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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Question on Gastric Bypass Surgery

I'm not talking lap band here but the ones where you detach and reattach further down on the intestines like here.

Does some sort of digestive tract flush/cleaning or fasting/cleansing like for a colonoscopy precede these procedures?  

Thanks :-)


dveej said...

I had a roux-en-y, 2001, and if I recall I just fasted for something like 18 hours before.
I did have to have this procedure involving drinking barium and checking a picture of my intestines, but that was days before the roux-en-y.

CarbSane said...

Thanks dveej and welcome! The reason I'm asking is to sort of rule out flushing out gut bacteria in a post I'm working on re: insulin resistance. It's not focusing on GB, but I want it to address how GB seems to cure diabetes almost instantly in so many:
Did you have diabetes or pre-diabetes? I'd be interested in your experience. Thanks :)

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