Happy New Year ... and going on vacation

... one and all!  Wishing everyone who reads this blog a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year.

I'm also going on vacation Sunday through the 12th.  Needing some computer access for work and puttering on the net being my morning "veg" ritual, I'll probably pop in from time to time, but posting will be limited if at all. I plan to get me plenty of that natural Vitamin D, indulge my inner water child and eat moderately of all different sorts of food.   Looking forward to this big time.  

Hope to see y'all back here when I return.  


Kent said…
I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Happy New Year!
CarbSane said…
Howdy Kent! Welcome to the Asylum! Don't know if you've ever commented before so if I'm repeating please excuse me the repetition. Happy NY to you too :)