Reader Email: Nail on Head

I'm sure the irony doesn't escape you.  A movement, comprised of those who prided themselves on casting aside dogma in favor of real data and facts, has now become hysterically dogmatic itself. 


Thomas said…
This is so true. It's funny-guys like Stephen Guynet and Chris Masterjohn seem to be well accepted in the paleo blogasphere, and have published blog posts that go against low carb sacred cows (ie. IR is not the cause of obesity and carbohydrates are not necessarily fat promoting). Chris masterjohn even questions one of paleo's largest sacred cows, namely that wheat is a toxin and shouldn't be eaten by everyone. I don't see these guys, and others, being vilified. I think the problem you're having is you attacked Gary Taubes, which for many is like having someone saying nasty things about a family member. GCBC is the LC/paleo bible for many-attacking GT is like desecrating a holy figure. I like reading blogs by people who challenge the conventional wisdom-yours is one of them and I hope you keep it up.
CarbSane said…
Thanks Thomas. It's truly amazing at times. I was blogging practically to myself when I posted "the bomb", and after that was still mostly talking to myself here when I put a $ in his name. Wowzers!

Yep, GCBC is the low carb bible. I'm a practicing heretic. Can't have that!
Alan said…
they shoot the messenger when she's not a 22-year hottie like Denise Minger.

Denise doesn't get hooted at for claiming that we do better on uncooked foods, in the face of no evidence to that effect, and a peice of evidence ( to the contrary.

The paleo blogosphere isn't a walk in the park.
Sanjeev said…
> they shoot the messenger when she's not a 22-

I thought they had tried, if not on her website; there was a kerfuffle about the wikipedia entries for the China Study.

I just visited ... an almost complete whitewash.