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~ Charles Darwin (it's evolutionary baybeee!)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Man in the Wilderness ... A Lonely Soldier off to War (on Insulin)

One of my very first albums ... yes ... vinyl albums ... was Grand Illusion by Styx.  I've probably listened to that album all the way through more times than any other, although  Billy Joel's The Stranger might give that a run for the money.  Anyway, I was in the mood for a little self-torture the other day and decided to listen to/read some more recent Gary Taubes interviews.   I couldn't help but have this song pop into my head.   Not a song many are likely familiar with, but soooo apropos!   (Hee hee ... wasn't Tommy Shaw perty?)
Here we are, knee deep in election season 2012, and so we're used to hearing talking points.  Surely those fighting the mainstream don't fall into such traps or try to pull the set-ups on their audiences?  Well, whether this was or not, the motivation behind "the petition" is becoming ever more clear.  Gary needs something *new* to talk about, as apparently a new printing of Why We Get Fat (a "Trade Paperback" version) hits the dust bins shelves.    I submit as evidence, three recent interviews with Gary Taubes*:

1.  Gary Taubes on Dieting:  This is a print interview with Sophie Roell in a "Fivebooks Interview" on  I'll highlight the following exchange:
Q:  Your articles have won awards, your books are very popular. Are you making headway or do you still feel like a voice in the wilderness?
Taubes:  In the past four years, I’ve probably increased the awareness of these issues and ideas, both inside and outside the public health community, a thousand fold. But that means it’s gone from one millionth of the population and the relevant research community caring and understanding these arguments to maybe to one thousandth. I’m actually putting together a non-profit to raise money for research, because there are experiments that I think need to be done that the NIH [National Institutes of Health] is never going to pay for. So we’ll pay for it ourselves. We’re making progress, but the problem is that there’s just so far to go. For example, I’m writing a letter to the New York Times in response to the Tara Parker Pope piece, hoping that we can get several hundred physicians to co-sign it. 200 have so far, after 18 hours up. 
2.  Gary Taubes on the Patt Morrison show 98.3 SoCal Public Radio on 1/11/12 
Host (around the the 6:15 mark):  {paraphrase}  I've read your book, and it's very persuasive.  As a T1 diabetic I know a bit about insulin, but  {direct quote as best as I can transcribe in haste} "I kept saying to myself as I read, well if he's right, how come he's this lone voice in the wilderness, why hasn't the medical establishment embraced this and why didn't they embrace it long ago?"
Taubes:  "Well first of all I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness anymore.  Actually I just wrote a letter in response to a NYT mag article by Tara Parker-Pope (Host:  Yeah I saw that) .... yada yada ... 300 signatures ... yada yada ...

Rockwell:  Aren't we making progress on this, I mean it used to be that you were definitely voices crying in the wilderness but hasn't there been a huge advance in people actually looking at the facts and coming to a different conclusion than the Department of Agriculture. 
Taubes:  There's definitely been an advance but conventional wisdom stills holds very fast, the latest USDA dietary guidelines were once again low fat, low saturated fat.  Umm people are beginning to get this idea that they should go after sugar.  That its OK to say that sugar is deleterious, and there's at least one group in the United States  that's doing research supporting this hypothesis that sugar causes insulin resistance and so heart disease.  Umm so there's work being done, but it's being done because a lot people like me are pushing it and the internet allows these ideas to spread in ways that weren't possible thirty or forty years ago.  So the internet is creating a network of individuals who believe this ...  Doctors are embracing it now again it's probably a small percentage of the doctors in the world but I recently, last week I wrote a letter to nyt mag in response to an article that Tara Parker-Pope had written  ...  I posted that letter on a petition website and we got roughly 300 physicians and PhD's to cosign it  so that's something that wouldn't have been possible ten years ago.
 Ah yes ... Sing along now!
Another year has passed me by
Still I look at myself and cry
What kind of man have I become?
All of the years I've spent in search of myself
And I'm still in the dark
'Cause I can't seem to find the light alone
Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
I'm going to address some of Taubes' new sugar schtick in another post, and his imagined role in pushing research in that area.  But I will say here, that listening to this man, it appears that his ego knows no bounds.   So ... what are the chances that three interviewers use the same phrase?  Not saying it's not possible, but it seems rather contrived to me.   I've not heard ... was this supposed "Letter to the Editor of the NYT" ever actually submitted ?  Will it be??  

