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Friday, February 24, 2012

My husband says I must be really sick!

... and I am :(  He was shocked I didn't blog today as I spent the entire time sleeping on the couch.  I almost never get sick, and it's been like forever since I had any sort of intestinal bug which is what this is.  Oddly enough my hubby had it last week which seems too long ago for me to still catch.  So now I wonder if it's in the house or something we both ate from our fridge.    I can't figure out how it is possible I slept all day and I'm still yawning and can barely keep my eyes open typing this!

This reminds me of the norovirus my hubby contracted on our cruise in 2008.  I hope not b/c how do I sanitize my whole house?!  We did not report him to the ship's doc and self quarantined.  I slept on the couch cushions on our balcony and used my peroxide whitening mouthwash to wipe everything down.  At first port I got some rubbing alcohol and stole one of those containers of industrial peroxide wipes from the piano bar and wiped some more.  I'm so bad :)  I was worried that room service would give us away with the ginger ale deliveries.  Thankfully he only missed one port -- but just figures it had to be Barbados where neither of us had ever been.  I felt the whole time like I was coming down with it but it never caught.  

Anyway, nighty nite inmates!  Hopefully I'll "see" you all this weekend :)  Ooh ... and I gots gossip on tap >:)


MM said...

I hope you get well soon. Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing and then you'll be over it. I have to say that if I had to disinfect our house every time one of us got a stomach bug in order to prevent its spread we would all be eternally sick. It might just be one of those things.

R. K. said...

A surprising number of paleo bloggers have reported getting sick in the past few months. And I came down with some dang long-lasting thing a month ago that's still sapping my energy (I'm at about 98% now). Just before that sickness I had been inwardly congratulating myself on how I'd escaped the three colds/flus which had attacked the other people in my house.

Perhaps the bugs are evolving; us healthy paleo folks now have our own special little tyrants.

Alma said...

Get well soon Evelyn!

Fashiontribes Diet said...

feel better!

Mario Iwakura said...

Must be all those "safe" starches you are eating that surged your glucose/insulin levels and screwed with your immune system! Damit, you can now, officially, be declared with a broken metabolism! Congratulations and welcome to the Association of People with Broken Metabolism (APBM)!

Hope you see the "light" and recover!

Nigel Kinbrum said...

No no no. It's obviously Vitamin D starvation*.

Hope you see the "light" and recover!

*[House]or Lupus[/H]

Anonymous said...

Same here , MM. I'm doing well if I have a can of Lysol in the house and hit the obvious areas.

Sending you healthy thoughts, Evelyn! I hope it's just a quick bug. But maybe toss your leftovers just in case.

CarbSane said...

Good day folks! Thanks for the humor :) I'm back to almost 100%. It's always amazing to me how I could sleep for almost 24 hours (semi lucid awakedness for 10-15 min at a time) and then feel almost all better a few hours later. I'm still a bit fatigued, but the digestive tract is back to normal. I had oatmeal with almond milk (cuz I don't keep milk in the house and I like it better than with water) around 9am and it sat very well (and the BG/insulin spike didn't send me into a binge on every SAD food I could find even though thanks to hubs there are Doritos, Wheat Thins and pizza in the house). Anywho, thanks for the well wishes. I'm back. Posted the sciency stuff first ... we'll see if I have time for the gossip today ;-) I do think I get one more goof-off day to work with ha ha!

CarbSane said...

Oh yeah Steph -- it broke my heart b/c I doubt it's anything I have left in the fridge, but out went what I ate the other night and the rest of a rotisserie chicken. The culprit may well have been mayo hubby had me taste cuz it looked questionable. I only tasted but a tip of a spoonful and it wasn't quite right. Should have spit and rinsed I guess. 12 hours later? Hmmm. Lesson learned :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think we have a winner. I am spring loaded to be suspicious of mayo. I hope you're better soon. Bananas might sew you up, but then again...carbs.


Our worst bout here was from a leftover meatball sub my husband and I split. So sick, I swear my kidneys nearly shut down. The narrow escape: I at first served it to my kids, who were toddlers at the time. Thank God they turned their noses up at it. I think we would have been hospital bound. Lesson learned, reheat to STEAMING.

Be well! Looking forward to your gossip, since I can't follow your science.

Lesley Scott said...

@Steph I'll see your meatloaf sub & see you a dinner in Kathmandu! :) My mom & I were visiting one year and on our last night home, we picked a place from our Lonely Planet guide. OMG we had an overnight layover in the Singapore airport hotel & thankgod 'cuz I seriously thought we both would die of some kind of food poisoning. I think I actually wished I could die at some point.

Oh, evelyn, this is Fashiontribes Diet - I've changed my "handle" for a bunch of reasons, but this one's permanent.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Food poisoning is so depressing.

While we're sharing, my most recent stomach distress was from a cough medicine that had been formulated to prevent abuse, because if you took too much it would make you violently ill. Only I became violently ill while following directions. Thank you, cough syrup addicts! (Oh, and it didn't suppress coughing any way!)

CarbSane said...

OMG that's horrible! Last time I needed cough syrup was several years ago when I had a wake-me-up-can't-stop-coughing type cough. Nothing to cough up, just hack hack hack. The only thing that worked was the highest strength dextromethorphan and I'm pretty sure I exceeded max dose a few times. If they put something in that stuff to make me sick if I take too much I'll be in trouble next time I need it. That kinda thing really pisses me off. I need the stuff like once every 10 years ... now I gotta show a drivers' license to get it!

Galina L. said...

I wish you to get well soon, sickness happens. Drink a lot of broth, preferably with garlic and ginger. If you have a cough, try inhalation. Boiled potato skins is a time-proved remedy, add eucalypt oil to the steaming mix. Cover your head with a towel and breath over the steam 2 - 3 times a day.

CarbSane said...

Thanks ... no cough this time! But I gotta say, for all the Eastern European tricks I've learned, I never heard of the boiled potato skins. Gonna have to try that on the hubs next time he gets sick. With my stomach upset my late mother in law would have been after me with a shot of vodka with a ton of black pepper in it. I'm not sure that would have settled me ;)

Unknown said...

I missed this somehow, so here I am 2 days late but glad to hear you're doing better. People all around me have been having stomach bugs but somehow--so far--I haven't been susceptible. I'm giving at least partial credit to 9 months of common sense eating but you have seniority on me and it didn't save you so who knows? Anyhow, sorry you were sick and glad you're better.

CarbSane said...

Thanks Nance! I don't think any of us have a full insurance policy, but I do believe bone broths help. My hubs is known in my family as Mr. No Immunity and the past two winters since I've been into the bone broths he's been relatively healthy. I'm more of the carrier if anything. On the cruise I mentioned I had inklings that I was exposed, but never succumbed. That was only a few months into low carbing so I just am pretty healthy overall despite abusing my system from time to time through the years.

Galina L. said...

I never try to verify that information, but I heard some claims there is an outer layer in potatoes contains some glycoalcoloids like solanine and chaconine which help to cure bacterial infections in airways. I remember also using boiling eucalyptus leaves for inhalations for bronchitis or staffed nose. It is a standard treatment, also tea or hot milk with honey or dried raspberries, many, me included , eat big amounts of raw garlic with a soup when sick. Some people use vodka infused with a red pepper almost like your late MIL, but it is considered to be on an extreme side. I brought from Russia a horrible remedy which worked pretty well on my husband - throat spray made out of propolis infusion in alcohol.
In case of upset stomach a lot of strong tea is the usual way to go, nothing fatty.
Here is the link for your amusement I recently came across.
Get well!

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