Un-Sanie Ideas?

Yes, as 2011 comes to a close, like other bloggers I look back on what has transpired this year. So, what's a blog like the Asylum if not to have a little fun, eh?  And so I'm announcing today that some time in December I'll be announcing the awarding of my first annual Un-Sanies.   I'm not really sure yet if I'll choose a top 5,10,whatever format or have categories (e.g. most Un-Sane book, blog post, quotation, etc.).  I.'m not even sure I've settled on the Un-Sanies (In-Sanies were another option).  But I'd like to identify some of the most outrageous statements -- in print or otherwise on the net -- made in the promotion of or defense of radical carbohydrate restriction.  Off the top of my head Wheat Belly's battery acid, Eades' just totally "eew creepy" reference to moisture and young ladies, and more recently the reference of Joel Osteen impersonator Ron Rosedale to all of us as some degree of diabetic are worthy of consideration.  And yeah!  I didn't even tap the wealth of material from Taubes yet.  Oh ... and yes ... who can forget  at AHS.  Perhaps I need to award some Sanies too?!

So ... if you have anything in mind you think I should consider or may have missed or forgotten, chime in here with your comments.  If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, shoot me an email with suggestions through my profile.  

I'm hoping we can have some good old Sane-Asylum fun with this here!


JRAC said…
Hi Evelyn

Here's a rather amusing one from a facebook group.

'And sprinting, I was the fastest sprinter on my school's track team, so I know how carbs suck for sprinting. But then, anything extreme like a marathon requires you juice up with extra stuff you aren't meant to eat, which is how steroids work, fooling your body into thinking it's able to perform better than it is.'

Now, carbs = steroids!

CarbSane said…
Welcome JRAC! Do you have a link to that? Thanks :)
JRAC said…
No problem :-) It's a closed group but here is a perma link to the thread: http://www.facebook.com/groups/116409718456748/permalink/155150111249375/

Not sure if you'll be able to see it or not if you're not a member. (feel free to join!).
Alma said…
I'm sure you will find a goldmine in the comment section of Jimmy Moore's safe starches post. Better ask my doctor if it's ok to have a potato tomorrow!