The petition was a publicity stunt.  Did you know that WWGF was out in paperback on 12/27/11??  What?  No Jimmy Moore podcast or blog post heralding the release??  Surely there was an announcement on Gary Taubes' blog?  Very oddly ... no.  At right is a screenshot taken today of his blog homepage.  You will note that while he lists 2011 as the publish date (although late in the year, the hardcover was released in 2010), the original cover is featured there.  Nothing about "now available in paperback" ... nothing!?!?  I'm usually pretty up on these things.  Did I miss the grand announcement?  Even Eades promoted the paperback version of their 6 Week Cure when it came out on paperback.  From the publisher website, below are the two paperback covers:

Why he's a NYT Bestseller on one (one week at #10) and a "National Bestseller" on the other is curious.  But in any case, the Trade Paperback can be viewed in large size at the link.  I can finally make out what the quote is on the bottom:

"Taubes stands the received wisdom about diet and exercise on its head" - The New York Times

He does sure stand something on its head .....   According to Knopf, the paperbacks were released on 12/27/11.  Which would explain the interviews (and why Lew Rockwell congratulated him on his "new" book).   So, was the publicity stunt petition just for the paperback release of his book?  I don't think so.  It gave him some supposed "cred" to discuss how his message is somehow catching on, but he doesn't mention either of his books in the petition.  No, for the motivation behind the petition, we need the next line in the Styx song:
I'm a lonely soldier off to war
What the heck is old CarbSane talking about now??  Soldier off to war?  What war? 

The War on Insulin 

That's what war.  Yes folks, Gary Taubes has declared war on a hormone without which life cannot be sustained for very long.  I discovered this little known connection to this underground war (Lew Rockwell should be outraged!!) by looking into that unheralded second sponsor of Gary's petition.  One Peter Attia MD.  A few clicks and up turns his website:  The actual title of the blog is "THE WAR ON INSULIN and the defense of fat.  I cannot think of anything more bizarre than an MD titling a website/blog in this manner.  Dr. Attia, please defend fat and leave insulin alone.  It hasn't done anything to you except help you build that physique of yours.  Attia puts a more photogenic face to the movement, a fit physique, and those two authoritative letters "MD".  Here's the usual BS intro on his website:
I’m Peter Attia, and I’m about to challenge everything you think you know about nutrition, and how it impacts your health and performance. If you’re interested in losing weight, increasing your endurance, increasing your mental acuity, getting rid of your blood pressure and diabetes medicine, or just learning why almost everything the “experts” tell you is wrong, you’ve come to the right place.
My mission is to demonstrate that insulin — not calories -- is at the heart of the most pervasive chronic diseases: obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. Suppressing the secretion of insulin is the key to running your body on your own fat, which leads not only to weight loss, but also to what I call “chronic health” and peak performance.
Okey dokey.  Attia has his own weight loss success story.  From an athlete with a little pudge over what appears to be a solid foundation, to quite a bit more lean.  Great!  He'd been truly low carb for four months before launching this new endeavor of his.  He speaks in his About of spending the past two years reading everything he can about nutritional "science", then mentioning his good friend Gary Taubes.  That's your problem Dr. Attia, if you're reading Gary's work, you haven't read anything that resembles true science or the state of our knowledge more recent than the 80's.  Attia appears to be Richard Nikoley with an MD and a better body (no offense intended to Nikoley, I'm sure he'd agree) -- another self-experimenter!  Don't get me wrong, self-experimentation is great ... if only some would do it in more honest fashion ... but it remains useful mostly to you, and sharing it is great so long as you realize that it only might work for others.

Attia writes on his About Me page:  
Perhaps the single greatest misconception is that “calories in” less “calories out” determines weight, without regard for what those calories are. I believe the theory that what you eat matters – less because of the absolute value of the caloric energy of the food you ingest – but more because of the influence the types of those calories exert on your body’s ability to regulate (i.e., store and burn) fat.
Keep making this case, because in the coming weeks, a pesky blogger is going to lay out the case that if you are successful in lowering basal insulin levels through diet, the result is more fat storage and less lean mass.   He believes things have reached critical mass.  I'd say so Peter, because the wheels are coming off the bus.  You are late to the party!  But, "Yudkin, Cleve [sic], and Atkins were essentially voices alone."  What? No wilderness??  Attia speaks to the tools available now ... the internet ... petitions.  I have an idea, rename your website:  Occupy ELMM Street!!  Very in these days I hear. 

