Google Giggles

Another funny from the Blogger stats page ... A phrase that landed someone here :

baby white bunny yawn

I've spent the day unclogging my kitchen sink drain that had the audacity to back up into my dishwasher and spill over into my basement yesterday!  So please bear with me if this didn't tickle your funny bone like it did mine!


maybe it's that they are a TWICHOOB searching for the Alice in Wonderland white bunny that will lead them down the rabbit hole to that alternative mythical land where TWICHOO magically morphs into TCICHOO, the NEFA run free, and the paths are lined with primal cheesecake & lemon squares.
CarbSane said…
LOL ... TRICHOO rolls off the tongue better, but it also sounds like a parasite ;)
probably, in that's b/c in a way, it is! or should I say para$ite