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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Google Giggles

Every now and then I share funny search phrases that land folks here at the Asylum.  This one really made me laugh! 

perky moobs


Tonus said...

That is one of those seemingly innocent terms that leads your mind towards sights that, once seen, can never be unseen... :(

bentleyj74 said...

Incline presses and a great fitting bra...the true secret behind perky moobs.

Sanjeev said...

they went the hard route with text ... they could have used Tineye or Google Image search to find pictures of me. [0]

> once seen, can never be unseen... :(

Yeah, know what you mean, like "Mary had a little ...

[0] poetic license - I know those need a picture to start

Sanjeev said...

but ... if it's PERK you seek in moobs, you probably don't want extreme hirsutism/lycanthropy

If you do find me by the way, because of a bizarre accident with one of those spring-loaded chest exercisers, you'll have to make do with nipple-free moobs.

bentleyj74 said...

The best kind ;P

Tonus said...

That would make it difficult to nurse a grudge.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Oh no Sanjeev! You're at a higher risk for moob cancer because you can't up your oxytocin with nipple massage! So sad ;-)

(For those unfamiliar, the mention of nipple massage is a bit of an inside joke at Paleo Hacks referring to Quilt/Kruse's claim that massaging one's nipples reduces cancer risk by 50% b/c it stimulates oxytocin.)

Sanjeev said...

I know that there are rare cases of males getting breast cancer, but male humans get oxytocin too?

hmmm.... "I did not know that"

Considering the source you quote though ... another "myth-or-fact? check" to add to the pile.

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