As to our MD ... Also on the About Me page, we learn that Attia never finished his residency.   In his words:
During the fifth year of my residency I became a bit frustrated with certain aspects of medicine and health care, in general. In particular, I grew tired of the notion that we (doctors) did little to keep patients healthy, and were basically the last line of defense against, well, death, once patients become ill. The concept of “preventative medicine” received some lip service, but didn’t really have any chops as far as I could tell. In addition to this frustration (and others), I really missed quantitative and analytical problem solving.

I left residency to join the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which was certainly the most stimulating experience of my professional life. During my time at McKinsey I split my time between working on healthcare problems (ranging from problems for health insurance “payers” to those of large hospital systems “providers” to those of medical device companies) and financial system problems (specifically, credit risk modeling and Basel II compliance for large banks).
But what does this have to do with Taubes, his name is only on the petition after all.  Ahh, but it's more than that.  Again thanks to old Ted Hutchinson, one learns of an outfit called JumpStartMD.  In September last year, Taubes & Attia were invited to give a lecture by this organization.
We are very interested in the work that Gary Taubes and Dr. Peter Attia have been doing as part of their “War on Insulin.” They are challenging the conventional wisdom that “a calorie is a calorie” or that consumption of fats is the root of all cardiovascular disease. We think what they have to say is important, and we’ve invited them to share their ideas with you.
We're at WAR!!!  Well, at least we know there are still sponsors left to bring you Jimmy Moore's podcasts once he pisses off the last of his non-real food candy cigarette sponsors.   Before I get to that presentation, I find this very interesting.  What is JumpStartMD?  It's a weight loss company touting their own brand of sustainable weight loss.  Sounds great.  Are they promoting a Taubes/Atkins/Westman style plan?  Well, see for yourself.  
The only way to change your life is to change your lifestyle. There’s no magic milkshake, no supernutrient, no secret pill. We agree with the National Institutes of Health and The American Dietetic Association that a weight loss approach combining diet, physical activity, and behavior therapy is most effective.
Yikes!  The NIH and ADA (not the diabetes one).  Do go click on the Sample Menu
We love food, too.  That’s why our meal strategies are based on delicious, whole, fresh foods.  Research shows that a diet which provides 500 to 1000 calories less than you burn each day achieves weight loss of two to five pounds per week.
Sounds awfully CICOnic to me, even if the math is a bit different from that you'll hear at a Weight Watchers meeting.  Let's check out that sample menu, shall we?  This is LOW carb alright.  It's also low calorie, and low fat.  Egg white scramble??  Fish two times in one day??  Where's the prime rib drenched in buttery jus and 3 eggs with real bacon.  What's with this one hard boiled egg with turkey bacon crap?  Sounds like KimKins.  I'd be soooooo huuuungreeeeeey!!!   Don't these people know fat is good for you?  That fat has no impact on body mass and that fat calories don't count because they don't raise insulin?  It's 2012 you idiots, and Gary & Peter lectured you four months ago.  Why are you still promoting this CICO stuff
How many calories per day can I eat?  We will help you design a customized meal plan that provides 500 to 1000 calories less than you burn each day. This type of plan follows the guidelines of the National Institutes of Health for the treatment of overweight and obese adults. (Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults: Evidence Report, 1998). 

Will I need to do rigorous exercise? No. To prevent you from becoming too hungry, we recommend moderate exercise once you have settled into the program. If you are completely sedentary when starting the program, this exercise is introduced gradually. Over time, we will increase the amount of exercise and introduce resistance training.
Phew!  At least they got the memo that exercise makes you hungry!  But crap,
Physical activity is a crucial component of any successful long-term weight loss strategy. 
It sounds to me that this organization, where Gary and Peter enthusiastically gave their presentations, is saying much the same thing as that pain in the arse blogger. 

