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Monday, January 9, 2012

Anthony Colpo Rawks!

UPDATE:  The comments were just too good to take this down, but I do not want to be part and parcel to internet spoofing which is apparently what went on here.  So in case you don't read the comments, I want to make it clear:  Anthony Colpo did NOT sign the petition.  This was an impostor.  

Anthony signs Gary Taubes' petition.

Name: Anthony Colpo on Jan 9, 2012
Affiliation:, avid cyclist and bodybuilder
Comments: Oh yeah, carbs rock for training hard, but I learned from Gary's tutoring that all I really need for training is to not exercise too much or I would one day get fat from all the activity induced hunger.

LOL is all I can say!!


BHI said...

When I saw the title of this post on my RSS I was like Whaaaaaat? Hilarious!

Karen said...

Huh?!?!?! LOL

Tonus said...

If you're not reading Colpo's site, you are missing out. I would guess that a third or more of his readership are people like me, who wanted to learn more about this foul-mouthed upstart who dared tangle with Dr. Eades, and wound up an avid reader of his site. Come to think of it, it's been a long time since I visited the Eades site...

Larry Eshelman said...


I second your recommendation. Even if one is initially put off by his language and his aggressivenss, his posts contain loads of insights and are always worth reading.

I had previously read his book on cholesterol, which is the best book on the topic, and so I immediately became an avid reader once I discovered his site, and like you I visit Colpo's site much more often than Eades.

As Stephan Guyenet once pointed out, Colpo, unlike many other health writers/bloggers actually has carefully read the studies that he sites.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Classic! I would not tangle with him for anything, he is just brutal.

I really liked Fat Loss Bible. He recommends much more protein than PHD, even for someone who is "low activity" like me (though I don't consider 30 minutes a day all that low, but he's an athlete). Not sure where to land, probably somewhere between, trading some PHD fat for protein. His food list is very similar to PHD.

His blog is great.

Sarah Barracuda said...

My issue with Colpo is that, as a layperson, I don't feel I have a good enough grounding in biosci to evaluate his arguments without getting distracted by the shtick. Based on the approval he gets from various worthy voices, I'm guessing he does see things in shades of grey--but every post of his is a caustic caricature, i.e., 'Colpo vs. [insert ideological camp here] imbeciles'. If he were to suddenly make a tremendous error in his analysis, I think a lot of us would have already been so taken in by the shtick that we just assimilated it as truth.

E.g., his spat with M Berkhan (re: IF) wasn't in the least enlightening. While I dislike how Berkhan promotes IF and fasted training as one-size-fits-all awesomeness, he is a superb writer and a very cool guy. AC's responses to him didn't help me understand why IF/fasted training fail miserably for me, so much as come across as saying, "nananana, you so damn wrong, 'tarded m*f*er!"

Sure, Evelyn does a lot of editorializing, but--maybe someone can describe the difference better for me--it's not like AC's formula of 1 part science + 2 parts shtick...which frankly, I don't think those of us without the background should get too comfortable with.

bentleyj74 said...

"Sure, Evelyn does a lot of editorializing, but--maybe someone can describe the difference better for me--it's not like AC's formula of 1 part science + 2 parts shtick...which frankly, I don't think those of us without the background should get too comfortable with."


Watching AC spar is like a MMA showdown. Colpo vs Eades was classic. Make popcorn and enjoy the bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

I really like Colpo, even his attitude. It's a hard battle to tell the truth, I can see why he gets abrasive. I don't agree with all that he says, especially about things such as beans and anti-nutrients, but I'd be suspicious to find anyone I agreed with 100%. Besides, somebody has to tell those who spread bad science that they're full of shit. I admire Anthony, Evelyn, Lyle, and a few others who I can't think of at the moment.

LeonRover said...

Yeah - Good ol' Tony (Soprano) Colpo - the Lenny Bruce of body recomp bloggers, a sort of Lyle McDonald to power 10.

AC is taking the p**s out of the sententiousness of GT. I have not seen in AC's stand-up that he has any particular one-cause theory of weight gain or loss.

AC is encouraging this to see if there will be an outbreak of hostilities in blog-land.

I would guess he is rubbing his hands in glee - another row coming up.

I just LOVE the idea that in demotic Greek colpo can mean "bosom, lap, bosomlike hollow, womb" or .........

Eh, Yer gorra laff, right??

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Like most of the comments here, I love AC!! He just makes me laugh and is a true example (unlike some comedians) of how someone with no formal training can get the science correct most of the time and entertain.

It's funny, Mike Eades is on a diet again this year to lose some holiday pounds. He's eating small amounts of food. Ahhh gotta love that metabolic advantage.

Takoja said...

"Make popcorn and enjoy the bloodshed."

Nasty Anthony vs. Angry Dick was a classic too!

First comment from a long-time lurker ;)

Thanks Evelyn for great blog! Lots of great articles, no wonder you have succeeded in gathering here some of the brightest commentators in health blogosphere!

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Welcome Tajoka! Thanks :-) Yeah, Angry Dick ... it took me a while to figure out who he was talking about with the animal liberation website.

Tonus said...

I think that Colpo's blunt, condescending and in-your-face approach will definitely be a turn-off for some people and that it also depends to a great degree on whether you agree with his opinions and statements. If you're on the other side of the discussion, it's easy to take the trash-talk personally, since he's pretty much stating that if you disagree, you're stupid or a liar or both, and go ahead and prove him wrong.

