Fiber and CRP

Came across this so just putting it out there.  It's a meta study of 7 clinical trials in which fiber was studied or reported.  In 6 of 7 CRP was reduced.  One study involving just psyllium showed no effect.

The effects of dietary fibre on C-reactive protein, an inflammation marker predicting cardiovascular disease
Conclusions: In the presence of weight loss and modified saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat intakes, significantly lower CRP concentrations (25–54%) are seen with increased fibre consumption 3.3 g/MJ). Mechanisms are inconclusive but may involve the effect of DF on weight loss, and/or changes in the secretion, turnover or metabolism of insulin, glucose, adiponectin, interleukin-6, free fatty acids and triglycerides. Clinical studies of high- and low-fibre diets are needed to explore the potential favourable effects as observed epidemiologically, and to understand individual susceptibility to its anti-inflammatory effect and long-term cardiovascular reduction.
Unfortunately for those interested, full text is not free.


SafeNSharp said…
What were the dietary sources of fiber? Grain, bran, fruit?
CarbSane said…
Welcome Sifter! I just got a copy of the full article. Looks like some of the studies had grain fiber, some just fruit & veggies, etc. There's also a huge caveat about the implications of this study in that most of the studies the primary variable being analyzed was type of fat. It will take me a couple of days to sift through this, but I'll post an update. If I forget (that happens too often :( ), feel free to email me or post a reminder comment.