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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Name that study?

I'm aware of a metabolic ward study that help protein constant and varied fat/carb ratios from like 15%-85% and showed no effect of macro composition on weight loss (or was it maintenance).  Does anyone know what study I'm talking about?

Thanks in advance!


Mirrorball said...

Maybe this one?

The effect of dietary carbohydrate:fat ratio on energy intake by adult women

Christian said...

Hirsch et al. - Diet composition and energy balance in humans (1998)

Also not a diet trial but I am sure you will find a way to make it one and conclude that Taubes is an idiot. Good luck.

Mirrorball said...

I think I've found it!

Effect of diet composition on metabolic adaptations to hypocaloric nutrition: comparison of high carbohydrate and high fat isocaloric diets

LynMarie Daye said...

"Energy intake required to maintain body weight is not affected by wide variation in diet composition."

Am J Clin Nutr. 1992 Feb;55(2):350-5.

kds said...

Mirrorball- I doubt that's the study CS is talking about since the HF/LC group lost 5.2 ± 0.3 kg vs. 4.4 ± 0.2 kg for the LF/HC group. P<0.05 and unattributable to fluid balance shifts. :)

Mirrorball said...

You are right, though the article says the HF/LC gained that kilo back during maintenance because of positive sodium balance that didn't affect the LF/HC group.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

LynMarie Daye wins the Internets. I posted a link to that study in GT's blog comments. Here's a clickable link to the full free study in pdf format:-

Energy intake required to maintain body weight is not affected by wide variation in diet composition.

CarbSane said...

Thanks Gang, yes its the Leibel study (similar to Hirsch it seems). FWIW Christian, I find your response to my query interesting and predictable. I actually wanted the name of that study because of a request I received regarding studies. I knew it was out there but couldn't put my finger on it.

LynMarie Daye said...

"LynMarie Daye wins the Internets."

Me?? I never win ANYTHING! ;~)

Glad I could help.

RRX said...

THAT study...

I was not a happy camper after reading that study a month or so ago. It was from 19-freakin'-77. Taubes doesn't get to just write that off as far as I'm concerned.

After looking at countless references and the general body of research for myself, I literally cannot take anything Taubes says seriously anymore. The research HAS been done (Rosenbaum, Ravussin, Hill, Leibel, Martinez, Marques-Lopes, Jéquier, Horton, etc etc etc) on the different carb ratios. DNL does not occur unless the subjects were eating thousands of carb calories over maintenance for days on end, and even then it's to such a small degree that it can NOT account of such large increases in weight individually and nationally (IMO). The scenarios researchers have to concoct to get DNL to occur is just NOT reflective of the real world dietary situation (me thinks, though I could be wrong and people really could be eating no fat all carb diets a thousand kcals over their maintenance...). With the mixed food diets that people actually eat, it was always the FAT being stored as fat and the carbs went to glycogen and got used for energy over the 24 hour period.

I was/am SO frustrated that I took so long to get around to reading these studies for myself (Was focused on exercise/training research for the last 3 years - which mind you peri-workout research ONLY makes sense in light of the work of the researchers I listed already and NOT with what Taubes claims).

CarbSane said...

Yeah, RRX, what makes me angry over all of this boils down to the incredible amount of time and energy wasted researching and discussing this whole issue when the answer was there all along. There are SOOOO many people out there wondering why they aren't losing weight on low carb and getting and listening to advice based on this man's deceptions.

. said...

Metabolic ward studies:

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