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Monday, July 4, 2011

Clinical Data Unit Converter

Reading an American website in the UK?  Or reading a European study in the US?  It's a PITA!  If you're looking to put values into the system you're used to, here's about the best list I've ever come across.

Clinical Data Unit Converter

I found this looking to convert insulin from µU/mL to pmol/L.  The conversion factor is 6.945.  
So:  10 µU/mL = 10 * 6.945 = 69.45 pmol/L

Going the other way just divide.  
So 100 pmol/L = 100 / 6.945 = 14.4 µU/mL

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Galina L. said...

Thank you very much for the converter. I will use it heavily while advising some people in Russia, especially my mother. She gained 12 lb during last 2 years, while trying to restrict carbs according to my advise. When I came to visit, I made sure she eliminated bread completely and limited fruits to 1 a day. Sugar,potatoes and deserts she stopped eating before. My mother lost 22 lb during first 3 weeks.I thought it was too fast, but she was too exited to slow down. Of course, weight loss stopped after 3 weeks,her blood pressure was normalized and gastric reflux is almost gone. She couldn't believe me before that 2 pieces of bread and some dried fruits a day could make such a difference. My grandma is with Alzheimer now and the main purpose of my intervention with my mom is to do something in order to prevent that horrible decease for her. I am reading your blog and noticed, of course, that VLC doesn't work for everybody. Some of mom's friends are too exited for her and eager to try the same thing. I am giving a warning about possible problems with adaptation. I think my mom had none due to the carb limitation during previous couple of years.

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