R.I.P. Jack Lallane

An icon if there ever was one.  I remember watching his show as a kid.  Ninety Six and looking pretty darned healthy up to the end!!  That's a good long life.  


Looking at that diet it is actually one that is fairly low in carbs.  But it contained a fair amount of fructose by LC standards, and notice something else?  It was also relatively low fat, and certainly low in added fats.  Just food for thought.

You will  be missed Jack! 


That was what he ate back then. The last 40 years or so he was mostly vegetarian with some fish & egg whites, no other meat. Prior to that video he was also a strict vegetarian for 6 years.
CarbSane said…
Thanks Christopher (Is that your real name? If so how many jokes have you endured?), I did not know that. So really a pretty low fat guy and it seems perhaps more of a fructose consumer than starch even from that diet. Interesting. Not enough for me to give up my meat though!!
CarbSane said…
Oh, and Welcome to the Asylum!
Yes it is and many jokes, lol.

Well, with diet, there seems to be many ways to skin a cat. Just see Clarence Bass at cbass.com who eats and advocates a high carb, whole grain, low-fat diet with fish. He's 70 something now and as ripped as ever.

I do believe staying active with lean body and a good amount of muscle is a big contributer to longevity and probably more important if your diet is higher in carbs.
CarbSane said…
I'll agree whole heartedly with that last statement, although I would add "and calories" because it doesn't seem someone needs to be more active per se if they're not eating too much. I think it's a combo of activity maintaining insulin (the hormone of youth IMO contrary to common belief) sensitivity and allowing for consuming a bit more (with the concurrent micronutrients so difficult to get in modern foods) that holds the key.

I'm really impressed that LaLanne had such the physique on veggie too. I don't recall him appearing that "buff" to me when I was a kid.