I'm more than happy to discuss my weight ...

... but it really is besides the point.

I've finally fixed the picture issues over at my Who Is CarbSane page and it's been an interesting several weeks to read the musings about the internet about my weight, etc. based on my face shot.  I must be a cannonball, there's no way I can fit into the sizes I do, whatever ...

Who knew it was such as strange picture.  That folks would show the picture at family gatherings and play "guess her weight".  So silly!!  Also, who knew that merely pointing out the obvious about the weights, sizes, appearances of many avid low carbers would cause such a stir.  I mean really -- you folks to whom I'm referring are out there ridiculing others in the process of encouraging the masses to follow in your rebel ways to weight loss and health.  And yet a look at pictures sets you off on rants?  Why?  These are not fakes are they?  No, that's not the accusation.   They are the current (or more current) state of affairs.  I'm not picking on you.  I'm not saying I'm thinner than you or perhaps I'm fatter than you.  So what?  WTF does that have to do with whether or not LC Dogma is backed at all by the science?

Hey folks, here's what a fruitarian looks like!  
I'm pretty sure old durianrider isn't going to go all postal on me over on his blog for "stealing" this photo!  And If I'll comment on his physique, I will say that he's probably artificially "pumped" out those biceps a bit with the crossed arm look there.  I'm not about to "go vegan" anytime soon, but I'd dare say that if the fellow below were promoting eating bananas, I'd dismiss that idea well before even passing consideration.

.... and SO WHAT?!  I still am not fearing the wrath of Harley over posting this because this is who this man is and he's proud of it, and whatever talk he talks, he seems to be living the walk.

This is apparently not true for many of those I've mentioned in my HAES series on low carbers.  In fact some recoiled and behaved rather petulantly at the mere mention of their names ... a telling phenomenon I may or may not elaborate on in the future when and if the feeling hits me. 

Why so ultra sensitive?  Because the outer facade does not match what's going on behind the scenes folks.  And I consider it a valuable public service at this point to continue to bring you ALL the information you need to make educated choices for yourselves.  No ... I don't have all the answers ... not even close.  But I have some insights, and I can see scheming and scamming from a mile away blindfolded.  And as a former obese person still trying to find my way to a more ideal weight and improved/sustained health and ability, the most repugnant of all the hucksters out there has got to be those who aren't even close to having the credibility to advocate anything.  Yet they soldier on resting on past laurels hoping you won't look too carefully behind the curtain.  

I'm only left shaking my head wondering why ...


What made me go, "Wow. Really?" was something from a previous post about how you weighed "almost 200 lbs" or so and wore size 10 pants. I am 188 at 5'6" and wear (depending on maker/cut) from a L to XXL or a 14 to 18. (Some designers, like Calvin Klein's, fitted slacks and capris,well, I need 18, I guess they skew towards the thinner types, hah.) I'm wearing Large Danskin capris now, and they're perfect and rather flattering.

So, I just wondered how 200 pounds fit into size 10s. I sure don't.Maybe ya got heavy bones. ; ) But it never crossed my mind you'd fib. Just wondered how you were physically set up to fit into such a small size....a woman's rumination, I guess. I do wonder, sometimes, when I see someone who looks WAY chunkier than me, but they say they're a smaller size. We are all quite differently created, yes?

Love the discussions in your comments. You have interesting readers/commenters.
Actually, out of curiosity, I hit the Lee site. Looks like in their sizing, I'd be a 16ish Misses: http://www.lee.com/wps/wcm/connect/lee-en_us/customer_service/size/

CarbSane said…
Hi Princess,

I'm so happy to see you here ... not because of "traffic" but because of all you've been through or late.

Believe me, it boggled my mind because I didn't weigh the whole time until Spring 09 so it was HORRIFYING to still top deuce. I've always held my weight well, but never this well.

I do have muscles to spare and according to the Costco scan, and the Pharmacist was wondering WTF I do to have such dense bones -- I'm in the 98th or 99th percentile for density of 30 y.o. women and I'm post meno! LOL. I do also carry my weight everywhere these days. Pencil jeans not gonna cut it for me ... let's just say.

Hope you and your family are doing well as can be expected. Hang strong :)
Thanks. I hang on. :)

I am due for my first bone scan (was supposed to get it last week of July, but life got in the way). I should probably have been sent for it way sooner, as i've used steroids since age 9, some injected, some oral, some inhaled. And we all know what that does to bones.

I hope I'm in the normal range and not osteopenic. Will find out.

And lucky you for those dense, dense bones!
garymar said…
"...if the fellow below were promoting eating bananas, I'd dismiss that idea well before even passing consideration."

Very funny, Carbsane! If that guy were promoting banana eating, Japan's balance of trade would go instantly into the negative as all the sumo fans began eating tons of bananas.

That's the yokozuna Asashoryu, and the document in his hand shows he's just won another match. Best advertisement for bananas ever.
CarbSane said…
LOL Gary! Your commentary also reinforces why each of us might choose to eat how we do. So if I wanted to look like or perform like a Sumo wrestler and he eats 30 bananas a day, that truly would be the best advertisement ever for bananas.

I realize that I could follow Harley's diet and I'll never achieve the female equivalent of his physique b/c my genes say otherwise.

The majority of formerly obese low carbers willing to go public with names and pictures are varying degrees of less obese than their former selves. The ones who are more lean and fit looking do not espouse the VLC/VHF minimal exercise dogma.
Sanjeev said…
> if the fellow below were promoting eating bananas, I'd dismiss that idea well before even passing consideration
When I was still way fat by my own standards my grandmother (in rural India) told me I was getting so skinny as to look sick.
Anonymous said…
Oh I just found the photo spread, Evie - terrific! You're very pretty, and you've done very well with with weight loss.

I've had times in the past where I've read some fitness story and have wondered how someone who weighs more than me can wear a smaller pants size, but shape is a huge factor (and bone density, muscularture, etc. as you mentioned).
CarbSane said…
Thanks so much Steph! When I put that together it seemed to me that the Niagara pics looked not much better than my before or the Aug 07 pics. It's very strange.

I am apparently a bit of a legend in my hubby's store. He has had several employees/friends over for our wood splitting parties. When one of those (30-something) friends unloads truck with twenty-something "kids" they are such wimps and apparently he teases them about how the boss's wife could lift, chop, stack wood.

So I got a bit of a compliment the other day when I had to use the bathroom in his store when I picked him up the other day. Hubby introduced me around and both of these guys they tease - they are thin guys around 5'6" tall. I guess knowing my heritage they were expecting me to be some sort of blond amazon!

One of the guys commented to hubby yesterday that he was surprised meeting me. I'm cute and "tiny"! LOL. I don't think tiny will ever describe me, but it just goes to show that pictures don't tell the story of how I look in person. No WAY those 30-something friends would talk about the 200 lb women at work in front of the boss's wife if they even dreamed I weighed anything near that.

This much I know from always being "one of the guys". When they stop talking about other women's weights around you ..... you're one of "them". So sad, eh? Did I become less a friend or human with the extra pounds?