So, below are the links to the videos from the JumpStartMD lectures:

Gary Taubes Part I , Part IIPart III      Peter Attia, MD  Part I , Part II , Part III

Although "Dr. Peter Attia is a Renaissance man and “self-experimenter” who has spent the last 2 years examining the role of nutrition as it relates to all aspects of personal performance",  we must remember that he, himself, tells us he had NO background or expertise in the area of nutrition related to his actual education and experience as a physician.  He's learned everything he knows, apparently, from spending two years reading Gary Taubes' Good Calories Bad Calories ... including that so much of this hasn't been tested, when it actually has.

So ... What's with keeping this under wraps?  Is it because they plan a stealth attack of sorts?  What will we call it?  Schlock and Flaw?   

One last thing ... If I hear one more of these doctors come out with the same stupid story about how they learned that carbs stimulated insulin in biochemistry and they got their old textbooks out and "it says right there" that insulin is the "fat storage hormone" or some such, and yet when they get to nutrition they learn CICO regulates fat, so everybody else is a moron ... I'm going to go nuts!   Perhaps this War on Insulin is further along than we know, because there have been boot camps teaching the talking points all along.  "Low fat made me fat", "obesity is a disorder of fat accumulation", etc. etc.   To what end? .....  

OK, one more last thing ... I promise.  Dr. Attia if you really went from eating 25% carb to a fully ketogenic diet his intake really went up from roughly 3050 cal/day to around 4500 cal/day (and he said in this lecture that "now", being Sept 2011 it was over 5000 cal/day) ... there's something wrong, or this might just not be such a healthy diet for the long haul.  You claim your resting metabolic rate went up ... but despite your DEXA tests, you make no mention of actually measuring your RMR.  As you yourself stated, CICO must hold, so have it checked to confirm your guess.  If it's about the same, then you have a fat malabsorption problem.  If it is, then please check your liver regularly.   Bragging like this over eating so much and getting leaner may be premature ... How on earth can you even eat that much?  Inhaling food?  A whopping 450g/day fat??  C'mon.  Why isn't Jimmy Moore a toothpick by now?

And now, I leave you with a few more lines from our song:

Sometimes it makes no sense
Sometimes it makes no sense at all
Makes no sense at all, at all

* A special thanks to Taubes' biggest fan boy Ted Hutchinson who finds these remote interviews and alerts Jimmy's readership regularly.  


LeonRover said...

You may also find a YouTube talk given by Robert Lustig to JumpStartMD.

Same old Bitter Sugar, Fatty Liver lecture that has become his hallmark.

Has he nothing new to say?

At the very least, were statistics of beer and alcohol consumption and the epidemiology of ALD to be included, it would add to our knowledge.

I note that Staffan Lindeberg's dietary comparisons include some wine or beer.

Sanjeev said...

>> Schlock and Flaw?


3 years after all the biggest commercial organizations dumped low carb (by discontinuing many LC products), GT wants to raise money ...

... after the bulk of the money's gone.

The mainstream advertising I've seen for diet products is targeted to low calorie, not low carbohydrate.

companies never even use low carb for below expected earnings.

Sanjeev said...

"as an excuse for" , so change this

companies never even use low carb for below expected earnings.


companies never even use low carb as an excuse for below expected earnings.

Sarah Barracuda said...

Wait, which major food manufacturers are you referring to? Guess I must've missed this. Haven't checked for it, but I imagine sugar-free versions of most ice creams are still being sold. Though now that you mention it, stuff like Truvia *is* marketed as low-cal rather than low-carb....

Sanjeev said...

a bunch of major food companies were using Atkins as an excuse for low earnings for about 2 years. Krispy Kreme tried it several times. This was when I was managing my portfolio very actively.

there was a low carb grocery store in Toronto and twice the owner complained about having to find small, hard to locate manufacturers to replace products that the standard suppliers discontinued. The only one that comes to mind right now is Breyers low carb ice cream.

Sanjeev said...

the store moved out to a suburb, only way to get there is now by car.

I was really surprised - they must have lost a bunch of customers as they used to be right on the subway line

Galina L. said...

