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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Forgotten Atkins Quotes

There are at least two bona fide dietary approaches for the overweight individual -- restricting calories and restricting carbohydrates.  Both approaches, in my opinion, are meritorious and generally beneficial to most persons who are overweight, and both represent a decided improvement over the use of amphetamines or other medications, useless gadgets or doing nothing at all.

Statement of Robert C. Atkins, MD to the
Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs
April 12, 1973


Mirrorball said...

I also like this one:

"If you mean what's wrong with a spear of broccoli or a bunch of spinach, the answer is nothing, they're magnificent foods. When I speak negatively of carbohydrates, I'm referring to the unhealthy ones--those lurking in the sugar bowl and the bin of white flour, along with milk, white rice and processed and refined foods of all kinds. I also must include concentrates, such as fruit juices."

. said...

Here is an interesting document, for historical purposes: "How the ideology of low fat conquered america"

Thomas said...

I still can't get over the Twinkie diet: Eat crap for food (high sugar and fat-including plenty of polys and trans), but maintain a caloric deficit, and lose weight and have your blood markers improve. Although this is a one man experiment, it is an example that shows that calorie restriction is at the base of the weight loss pyramid-all by itself. Everything else is above it, trying to achieve it more comfortably.

Sanjeev said...

Thomas said...
... Twinkie diet ... plenty of polys and trans
that part of it didn't surprise me ... Lyle McDonald linked to some studies a long time ago that showed that in a calorie deficit, humans use polyunsaturates and trans fats for energy first, preferentially over stored saturated fat

(medium chain triglycerides don't count here because they don't get stored, so in a fat loss context one's body does not need to mobilize them from adipose tissue)

Thomas said...

@Sanjeev-thanks, I'll check that out.

Diana said...

ELMM has caused me to lose 11 pounds in 4 months. that's slow but I'll take 145 over 156 any day.

OK, five more before August 5. (birthday)

Anonymous said...

I think I would like to try the Twinkie diet. However, my Twinkie diet would have me eating only Twinkies!

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