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Hi gang!  I'm going to try something a little different here with my blog.  Mirrorball had the idea to start a Scientific Discussion Group of sorts over at the Meeting Rooms, but we're not getting much in the way of takers.    So I thought I'd try a few things.

The first is this post per se, because I know far more people read feeds, etc., to see if we can't snag a few more interested takers for such a thing.

The second is that the really cool thing about my discussion board system is that I can embed a topic right here in this blog post for everyone to talk amongst themselves without going anywhere, yet this thread will be over in the Scientific Discussion sub-forum at the Meeting Rooms.  This should also give those who have trouble logging into blogger the ability to join in as well.  The default is a flat style display, but this should also allow for greater ease in following discussions that have, at times, become very difficult to follow in the comments here.  With the discussion you can view things in list and threaded form to navigate a reply thread and reply inline.  You can even reply by email if you select the "Email replies" option.  How cool is that!

I'll leave the comments on for this first post so if you have any thoughts on this idea, and whether or not you'd be interested in participating or reading or whatnot, please feel free to chime in.    If this sort of thing catches on I would turn the comments off on the blog post.  

Lastly:  Who should join in?  While I think those with more scientific backgrounds are obviously more interested, I envision that "layfolk" could join in as well.  It would be very helpful for both "sides" if you will, what person A makes of a study, and what it means to B.  I would love to see many of those who are somewhat phobic of the science to be able to navigate a bit more of the literature -- especially as concerns topics for health conditions from which they suffer.  Or perhaps you're not scientifically gifted but you came across a paper and want help with making heads or tails of it.  

Will I be joining in?  As time permits, but I'm very busy behind the scenes.  So I hope to contribute here and there but this is more a place for y'all to discuss with each other.  If you have any "friends" about the net who might be interested in the topic, invite them over.  I don't bite!  

So without further ado, at the suggestion of Mirrorball ... let's discuss:

M. Funaki.  J. Med. Invest. 56 : 88-92.  August, 2009.

Abstract : 

Insulin resistance is one of the pathophysiological features of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Recent findings have linked insulin resistance to chronic low-grade inflammation in white adipose tissue. Excess storage of saturated fat in white adipose tissue due to a modern life style causes hypertrophy and hyperplasia of adipocytes, which exhibit attenuated insulin signaling due to their production and release of saturated fatty acids.  These adipocytes recruit macrophages to white adipose tissue and, together with them, initiate a proinflammatory response. Proinflammatory factors and saturated fatty acids secreted into the bloodstream from white adipose tissue impair insulin signaling in nonadipose tissues, which causes whole-body insulin resistance. 

Saturated fatty acids and insulin resistance


Mike said…
Great idea, Carbsane! You could call it the "Honest Metabolism Society"?
CarbSane said…
Ooh I like that Mike!!