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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If this makes it to TV, will they be consistent?

Earlier this week, Dana Carpender let her audience in on a little more news ... and I do mean just a little ... on the potential upcoming LC TV cooking show.  In a short but sweet announcement, she encourages readers to go "Like" the show on Facebook.  We learn the proposed title:  Your Doctor's in The Kitchen.  She describes this as a "low carb cooking and health advice show that Dana and Dr. Jim Carlson hope will find a network home".   Here is Carlson's website.  He wrote a book called Genocide which you can read there (or excerpts, it's unclear) ... I think I read most of what's on the website at one time, but not recently.  As serendipity would have it, Carlson ends the Preface with the same Mark Twain quote that dons the pages of the AWLR blog -- another rebel without a clue....

In any case, Dana encourages people to go like the show on FB to help increase the chances some network might pick it up.  There's not a whole lot of info other than that Dana will play a guest starring role (sidekick?) to Carlson, that "outrageous MD, Nutritional Bio Chemist and hell raising Biker".  Here's what you'll get:

... the “not your parents cooking show”, but rather an ‘out of the box’ captivating half or one hour series of audience grabbing entertainment, showing why and how you deliciously and with infinite variety and simplicity, cook and prepare gourmet and everyday meals to lose weight, and avoid or correct Diabetes, Heart disease, Pain and a myriad of other health conditions.
I wonder if Carlson is aware of the myriad of health conditions Dana either still has despite low carb, or has developed over the years of low carbing.   And since this is being promoted as a health advice, should Dana have to disclose her health issues?  Will the show need a disclaimer for her ... something like "I can only eat this way every other day or I have to take metformin and Victoza to keep my weight and fasting blood glucose levels under control".

direct image link     
Here's the "profile picture".  Seems odd at best and who are the partial faces there?

In any case, if this comes to fruition I expect the hypocrites to come out of the woodwork defending the lack of disclosure.  It's "for the cause" after all, right?

Or they could surprise me, but what network would pick up a cooking show by these two if they were up front about the reality of low carb living.


Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Um. If I'm gonna watch a show on how to eat to be healthy or correct health conditions--which I'd definitely do, depending on the program--I'd want the person to be the epitome of someone who has vibrant "corrected" health via their way of eating....just sayin'....

bentleyj74 said...

If that hell raising biker in the chef coat and skullcap is the doc I'd say the word "fail" should be a no brainer for network execs.

CarbSane said...

Doesn't look like the pics from his website, but they could be as old Jimmy's and Rosedale's are. If it's not him, who chose that guy for the picture? Cue the Styx: Sometimes it makes no sense at all!

Tonus said...

There is a photo of Dr. Carlson under "Meet the Cast" on the Facebook page. It's just a head/shoulders shot, but he looks fit and likely of a normal build and weight. I have no idea where they got that promo shot from or who is in it, but it doesn't look like him.

He also has a personal website. I am pretty sure I'm not opening a can of worms by alerting Evelyn to its existence*...

* On the other hand, she has been described as a "Mean Kitty," so who knows?

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