Insulin: Endogenous Cardio-Protector?

Is insulin an endogenous cardioprotector?

Presented without comment, except to say that hyperinsulinemia is not the problem, it's what causes the hyperinsulinemia.  That being insulin resistance!


LeonRover said…
My reading is: this report discusses the administration of exogenous insulin to those hospitalised and recovering from surgery, acute infarcts, sepsis, shock etc. It advocates use of insulin (for Type 2 Diabetics) to keep their blood sugar less than 110 mg/dL.

It supports Jenny Ruhl's recent post about the practice in some hospitals to keep post-operative diabetic at hyperglycemic levels, and how to protect against this.
CarbSane said…
This and my other "book mark" post came out of a discussion I was having on an LC forum. I had never heard the insulin = anti-inflammatory thing before. I think too many in the LC realm equate high insulin levels with inflammation where I think they probably co-correlate with adisopathy/dysfunctional fat cells (usually in the obese). Seems further indication that a healthful dietary strategy is one that maintains or restores insulin sensitivity.