HCG Please say no!

For one  reason or another I've been getting a ton of traffic from HCG sites.   PLEASE.  Do not fall for this shit. It is quackery to the n'th.


Huh? Why are HCG-seeking folks coming here?
Richard Koffler said…
You just can help yourself and write a sentence without an acronym, can you?

What is HCG?
Margaret said…
Human chorionic gonadotrophin - the hormone secreted by the developing embryonic cells in pregnancy, which forms the traditional "pregnancy test". I hear a lot about this too and I can't find any scientific basis at all for it working for weight loss, although people swear that it suppresses appetite. The oft-quoted claim that it "resets the hypothalamus" is pure hokum.
Anthony said…
Well, by dedicating a blog post to HCG, you're inviting the HCG trolls to the comments section. They are the Paultards of fad diets.
Tonus said…
HCG is the substance that baseball player Manny Ramirez was suspended for using in 2009. Steroid users take HCG to help their bodies start naturally producing testosterone again (production of which is often suppressed by sustained steroid use).

I didn't know that people used it for weight control purposes, but it wouldn't surprise me. With people desperately searching for a magic pill, they'll take just about anything that promises results, even if the promises are pretty obviously a bunch of snake oil.
CarbSane said…
Oh R! I'm sorry! I really thought most readers here would be aware of the HCG Diet.

Princess, sadly there is a contingency in the LC community that is turning to this diet when they hit the wall just low carbing. It is disturbing really for (mostly) women to complain about calorie counting and all that and not want to eat "starvation" diets of less than 1500 cals then turn to this. Apparently the "maintenance" phase of the diet is standard low carb. The diet is 500 cal/day and the HCG is supposed to help suppress appetite. This LC'ers are willing to do? {shakes head}
CarbSane said…
Thanks Margaret for answering rk's question. Hmmmm Anthony, didn't think about that.
Margaret said…
I believe the dosages required to boost testosterone production in infertile or hypogonadal men are way higher than those used in the weight loss programs, BTW - I researched this some time ago and seem to remember the dosage is in the order of tenfold higher. The hormone has one subunit that is identical to that of LH (luteinizing hormone) which is how is works for infertility in both men and women. But the weight loss dosage is sometimes even at homeopathic levels - as long as they follow the Simeon protocol (500 calorie/day diet) they do tend to lose weight :)
Duffy Pratt said…
Dr. Oz featured the HCG diet on his show a few weeks ago. It looks like there are some doctors who prescribe the diet and give injections of the hormones. There are also over the counter supplements that have trace amounts of HGC in them.

Based on the testimonials on the show, it looks like combining either regimen of HGC consumption with a 500 calorie/day diet can lead to substantial weight loss. Since we all know that calories by themselves don't count, I guess this means the hormone works.

Actually, the purpose of the hormone -- they say -- is to stop the hunger that comes from such a restricted diet. I have no idea whether that might be true or not, but it's hard to believe that the over the counter variety has that effect, since it basically contains zero HGC.

What's even harder to fathom is why LCers would turn to the diet. One of the main selling points of LC is that it helps reduce cravings and hunger, thus allowing people to consume less with relative ease. So what's the point of HGC? To stop the hunger that you aren't feeling anyways?
Anonymous said…
@Richard Koffler,
While I'm not a huge fan of lots of acronyms, "HCG" in diet and health circles is standard. More people know what you're talking about when you use the acronym than spelling it out... sort of like lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).