Just finished my interview with Jimmy Moore :-)

I think I got a little animated at times ;-) ... we'll see how it went.  For anyone interested in hearing this, he estimated the air date to be around the Jan 20th time frame (sooner than I thought), but obviously I'll get bumped if some big wig guru agrees to an interview!   Jimmy was a very gracious host and put me at ease.  Hmmm... maybe too much at times?  LOL ... again, we'll see.

When it airs I'll definitely post the link here, and I'll probably put up a post linking to various relevant blog posts and/or studies too -- sorta my own "show notes" since it is obviously difficult to get everything in within an hour phone exchange.

OK ... now I can stop shaking LOL.  Really, it wasn't so bad once we got going, but this was the first time in a long time I had such butterflies!

Thanks to all of you for reading my blog!!  Without you I would have never had such a unique opportunity!


Paul Jaminet said…
Congrats CarbSane! I'm sure it'll be a must-listen.
Floriana said…
Oh, that's exciting. Can't wait to listen to it. :)
Russell said…

Oh well. Guess that leaves time for drama to build up...
LynMarie Daye said…
Great CS! And I hope you're next James!!

LOL Russell!!
Melchior Meijer said…
Can't wait to listen to you, CarbSane! Jimmy is always an almost meditative moment for me. I often put him on my ears when I go for a run or bikeride through the North Dutch countryside ;-).

Gary doesn't seem to respond, nor do other high profile low carb advocates. I hope the interview with Jimmy will change that.

In the mean time, Stephan Guyenet put eloquently into words what I have been thinking about your stance on calories in calories out:


To me it makes total sense. What do you think?
CarbSane said…
Jimmy's voice is equally hypnotic "in person". I won't get to hear it until y'all do so I'm already kind of freaking out a bit that I might have gotten a bit shrill at times. We talked a bit more about me, my weight loss, and what I eat than I probably would have cared to as well. Melchior we did briefly discuss that twinkie diet and I have a post planned of my own for that. I don't think Stephan and I have much disagreement on this issue in the end. Since basal metabolism makes up ~60% of our daily expenditure, this is a huge "fudge factor" for the body to adjust. It wouldn't surprise me that in the face of nutrient devoid foods, a normal person is faced with two choices -- eating to great excess to satisfy whatever is deficient, or dialing it down. I'm not sure the feeding behavior of rodents extrapolates well to humans, but I do have a review paper on binge eating that summarizes a number of rodent studies (in the FWIW department ;) ). Stephan did a great interview with Jimmy, but an even better one with Chris Kresser that I shared some thoughts on here: Do other theories on obesity dispel calorie balance?

Thanks everyone! As I said above, I won't hear it until you do. I've never liked my voice on tape (which is why it once took me like a week to prepare a 15 minute narrated PPT training tutorial for work!! ... and that is only a slight exaggeration.). I'm sure there are parts I would like to edit out. There are other things I wish I got in or said differently as well. I'll probably obsess over it in my mind for a while.

Russell there are more blog posts on this topic to come between now and when the interview airs. I wonder if Jimmy will be sharing some of what we discussed with GT, but I doubt he will respond, certainly not here. I think Taubes would be happy if I just went away ;)
Melchior Meijer said…
Wow, I did listen to the (great) interview with Chris Kresser, but I missed your blog post about it. Thanks!