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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taubes Watch Ticker

Have you heard?  Gary Taubes' had a bit of a public meltdown at the Ancestral Health Symposium.  I decided to set up this ticker to remind folks of how long Gary has remained silent with respect to recent events.

Let's have a little fun counting the elapsed time until when and if Gary responds.

It has been approximately this long since "the shot heard round the LC world":

I approximated this to be around 2:30pm PST 8/5/2011.  The ticker works on UTC so this would be 10:30 pm.  If anyone has a more exact time, I'm a stickler for accuracy and will fix accordingly!


O Primitivo said...

Your ironies are truly refreshing for science, and realy expose how these so called "experts" avoid confrontation, specially when they're wrong. Don't you know Taubes only publishes a blog post each 3 months? We will have to wait a couple of months more.

Beth@WeightMaven said...

I get the idea of a post pointing out Taubes' silence on the AHS matter. But as someone who was in the audience, I think calling his behavior "a bit of a public meltdown" is a bit unfair (and misleading).

Or are you referring to something other than the Q&A at Stephan's session?

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Hi Beth, I've previously stated that when I saw the video it was not as bad as I had expected from the accounts I'd seen about the web. Then again, I've rewatched it since and the ending salvo with the "stomp off" was a very poor showing for Gary. So, fair or not, I think "a bit of" in conjunction with "public meltdown" is accurate. I didn't link to the vid here, but I have previously so it's there for all to see and judge for themselves.

@O: Here's a funny coinky dink about Gary's blog. I remembered an odd interview (well GT comes off as strange in the video, but that's just saying is all)
They discuss his blogging around the ll:30 mark they discuss "schtick" and blogging ... it's ALL about promoting book sales.

Now Jimmy is on vacation from his blog at the moment, so perhaps this is why we haven't had the damage control podcast like we got after the disasterous Oz appearance ... we'll see.

Margaret said...

I watched the video too and it wasn't so much of a meltdown, more of a fit of inappropriateness as he tried to lecture Stephan on what he should do "in the future" - just listening to it made me cringe with embarrassment. I've been to scientific conferences and that kind of thing is a real no-no, very disrespectful to the speaker. But Stephan's comeback "thanks for the advice" was the perfect response.

Sue said...

Meltdown or not I like the idea of the ticker.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Perhaps the meltdown terminology is more how I see the fallout from this. A little while back, rather nonchalantly, Stephan stated on his blog that no researcher in endocrinology/metabolism that he knew took Taubes' theories seriously. There were a few comments, I -- of course >:) -- had to post a little "I told you so" ... there were spurious threads about the web on disco boards, but it had mostly died down. I think it would have passed were it not for this. Clearly it got under Taubes' skin and he was itching for something? A showdown or to put him in his place ... something. So yes, it was more just an inappropriate display on Taubes part, but I see it as precipitating a bit of a meltdown of sorts in the whole underpinnings of low carb.

I think the longer this ticker counts away the worse it will ultimately be for Taubes. We shall see! He can't use the "I had no means to communicate" excuse of yesteryear.

Beth@WeightMaven said...

Just to be clear, I wasn't trying to excuse Taubes' behavior ... when it happened, I tweeted something about the pot calling the kettle black and in more than one comment I referred to it as a dickish move. I just think that "meltdown" implies something different from arrogance ;).

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

No prob Beth. I've actually edited my counter. I'll stick to "a bit of a meltdown" as I do think it is appropriate for the man's persona/reputation on the whole rather than that exact moment. Hope that makes sense. :)

Tonus said...

Hmmm, if this issue winds up causing Gary a lot of stress, you might have to add the Taubes Ticker Watch to the Taubes Watch Ticker!

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Another good one Tonus! The ticker does seem to be causing stress amongst my stalkers. ;) I'm really becoming more and more convinced that carbohydrate restriction causes osteoporosis of the humerus.

Evelyn Lee Barney said...

Came here from the ticker. I've seen the video, and yeah, he seemed 'petulant' but not a lot more than in a round table that included Ornish (Sorry, I don't recall the link)

Close to a year and a half now. All forgotten?

Cliff Joslyn said...

Maybe a little snarky, but hardly a meltdown. And public expressions of derision and sarcasm are common in science. Calm down.

Cliff Joslyn said...

While I'm here, Evelyn, I'm really interested in your perspective, but it's not at all clear from the blog structure how to get you a message directly (I guess through your G+ maybe, but I'm not on there enough). Anyway, I'd love to see your intro stuff, "Welcome Brochure" and "Who's Carbsanity", but those links are dead ("undergoing update" for like a couple of days now, at least). Any chance they'll be coming back soon? Sorry to clutter the thread. . .

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