Creative Input Request

In the very near future, My Carb Sane-Asylum will be branching out onto YouTube!  I have some ideas for the name of my YouTube Channel, and slogans, etc.  But I thought I'd cast a net out there to y'all as I think my readership is very creative and witty.  

So.  Name, logo, slogan, music, format (keep in mind initially these will not be live videos of moi, it will be narrated slideshow type vids), effects, etc.  If you've got an idea you'd rather share privately, the Inbox is always open: carbsane at



MM said…
Oh what the heck I'll throw some ideas out.

CSTV (like SCTV. Maybe you have to live in or near Canada to get that one.)

Carb-lucid-TV (sort of sounds like carb-lucidity)

Low Carb Rehabilitation-station (Ugh, probably too long)

Ok, these are probably all bad. Try not to make too much fun, but someone has to get the ball rolling. :)
Anonymous said…
Make for the, Carb-Sane-Asylum and feel free to eat some pie (within reason). No, that could be the start of some manifesto . . . .

Custard the Guru TV. (As in the verb "custard")

No, that could be the start of some manifesto . . . .

Umm, Desert Island Memo TV!
CarbSane said…
Funny MM, I was thinking Carb Sane TV but didn't make the connection CSTV -- I'm well familiar with SCTV :)

Hmmm ... carblucidity. I like that and I love the song Silent Lucidity by Queensryche ... probably a stretch to do anything with that though :(
MM said…
Oh glad you didn't think they were all duds. Phew. :) I think it's fun to play with words. I like the lucidity one too, but like you said maybe a stretch for the general public.
Diana said…
I like the Carb Sane Asylum just fine. I think it's great and also, when you get a "brand", which you have, you do not want to obscure it or muddy the waters.

Coca Cola isn't known by any other name, nor are Oreos. (Sorry for the examples.)

I think it should be Carb Sane Asylum TV or Carb Sane Asylum TV Channel. Whatever you do have Carb Sane Asylum in there somewhere.
CarbSane said…
I hear you Diana! If I go with any different name for the channel or a TV Series, it will be something like "My Carb Sane-Asylum Presents" or "A Production of My Carb Sane-Asylum" or such. Maybe for my love of acronyms CSA Network ;)

Jenna, I'm not sure for a TV station name, but something from a "Dessert Island" at the Asylum sounds like fun for a vid!