Oats ... More Reader Input Requested

I'm being a bit lazy here because we're hosting Thanksgiving and stupid me decided to tackle some "spring like" cleaning and re-organizing.  So I thought I would ask for your help in answering the following question because my reading around the net has been conflicting.  Do oats contain gluten per se, or is it that most oats are contaminated by gluten from other grains processed by the same machinery or in the same facility (dust?).  

Thanks in advance!


Paul Jaminet said…
Hi CarbSane,

This came up on my blog when I accidentally (writing from memory) inserted oats into a list of gluten-containing foods. Oats contain prolamins that are similar to gluten, and can have similar biological effects, but are not identical to gluten and may not cross-react with wheat-derived antibodies. However, most commercial oats are stored in facilities that also hold wheat and therefore are contaminated with gluten.

Here's the comment thread on oats: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/?p=873#comment-4207

And here's a comment from someone who reacts the same to oats as wheat and rye: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/?p=1042#comment-7163.

So oats don't contain gluten specifically but they are a dangerous food.
CarbSane said…
Thanks Paul! I don't seem to react to them. As I wrote in the comments of my legume query post, I'm looking to add a few more carbs but keep them simple. I would expand on previous thoughts by mentioning that for me, boredom and repetition leads to an almost-revulsion of the food. I'm this way with LC foods as well. I can eat eggs every day for weeks, then won't touch them for months. I want to maximize eating those starches that are "safe" as you say, while not tiring of them so much in simple form that I fall into the elaborate recipe trap that seems to elicit weight gain and/or struggles in so many.

Received the book! I like to read books in uninterrupted sittings so it will be the week after T-giving when I get a chance to do that. Looking forward to it!!
Frank Hagan said…
CarbSane - you might want to read Paul's latest post on Zero Carb Diets and the problems with vitamin C absorption and resulting deficiency: http://perfecthealthdiet.com/?p=1139

When I read this, I thought "my carb increases are going to be in vitamin C containing fruits!" Actually, I get my RDA in C from the frozen strawberries I eat, and I don't have any of the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency that some zero carb dieters get (bleeding gums, etc.)

But I did decide that before I add back in any grains, I'm going to focus on some of the "carbier" fruits and vegetables I have ignored that provide a good mix of vitamins and minerals. My main focus is not weight control but triglyceride levels, so I have to stay pretty low in carbs.
Anonymous said…
Very interesting regarding vitamin C. Have looked at research re. ketogenic diets and vitamin deficieny, and there are documented cases of scurvy (keto diets with too much fat, no fruit) and deaths due to selenium deficiency. Gonna be adding a shot of freshly squeezed oranges and lemon every day now.
CarbSane said…
Welcome Frank! I shunned fruit because I way overestimated the carbs in them when I was doing VLC. When I added fruit back in summer before last I realized how much I missed it, and GOSH it tasted SO sweet! But it's not something I care for more than a serving of per day of (although I've been known to subsist on cantaloupe or strawberries and cottage cheese for days during summer months LOL). I do enjoy bananas when they are just right so that's something I had not really considered to add back ... thanks for the reminder! I eat a good amount of evil nightshade tomatoes lately >:). When I do VLC I don't sweat my veggie carbs because I agree with Paul they are insignificant (and was pleasantly surprised that the New Atkins book was much more free with these despite their obsession over the carbs in lemon juice).

dietconcepts: I'm not a big "water pusher", but when I do drink water I have it with a healthy dose of lemon juice and cayenne pepper. That sounded so bizarre when I first heard of it, but it's really good.
Anonymous said…
Cayenne pepper and lemon, that actually sounds like a good match. I will buy some lemons and check it out. :)

Regarding your post on oatmeal - surely you can get gluten free oatmeal as easily as steel cut oatmeal? I regularly eat a bowl of oatmeal - doesn't taste that great on its own, but with half a tablespoon of honey and with a heavy sprinkling of cinnamon, it's rather good and very filling too boot.
CarbSane said…
That "lemonade" is the Master Cleanse formula minus the maple syrup! Atkins protege Salerno, author of the Silver Cloud diet (never followed but read about it) advocates this. I find it refreshing and have made it hot. Not so sure it will work with chapped lips in the middle of the winter though!

I seem to have no obvious reaction to gluten in small amounts, and don't recall ever having one of a digestive nature. But I'm convinced that my skin clearing on LC is due at least in part from mostly eliminating gluten from my diet (but not entirely because I did have the occasional LC wrap and I don't pass on the soy sauce!).
LeonRover said…
I'm going through a roasted vegetable binge at present:

Sprouts, cauliflower, carrot, onion - part cook in microwave, then roast in olive oil or ghee, with salt and your choice of hot spices.

CarbSane said…
Sounds yummy Leon! I've always been a pretty unrestrained veggie eater but I have mostly been sticking to LC ones (onions excepted). I'll be experimenting with more carby things like butternut and acorn squashes. I keep remembering all these foods I really like that I haven't had in years because when doing VLC days they were too carby, and they weren't really the stuff of "cheats" either.