Thanks for Reading!

It's been a wild and wonderful ride.

You didn't think I was going anywhere, did you?


I just wanted to share that at around 7:30 am today, my blog reached a milestone:  One-Half Million page reads!

I want to thank everyone who reads here, and especially the wonderful group who contribute in comments (both frequent and occasional) for helping make this blog what it is!   I do believe we have a special thing going here.  Although I've contemplated changing the blog name, I think it remains apt indeed.    I'm not naming names here because this is no awards ceremony speech, and also, if I did, I'd be sure to leave out someone.  You know who you are! :-)   Finally, I would like to publicly thank all of those bloggers who have been so kind as to link to my work.  It's truly appreciated!

I have learned so much since the inception of this blog that I know I would not have, were I not to have traveled down so many research paths.  Yes, my own curiosity takes me many placess, but had I not been challenged by you, there would be so many more stones left unturned.  It means a great deal to me that I'm not just typing out into blank cyberspace, and that I'm helping contribute information to the forefront of the debate(s).   

Lastly, although I'm no fill-in-Lifesaving-Guru-here, I especially appreciate hearing (here or by email) from those who've learned something or been reassured about some concern by information presented here.  In many cases that something has helped folks move from a lifestyle that wasn't working for them to one that now is ... or at the very least made you realize it's not just you going crazy!  In this regard I'm so happy to help in my own small way.

It seems that every time I think we've turned the corner on some of the whackier notions out there -- the sheer insanity of it all! -- something comes down the pike to resuscitate the dead horse or breed a new one for the race.   As such, I don't see the Asylum or this inmate running the place going anywhere anytime soon.

So here's to the future gang!  Hope you'll stick around and bring still more friends.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank Fred Hahn and Jimmy Moore for catapulting my blog out of anonymity.  Their tireless promotion of the Asylum is greatly appreciated!  


Amy said…
Thanks for writing. It's nice to have a blog from someone who is searching for the answers. It's the same process that I'm going through.
Asclepius said…
Congratulations on your milestone.
Anonymous said…
Phew! I did worry you were signing off.

Congrats on the milestone, and thanks for the sanities!
Chris said…
Thanks for all your work on this blog Evelyn - I am learning so much from you and enjoying the ride!
Galina L. said…
Thank YOU for the enormous amount of work you are doing for free at you own time.
It is important to have as many facts as possible for people who try to find personal optimal diet and base it on an evidence opposite to a believe.
Even sometimes when I feel like you are getting carried away with something that I don't agree with (may be you are not , and I am bias myself), I remember that it is your passion that motivates your work.
I also read your blog because I want to know how you are doing, and I wish you well, of course. I am in the same middle-age boat, but older.
I like to think of wacky notions as scientists brainstorming. :) When hubby is brainstorming, I say, "Go crazy. Think nuts. Go wild. Paradigms don't change on expected stuff." He tells me to please go to the other room. hahahahha

Well, I tried to inspire. :D

But it's good to have you and this blog to take a look at the wacky ideas. Because even in the whack, some nuggets of genius may lie...

Happy milestone!
yes thank you for all your hard work and amazingly insightful blog posts. you rock.
P2ZR said…
Whoa, I really did think you were disappearing! Please don't; you're the only entertaining non-Krispie out there (besides Kurt Harris, who now only exits Too-Good-for-Internetz-dom when sufficiently prodded into righteous action by LC demagogues).

I really appreciate your work against the 'whackier' notions that abound. (Err, 'whack' the 'wackier' notions?--you know, just like one needs to give a good whack to the Damnably Decent Duvet!)

No, but in all seriousness, I really wish your blog had been around back in my AN days. While carbophobia was not sufficient to cause my AN, it was definitely a necessary condition. I have more chemistry training than the average layperson, but the carbs -> insulin -> FATTTTT shtick was so compelling and viscerally horrifying that it really helped kick my arse down the rabbithole.

And really, it's great that you're not posing as [fill-in-Lifesaving-Guru]. We have too many of those in the health blogosphere; we do need more folks to point out what the answer is NOT. So thanks for being terrific and keep at it!
Sue said…
Thanks for making me see how biased I was. Reading your posts has made me question a lot.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Evelyn. Your blog has really had been spot-on lately.

Now maybe pace yourself so you don't burn out!
MM said…
I'm very glad my favorite blog isn't going away! Congrats on the milestone. There's a reason so many people read your blog. It's a gem!
Farmer MD said…
My impression:

In the beginning it seemed like it was you against the world, you were just that lunatic Taubes stalker to many, but you pushed through, you published one blog post after the other and with each post it became harder and harder even for your rudest critics to deny that you are spot-on. And that you had been from the absolute beginning!

Thanks, Evelyn, for this wonderful education that you have provided! Looking forward to a lot more.
Swede said…
Great job with your blog - I absolutely love it!

Nothing like sticking to the diet gurus.
CarbSane said…
Thankyou everyone! Please don't be offended if I don't respond individually to all.

@Princess: I'm all for brainstorming and thinking outside the box. It's the continual retooling and mangling of the science in the attempts to support failed hypotheses that irks me.

@Galina: I am glad that our differences don't keep you from reading and participating. It's people like you who challenge me to challenge my own beliefs. If this place ever becomes a total echo chamber, then it may be time to hang it up!

@Kurt: Well, you know what they say, it's better to burn out than fade away! (Hope to do neither)

@Sarah: It's really strange to me b/c I never really saw the ED angle back in 2009. This is because the ad libitum eating AND losing weight thing for me actually "cured" some of this in my case years ago. But now I see how even more than conventional wisdom, LC dogma sets an evil trap. It seems worse somehow that the fat turns to fat thing.
rodeo said…
I remember reading Martin Berkhan's "low carb talibans" back when I was low carbing. That and coming here really changed my point of view and soon I was eating potatoes, oats and cheese cake again, leaner and stronger than ever before.

Thanks and please don't go away.
Galina L. said…
Thank you for your welcome, because sometimes I had my doubts about commenting, and often, when I was totally disagree, I did my best to stay in a shat-up mood. Because you already know some of my thoughts, why to repeat myself, it is your blog. I didn't want to be like a vegetarian commenting on a Dr.Eades's hog-butchering experience.
Tonus said…
Geez, I leave on vacation and you hit a milestone. Coincidence? Well... yeah.

Congats on the 500k page views and may there be many more to come!
P2ZR said…
@Evelyn - I think it's because low-fat was never really divorced from CICO, so one could neurotically and misguidedly quantify the 'damage' of a gram of fat (2.25 times more calorific than a gram of carb/protein!!). Whereas LC too easily translates as, '1g fat = insulin spike = fat storageeee till the grass-fed cows come home'.

BTW, do people whack quilts in the US? Where I'm from quilts were traditionally filled with cotton, so at the start of every winter, one had to literally whack/thwack/beat them to fluff them up (so they could trap more air and thus be warmer). That may have been lost in translation ;) @Sanjeev - I know one does not 'club' a quilt, as quilts are neolithic inventions. Well, save for those made of mastodon skins.
Harry said…
Congratulations Evelyn on your milestone, and on the continued excellence of your blog!

Your technical grasp of the issues coupled with your writing vivacity make your blog one of the very best places a person can go to expand knowledge and scrutinise dogma.


CarbSane said…
Ahhh Tonus ... coinky dink? Nah. Thanks Harry!

@Sarah, I think you are so right. Even though it's been debunked by LC'ers themselves, Atkins original magical ketosis -- peeing out massive calories -- hung on there. Then Taubes/Eades picked up the insulin stuff and ran with it. Sigh.