I'm on Twitter ... Sort of

Hi Gang!

Some have already noticed the new "What I'm Reading & Tweeting" widget over on the right hand side bar.  I got the idea to do this from Chris over at Conditioning Research.   He used to have a scrolling "What I'm Reading" box on his blog, that apparently was a widget from Blogger/Google that let him share selections from his reader.  Apparently that feature is no longer available through Google ... bummer as I was looking for something a little different than a blogroll and such.  So he told his readers that for now to follow on Twitter.  I have noticed many blogs with Recent Tweets widgets.  Lightbulb ... head ...

So, I decided to get on Twitter and put that widget here.  My intent at this point is to share with my blog readers those things around the web that I'm reading and find interesting and worth sharing.  I would like to keep the outgoing tweets "clean" in this regard.  A one-way street if you will.  Not to be antisocial, but I prefer to keep conversations to comments & the discussion board here and email ... I think I'd go nuts trying to do that with Twitter too.  (I already get backlogged with emails and the disco board).  So for now please don't expect replies on Twitter.  If I ever get into that action, I'll probably set up separate accounts for the Asylum and personal communication.  Hope you all understand.



MM said…
I like you sharing stuff that you're reading. If you want to use twitter for that instead of a blogroll, that works for me. It's probably better because you point people to individual posts rather than the whole blog.
Lerner said…
Evelyn, how many hours a week do you estimate you spend on these things? Just curious.
CarbSane said…
Probably too many ;)
Lerner said…
I've never liked the idea of a blogroll, because to me that says "here are a list of people that think all alike".

Btw, when are you starting your own internet radio show? You know, for those of us who read all day and just want to sit back and listen. Dr. Mirkin had a good show, he happened to have the call-in format. I used to listen to Robb Wolf, he has the sidekick approach (or maybe Greg has taken over now :) I've heard Jimmy a few times, he of course has the interview type - and Jimmy is a personable fellow to be sure. I also listen to Dr Andro when he's guesting on the 'superhumanradio" show with Carl.

For you, I think maybe a co-host approach would be best. Let's see... drumroll... with Kurt! No kidding, that seems dynamite to me. Your blog for the detailed mechanism type of stuff, and the occasional intermittent radio show for overviews.
Anonymous said…

It is much easier to talk than to type : )
Lerner said…
I think it'd be great, Kurt. From what I see, you both come from somewhat divergent viewpoints - so when you both agree on something, that then carries extra weight. Anybody these days can read ad nauseum about any science or med topic, so what's valuable is when people who possess credibility have sifted through all the variety of evidence and arrive at some conclusion. To me, credibility doesn't come with a degree and certainly not with a record of popular book sales, it comes instead from seeking the truth and not being part of any trendiness. Obviously, the required brains and dedication and background are present anyway, without question.

Neither of you would be kissing up to your audience - none is selling a book, either. Neither of you is in the habit of beating around the bush. Hey, too much nicey-nice gets boring anyway.

The usual theme could be something like "here's what I saw on the web this week, is it right or wrong?". You absolutely need comments somehow worked in as well. You know, so the audience doesn't feel removed or talked down to.

Well, let's face it... there might occasionally be a certain dramatic tension, too :) But that'd attract listeners and end up exposing them to viewpoints that they might not get otherwise.

Ah well, the logistic problems might be too much, with two people having to co-ordinate... but wait a minute, it could be possibly done with two segments recorded separately on the same topic.

OTOH, if you Kurt one day decide to go it alone, keep in mind for a guest "Dr. Andro" the German physics professor who runs the Suppversity. Now there are possibly two divergent backgrounds. Besides, I believe you like to lift weights, right?

Just musing... and sure, I'm being kinda selfish here because there's not enough good stuff to listen to on the internet, and I hate most tv.
Muata said…
I couldn't agree with Lerner more! I think the Evie & Kurt Show would be great ;) If you haven't done so already, you guys may want to check into using blogtalk radio. They are still around, right?

Also, if folks reading Evie's blog hasn't checked out Dr. Andro's Suppversity, then I strongly suggest that you do.
P2ZR said…
Cool idea, Lerner! But I think Kurt + Evelyn would be just a little too much personality for one podcast ;)

My 2-item health/nutrition podcast wishlist would be as follows:
1) Paul Jaminet + Kurt
2) Stephan + Evelyn.

1) Paul's conviction that we can arrive at (or asymptotically approach) 'perfect' health vs. Kurt's clinician's realism--i.e., we can optimize to our individual bests, beyond which incremental improvements are either impossible or need to take a backseat to um, life itself. (See, e.g., Kurt's 'Therapy vs. Life' post and Paul's 'Therapy AND Life' response.) Also, differing perspectives on, e.g., antibiotics--I suspect Kurt is less gung-ho about them than Paul. And personality--one a never-impolitic diplomat, the other a don't-give-a-damn straight shooter.

2) The unassuming French postdoc + the teeheeing wisecracking chemist! Kidding. But I would love to see Evelyn branch out from carb-sanity to paleo/primal-sanity, and (do we even remember?) Stephan was talking about ancestral/traditional lifestyles before the LC crowd decided to sh*t all over his blog on account of the FRH. Also because while Stephan likes to describe mechanisms in words/paragraphs, Ev brings a more quantitative approach (thanks for all the graphs!)--which is helpful for those of us not armed to the teeth with advanced biochem. Kurt's already poked some holes in the paleo-reenactment hoopla ('What would Grok do? OMFG I must know if he would have eaten XYZABC!'), but we could also use some of Evelyn's style in the what-to-take/what-to-toss evaluation of traditional nutrition/health practices. Though Ev--are you even that interested in paleo/primal 'stuff'?

Anyhow, that's just little me musing on what I want for Christmashannukwanzaa ;)