The Lipidome

I would like to give a shout out to Colby Vorland over at Nutritional Blogma for posting about this here:
The Complex Lipidome Quantified

Lipidome = a play on words presumably derived from genome to describe the spectrum of lipids in human circulation.

Please do go visit Colby and share with him your comments.  I will, however, share two direct links with you here:

The full text article:  Lipidomics reveals a remarkable diversity of lipids in human plasma
The research consortium that generated the article:  Lipid MAPS

No doubt I'll be spending some time at the Lipidomics Gateway in the near future!


Colby said…
Thanks for the shout out!

FYI "omics" is added to words to signify a consideration as a whole- e.g. studying all lipid species; from wiki: in cellular and molecular biology, forming nouns with the sense "all constituents considered collectively".

I've seen a lot of biologists e-groan about the number of words that it is tacked onto ("antiomes" heh). See a large list here:

Here is an interesting paper on how these suffixes came to be:

I'm staking a claim on "dietome" :)

LynMarie Daye said…
Thanks for posting! VERY interesting!