Let's Chat! Adrenal Insufficiency

Hi all!  Over in the comments on Stephan's blog, Dallas from Whole9 made the following statement:
Furthermore, I've observed a trend among long-term low-carbers (Paleo or otherwise) that seems to suggest some degree of adrenal insufficiency (which is worsened by large doses of high-intensity exercise). I'm not convinced that LC is generally healthy for a lot of folks, unless it's viewed as a limited-time corrective strategy to "offset" a long personal history of a HC diet from sugar and processed, nutrient-poor foods.

This seems to be a common knock against long term low carbing, and I often hear the term "adrenal fatigue" bantied about.  So I got to thinking what it actually means to folks expressing it, etc.  When I do a Google scholar search on "adrenal fatigue", I get a book by the owner of this website, and other articles on various health websites.  Therefore this catchphrase seems more of a medical pop-cultural thing.  I found a bit more on adrenal insufficiency, including this article:

Adrenal Insufficiency 

I am hoping we can get a discussion going here on what this means to folks.  Have you experienced it?  Do you have any citations indicating how VLC might cause this or contribute to it?  Etc.  Any more lay-friendly links/articles you care to share and discuss?  

I've made this an embedded Meeting Room topic so if we get a discussion going it should be easier to follow (thus comments are off).  I hope you'll join in!

Adrenal Insufficiency