I am actually happy to find out from the people who made comments that companies dropped LC versions of their products(most likely junk food). It was my fear that as a result of LC complain we are going to find LC Twinkies next to normal ones in every gas station, made out of almond flour three times more expensive, and LC cookies in a cookie isle.
I think vegetarians are still the main population who makes profitable the natural store business. Probably, thous who eat no gluten will add up eventually. If many people who started LCarbing turned in to Paleo-eaters(I think it is a very logical development) like me, that there is no business done on us. I buy mostly grass-fed meats and organs, some fish and chicken, pastured butter and eggs, produce(potatoes included) but in smaller amounts then before because I eat less amount of food in general now, dairy and deli staff. The only grain I buy is a buckwheat and also sourdough rye bread for my husband. Who with any business sense would invest any money into research in order to convince more people to eat like that?

Tonus said...

"Umm people are beginning to get this idea that they should go after sugar. That its OK to say that sugar is deleterious[...]"

Hasn't that always been the case? If there is one thing that many of the diverse eating plans and diets have in common, it's that the first thing that hey advise us to do is cut out sugar. Sugar provides calories and little else, in a highly-palatable form. So it's not surprising that one way to eat less is to reduce or eliminate sugar from the diet.

The only person who is "beginning to get this idea" seems to be Gary Taubes.

And as for this:
"I grew tired of the notion that we (doctors) did little to keep patients healthy, and [...t]he concept of “preventative medicine” received some lip service, but didn’t really have any chops as far as I could tell."

I'm not sure where he was doing his residency, but I hope it isn't anywhere that I will ever go for treatment. The doctors I've visited always look to promote preventative behavior, by encouraging weight loss, by encouraging exercise, by advising changes in diet and habits, and when all else fails by prescribing medication. I've yet to have a doctor advise me to keep doing what I'm doing and that we'll worry about my health when it takes a turn for the worse.

Heck, one of the concerns I have with my current doctor is that she's fairly quick to reach for a statin prescription. But from the very start, she has focused on helping me to find ways to be healthier. Is she really a lone voice in the wilderness?*

*With apologies to GT, of course

Sue said...

That's a pretty good menu plan. Did you see their percentages of macros:

OnePointFive said...

I wonder how many of the petition's signatories are the medical doctors or scientific Ph.Ds that he wanted to sign. Certainly, many of the more recent ones don't claim any qualifications. I was amused to see one person, well known for his second opinions had signed twice , once without a doctorate, then perhaps on second thoughts, with one.( His alma mata is Trinity College and University. see wiki)

I noticed that The Diet Delusion (UK version of GCBC) was on sale for £2 in a remainder book shop in Oxford. Obviously it can't be selling that well.

Wright Mind said...

Wow, Evelyn, you are positively prescient. I read your article and then, a few hours later, read Gary Taubes' latest blog update ( Way to go! You scooped Taubes' own blog!

According to Taubes' blog, a summary of the letter is currently in print, along with a link to the letter.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

LOL Newell, That's amazin'! The insurgency. I guess we can start calling Taubes Attia and Lustig the Axis of Drivel.

So ... Attia went to meet Taubes with 27 pages of questions for him? Does anyone else find this bizarre?

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

That phfeeeewt 500 cals right to the fat schtick is so old!

I've been reading a lot of misinformation on the net. One being that basically ALL fructose gets converted to triglycerides which is BS. I hope James Krieger puts his EXCELLENT presentation on fructose back online in some form sometime.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Yeah I was LC stint #2 sometime in the 2002-2004 timeframe. The diet sections at WalMart and other major retailers were chock full of LC products. MANY LC ice creams and such too. You can still get a lot of stuff online ... but that tells you something about how many people are really doing this. I know exactly one other person did LC, lost weight, and remains low carb, though I haven't seen her in a year so not sure what she's doing now.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Yeah, sounds to me like Taubes is trying to take credit for the "sugar is bad for you" stuff. I'm pretty sure the "one group in the US" that's looking into this is PJ Havel's group. Yeah ... it was at Taubes' urging that he finally did the right studies. LOL!

