Stolen content alert

I recently googled for my blog (since I was in Google search anyway) and lo and behold up pops the following website:

This is a verbatim copy of my own blog post by the same title:  Does Eating Carbohydrates Cause Diabetes? without attribution.  

I post this here to alert others of this website that seems to contain a TON of blog content by who knows how many writers out there.  Some of my readers with their own blogs may want to google some of their phrases to make sure they're not having their content swiped.


Paul Jaminet said…
Hi CarbSane,

I had the same problem. If you have your RSS feed only show partial content that will greatly reduce the stealing. Much easier for them to copy an RSS feed than to go scrape a web site.

Beth Mazur gave me this link:
CarbSane said…
Thanks Paul! (and Beth :D )
Atika said…
What's really funny is that they stole your stolen contents.
CarbSane said…
Holy crap! LOL Thanks for the heads up and welcome!
Gidon said…
I'm the health and wellness/Health Policy editor at Before It's News. Our site is a People Powered news platform with over 2,500,000 visits a month and growing fast.
We would be honored if we could republish your Blog's RSS feed in our Health and wellness category. Our readers need to read what your blog has to say.
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Just email me the text and links that you want at the beginning and/or ending of each post. If you know html you can send me that. If not, just send me the text and a link to your site. It should be around 200 characters or less (not including links).
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Thank you,
Gidon Belmaker
Editor, Before It's News
Sue said…
I see you've put your pic up over at Chronicles. Will you be doing the same here?
CarbSane said…
Thanks for all the advice. I've truncated my feed now to the jump break and added a disclaimer so if it gets stolen and someone reads it they'll hopefully have done me a favor to increase traffic back here :-)
CarbSane said…
BTW, along with including a link to my blog & disclaimer in my feed, another suggestion I found was to "spread the word". I did this to half a dozen sites whose content I googled form that site this morning dropping comments on their blogs (and in one case emailing the admin of a celiac website). This just sucks how easy it is and that there will likely be no consequences for the offender.
CarbSane said…
Site's gone now. Mission Accomplished!
Unknown said…
You might want to check copyright law. Wouldn't the fact that you posted the contents on your site on such and such a date(before the content appeared on sites Y and Z) constitute proof of your ownership of said intellectual property?
CarbSane said…
Thanks skcubrats & welcome! Yes, clearly what they were doing (to MANY bloggers) violated copyright laws.

It would be nice if Blogger had some sort of automated system to check for this kind of thing with their hosted content. The half dozen others I alerted I found by googling long phrases. I plan to write them about some better instruction for setting up the RSS feeds. Something as simple as recommending publishing only partial content or including a default ownership "disclaimer" on all feeds seems very reasonable.

It was really funny how they lifted and published this post in their "Nutrition" section ;-)

I guess this sort of thing happens all the time. :(
Jimmy Moore said…
Welcome to the club! This happens to my content on virtually a daily basis.