no secret I have a passion for consuming good, quality butter as part of my low-carb, high-fat diet. And I don’t apologize for my overzealous love for butter that helps me get into a constant state of nutritional ketosis which is where I know my health is optimized to the best it can possibly be. ... I prefer to get into ketosis nutritionally through eating more fats like high-quality butter in conjunction with my carbohydrate intake being limited to my personal tolerance level as well as my protein consumption to my individual threshold. ...
... With the rise in cortisol as of late, it has taken a toll on my ketones (under 1.0 mmol), blood sugar (hovering around 100), and weight (up ~20 pounds since January). I’m not worried about these things because I recognize what’s going on. Once the editing process of Keto Clarity is finished in the next couple of months, I’ll be able to devote time to recovering and getting all of these numbers back in line again. ...
NOTE: he does not even imply that he was joking.  Quite the contrary.  
To help kick start that process, I tweeted out what I described as my “ketogenic rehabilita tion plan” that included the following delicious low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat meal. [the infamous image]

Yes, that is indeed a full 8-ounce stick of Kerrygold grass-fed butter with my eggs.

But it’s not all that strange an idea for anyone who has consumed a meal with me before. While I don’t necessarily consume an entire stick of Kerrygold butter with my meals all the time (although there would be no harm if I did) and I typically also include some monounsaturated fats like avocado in my meals, I certainly don’t fear eating a meal comprised of mostly saturated fat when I want to be satisfied for hours on end, raise my blood ketone levels, and drop my blood sugar. This just plain works.

ANY QUESTIONS??????  An entire blog post to set the record straight about the half-pound of butter with eggs for a meal, and not once even cracks a joke!! 

Unless you count calling James Fell's response laughable.

I'll screencap this next part to preserve Jimmy's font formatting (I added the highlights)

You got that?  HE ATE THE WHOLE STICK.   No ifs, ands or buts.   Jimmy ran the calories!

Had enough yet?

But Wait!!  There's More!!!

You see, this wasn't the only time that Jimmy Moore boasted a plate of food with an entire stick of Kerrygold.  I know I have a freakish memory, but this stuck in my head because I remember he had a bar of butter in the wrapper at his Mom's house!!! 

Please click to enlarge this in your browser.    You'll see that Jimmy Moore tagged his wife Christine.  And she was responded to in all replies.  She was there.  At his "momma's house" ... where he brought a foil wrapped 8 oz stick of butter on his plate to the dinner table.  NO JOKE FOLKS!!   Not once, but twice:
I ate the whole stick
And I ate the whole package of @KerrygoldIRL butter!
Oh, and this was
Pretty typical.

Does anyone need more?  I've been thinking since 2010 that Jimmy Moore cannot survive much longer.  He always seems to tap into a new wave of desperation and the marketeering vultures that feed off of them.   If what I'm seeing/hearing even in keto-friendly circles, coupled with Jimmy's increasingly desperate antics for attention ... the end may FINALLY be near.

He's the joke.


Just some more social media butter antics and memes from over the years, butter and integrity related.

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  • mellifitDUH. Sometimes I find myself wildly amazed at the things people choose to believe. Wow. There are many out there in the Keto world who still fear fat and many who preach it- creating falsehoods like this one is a way of “getting people on their side” they follow or jump on the band wagon of the gym rat (I love working out and I’m not knocking that or the gym at all!) that eats protein till it comes out of his ears and tells you to do the same. Doing your own homework matters.
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