Attia has his MD from Stanford and did his residency in general surgery at Johns Hopkins. Sigh :(

This caricature of MD's as always reaching for the script pad first just doesn't match my (limited) or my family's (more extensive, especially elderly parents at this time) and friend's experiences.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

This is very interesting! 18% fat (WW's terroir), 33% carb , 49% protein

So, not quite as LC as it appeared on first glance. They allow fruits and some carbier veggies it would appear, but I see no starches.

Dr. Cate's TRIM program allows sprouted grains but from her sample meals, that is a low calorie program too. (And both she and a former colleague signed the petition)

That 49% protein ... may well be how I lost my weight with VLC ... only my fat would have been like 40% and carb 10%. Because a rather routine lunch was a big salad with a can of tuna on top with olive oil and vinegar dressing. I happen to like chicken breast and ate a lot of seafood too. That % protein sounds high, but when you're not eating a lot of calories, it's not that much in absolute amounts.

Wonder why they even had someone eating 90% of cals from fat. Yikes!

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

I noticed lots of duplicates too. Since Taubes announced they posted a 150 word summary in the magazine, there are now at least 100 "I lost weight on LC" Jane Does signing.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Oops ... forgot to add ... how odd is it that someone affiliated with JumpstartMD (patient? staff?) signed the petition.

Lerner said...

Schlock and Flaw??? hahaa! But which one is which? There will always be new ones coming along anyway peddling their smoke and mirrors.

Ahem... How much swimming does this new one do?

Famous Olympian Phelps apparently eats 8-10K cal / day, and is very lean. He also isn't trying to make a business out of his diet, he eats what works for his situation. The comments on that page should also be informative to anyone who believes in any of the dogmas from LC and LF to "all food must be whole-food, real-food, unprocessed".


"Start with three sandwiches of fried eggs, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and mayonnaise; add one omelet, a bowl of grits, and three slices of French toast with powdered sugar; then wash down with three chocolate chip pancakes."

As far as composition and performance goes (and in this case very much not discussing health), CICO overcomes all the other factors, which are minor.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...

Taubes says Attia works out 23 hours per week.

Yeah, I'd say there are several Olympic sized pools filled with black swans.

Lerner said...

a comment from the Phelps-breakfast page:

"This isn't too surprising, the announcers were saying that the women's gymnastics team (who are 5-foot nothing, and a lot lighter frame than Phelps) eat around 8,000 calories a day, and even then they're at an almost unhealthy low level of body fat."

So maybe we'll next see a retired but still exercising gymnast pushing their LC diet as some magical "explanation", as opposed to a means to accomplish CICO.


Note from Phelps sample menu that he eats lots of fat, carbs, sugar and "tasty" flavorings. Remove any of those and he'd very likely be consuming less. Ergo, you have reduced calories via LF, LC or low-food-reward diets.

Lerner said...

I actually used to have respect for Lustig, because he ended his talks by saying "none of this is known for sure, and it all might have changed in five years". So true. But when he'd later said that Taubes is "brilliant" and has "interesting ideas", I lost all respect for Lustig.

Still, his underlying idea that people like sugar and so that's such an powerful and easy way to add calories to a diet? That seems extremely plausible. Decades ago I'd developed the motto, "if you want to wear fat then eat sugar".

After all, there's always room for Jello. Plus, there is that extra hit of insulin over and above what sucrose's GI would predict.

Lerner said...

Speaking of "prescient", the sugar industry must have hired Kreskin years ago, so that's why they'd preemptively launched their "sugar is healthy and natural food" campaign a few years back. They **knew** that Taubes would be coming along just now, pioneering his anti-sugar campaign! Wow, that Kreskin is GOOD!! (I bet Kreskin even knew I was going to post this comment. It's scary.)

Lerner said...

Taubes publicity campaign has indeed given him an uptick:

Tonus said...

That's almost 3.5 hours a day. Shouldn't Attia be really fat from spending so much time working up an appetite?

Lerner said...

speak of the devil and he shall appear:

Sat, Jan 21, 2012

[actor] Alec Baldwin has appeared noticeably trimmer during appearances of late...

"I gave up sugar. I lost 30 pounds in four months... It's amazing."

In addition to cutting out sweets, Alec ... infused his daily routine with a variety of exercises.

"Pilates, spin, not as much yoga as I'd like... When ... I can't work out, I just have to eat less. So, I'm very conscious of that.

Anonymous said...

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