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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Insulin Finale

James Kreiger just posted his final chapter in his series on insulin.  If you don't want to read the entire series, I highly recommend reading this last installment that summarizes all points.

Insulin, An Undeserved Bad Reputation: The Finale


Sanjeev said...

It's quite sad to read some of the comments.

One guy in particular is bent on maitaining his (Taubes-inspired) fantasy world.

Instead of questioning whether he's right, he nit picks anything and everything and posts a couple of dubious studies in the face of dozens that he's been pointed to that debunk him.

More people need to live by this:
Q. What is a Scientist

Ans. Although a person with an advanced degree might claim to be a scientist, the true test of the scientist is how one thinks. A good scientist:
· Excepts nothing in science absolutely.
· Is willing to change his opinions based on new data.
· Does not rely on Authority.
· Thinks critically.
· Knows that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
· Has an open mind.
· Relies on logic and reason.
· Knows how to form hypotheses and test them.
· Respects the scientific method.
· Examines all the data, not just the data that support his or her view.
· Builds on the work of others, giving them appropriate credit.
· Documents his or her experiments so they can be duplicated by others.
· Knows that if a claim is made, the claimant must provide the proof. (It is not up to others to disprove it.)
· Is intellectually honest.

That very first bullet probably should be "accepts"

Unknown said...

This was a great series. Really debunked a lot of stuff which is really needed with all the "Insulin is the devil" stuff on the net. Really like your blog, glad I found it via 180degree....

CarbSane said...

Agreed Chris which is why I've linked to it. I encourage everyone to read the entire thing, but this summary is a good "Cliff Notes" version. Also provides some talking points to counter the Taubsians' schtick. Welcome to the blog Chris!

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