Of Pseudonyms & Blog Names

I've received a few behind the scenes comments regarding my use and choice of pseudonym and the names of my blogs.   

More specifically, some have expressed that my use of the word "sane" is somehow insulting to low carbers because it implies that more restrictive LC WOE's are somehow insane.  Well, that is not my intent, although I do see a faction in the LC community exhibiting the same sort of zealotry as the LF community did/does.  

I had originally intended to do just one blog before separating it into science and personal.  The Sane-Asylum is (obviously) a play on words on insane asylums.  Asylum is refuge or a safe place.  I consider myself to be in such a place as regards my relationship with and attitude towards carbohydrates.  While it may seem like I post a lot of "anti-LC" stuff here, that is not really my intent.  I'm looking for the best way forward, no matter where that leads.  I do, however, hope to foster an environment where more moderate carbohydrate restriction can be discussed as well as the limitations of what I see as a blinkered notion that extreme carb restriction is *the only* healthy way to go.

As to my use of CarbSane as a pseudonym, I have to confess.  I've never much liked engaging in conversation with R2D2'sMom or any such internet username.  It makes me uncomfortable.  However, it would make me equally uncomfortable to go by Persephone Jones or Katrina Klaus or whatever fake "real name" pseudonym I could have chosen w/o announcing it.  So, CS it was settled on as a compromise.  Again, to indicate my own (finally) sane relationship with carbs and not trying to cast aspersions on anyone else's mental health based on their chosen WOE.  I had to pick something instead of "Me" at some point!

Thanks for listening :)


Matt Stone said…
Just keep doing what you're doing and don't worry what others think. Those who like you will stick around and hang on every word. Those who don't, won't. Just do what you do with conviction. Trying to make everyone happy is a huge sign of weakness. Many low-carbers need to hear the truth about carbohydrates, come back to reality, and perhaps even, dare I say, eat more carbohdyrates.
CarbSane said…
Thanks Matt. I wasn't planning on changing anything, just offering an explanation. Had to chuckle at your last line there ;)