He can be that brash and confident because he's so thorough in his research and careful in his presentation. A person who is crass and boastful but easily refuted becomes boring in spite of how hard he tries to entertain, because the attitude is used to mask the inferiority of his position. Anthony's crude and demeaning approach is effective because he knows he's got the upper hand and is flaunting it.

There's a reason that so many of his critics prefer not to engage him, and most seem to want to pretend that he doesn't exist at all anymore. Perhaps he can sign his future posts as Anthony "bogey man" Colpo!

Swede said...

Great comment Tonus!

I also appreciate that he does not allow comments on his blog. I prefer that to people (like JMoore) who filter their comments. He just keeps all of the crap out and lets his style control the discussion.

Sanjeev said...

I don't think I've ever seen AC be the first to call names.

There's cultural and individual aspect where in some cultures needling and provocation is OK until one side explicitly insults the other.

I'm a lot like AC but in a different way - when I've responded less than politely it's almost never to explicit insults but to an endlessly, verbatim repeated or droning mantra (IOW ceaseless sloganeering in lieu of thought or argument).

BHI said...

A person who is crass and boastful but easily refuted becomes boring in spite of how hard he tries to entertain, because the attitude is used to mask the inferiority of his position.

Sounds like Durianrider the vegan!

Sarah Barracuda said...

"He can be that brash and confident because he's so thorough in his research and careful [and accurate?] in his presentation."

See, therein lies my discomfort. How many of us are sufficiently well-versed in the science to afford being less than 100% vigilant in reading stuff like AC's? When I read blogs, I don't want to think that I should fact-check them incessantly. But with AC, I don't think I'm the only one who could get so carried along with his flair and antics that I'd be totally caught unawares if he ever tried to pull anything funny.

Just curious--who here has been following AC since his VLC days? Did he write with such self-assurance then? And how did he carry out the transition to his current views?

Sue said...

AC started his blogging I believe because his father was a victim of the statin, heart bullshit and AC didn't want to go down the same road (if I remember correctly). So he passionately looked at the research and wrote a cholesterol book. He believed that LC was the diet that would have benefited his father. I think when Colpo started to be more into exercise that his views on LC chanaged. he needed more carbs to fuel his workouts. I think also a lot of blogs particularly Eades talked about the metabolic advantage of LC which AC thought was bullshit so commenced ACs fall from LC land.

Sue said...

ACs health also wasn't too good when he was following the very low fat diet so hence this led to the cholesterol book too and following LC.

Di.hard said...

Colpo says he didn't leave the comment.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Thanks Di.hard, and welcome to the Asylum! Yep ... tis true, it wasn't AC after all

Ahh well, as funny as that was, the impersonation is a bit disconcerting even if done in keeping with something one might expect of Anthony. I'm glad he got a look at the nice things y'all had to say here about him.

His vaseline quip still has me cracking up.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

@Swede: He gets a lot of flack about the comment thing. Mostly I think he just likes using the blog format for his website ... it's easier.

Speaking of Jimmy, however, I wonder what type of blog platform he uses that allows him to alter comments. This is the most disconcerting thing about him. He claims that he lets all comments through unless they are derogatory which is simply not true. But whatever on that, I suppose, if only he would just let through the full and complete and unaltered comments that he does.

I've gotten into the habit of snapping screenshots of comments I try to leave on blogs that moderate just to make sure what gets published, if it does, is what I wrote. Lots of censorship out there. Hmmmm ... I could probably do a whole blog on CarbSane Censored! LOL At least Fred publishes all comments. :)

LeonRover said...

Fame at last, Evelyn, multiple trolling by Razwell.

If Colpo comes, can Raz be far behind?

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

LOL Leon! I take it you don't read Razwell's very informative blog then ... I achieved the high honor of being the focus of several blog posts at one time ;) We have to protect the public from scammers like me :p

LeonRover said...

Ahh, come on, Evelyn, I've seen Raz on drmike, on GT, on WHS etc it is just beyond bizarro. Most bloggers have a nugget worth considering, even when one disagrees with much: Raz? Well, all I can say is "NOT".

Raz is soooo bitchy & hi maintenance, I thought she was my ex - until I checked profile - then discovered "she was a he".

Talk about "walk on the wild side" - I happened on the "st(r)eam of conciousness" moments before you pulled his plug.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Razzy is a one of a kind, and yes, I too would have guessed female. (With all due apologies to my sistas!) I was tempted to leave them up b/c they are entertaining in a strange way, but I draw the line at derogatory comments/language about others on this blog. If he wants to call me an ignorant see you next tuesday, eh? But I'm not going to let him rant about others here. If you subscribe to comments, they are in your reader folks ;)

Bret said...

I think the many who label AC as brash, rude, or the like are not being completely fair, nor take into consideration the vitriol and harassment he has had to endure over the years. Razdummy is a perfect example, and has behaved the same way to many others including Evelyn. Did he flood you with misogynistic emails for months after you booted him off? His antics even got him booted of the blog of the supremely tolerant Denise Minger. Ironic that AC has been accused of stalking and having a man-crush of sorts by Eades and Hahn, yet they don't apparently see that a real troll deserving of such an assessment is in their very midst with Razfool. In fact, they seemed to embrace him, but I digress...

AC obviously has a low tolerance and little patience for BS, and I think his attitude is more than justified. Take a look at his latest reader mail response to "Nital" to see what I mean. While many might consider his response excessive, especially his first, I think that based on his frequently receiving such emails his response was perfectly acceptable.

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