Ancestral Symposium Bound!

It's official!!

I just purchased my ticket to AHS12 at Harvard this August.  I'm looking forward mostly to meeting so many of the people I interact with through this blog.  It should be interesting to see so many folks "in the flesh".  I plan to live blog/tweet as much as possible throughout the event so my readers can get the AHS experience.   The only decision remaining is whether or not to go in disguise :-)  Creative ideas or just funnin' allowed in consideration of that dilema!  I'm pretty sure they don't allow concealed carry at Hah vuhd, but perhaps a water pistol filled with real KoolAid might ward off would be attackers :-) 

I don't usually do this, but the cost is a bit steep, so I'm making a special appeal for donations for any who specifically wish to sponsor this trip.  I'm happy to publicly acknowledge your contribution or you can remain anonymous.  I've already received some funding but would greatly appreciate your assistance, no matter how large or small the donation.  If I could put one of those specific bar-thingies just for this I would, but that seems a bit overkill.  Thank you in advance!


My comment got eaten!!! Sigh.

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to your live-blogging of the event/talks. Consider having some youtube vlogs, maybe?

And yeah, put up the dorky donation thingie. I kinda like seeing those..and who knows? It might spur donations...A discreet one is not bad.
Lerner said…
@Princess: I've learned to always hit ctrl-a then ctrl-c before ever clicking 'Publish'.

@Evelyn: here's your best wardrobe choice:

The URL for that says it all :)
Lerner said…
oops, though you wouldn't be the assailant :)
elrajajo said…
Well I'll certainly match my previous contribution and you can count on some more from me before the event comes around. Sanity is a precious commodity worth paying for. Thanks for the summit notes btw, they really help sort the wheat from the chaff (maybe time for a new metaphor thinking about it :D ) ps I'm also hoping you'll be getting a book out some time this year - care to confirm?
Yes, yes, a book!!! Shoot, self-publish on Amazon and we'll all plug it!!!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
CarbSane said…
We'll have to get together to do something for Sunday. I've seen you mention it a few times and nobody seems to have responded. Maybe if one of us sets up a facebook page or blog or something so folks can chime in? Some sort of brunch get-together would be great by me so those with real jobs and flights to catch hopefully could drop by.
CarbSane said…
Thank you thank you! Yes, I've got some book ideas floating for a long time. I need to buckle down and write it. Probably after my semester ends.
Nigel Kinbrum said…
Needs bunny ears... :-D
Anonymous said…
I'll kick in, just because I like for someone to separate out the BS from anything worth listening to me. BTW, you should read my last blog post, I told Taubes how well ELMM worked for me, interesting response. BTW, I liked Siebeckers talk, not just because I knew her as a kid, but she prefaced everything by saying "those with digestive problems", as opposed to EVERYBODY MUST EAT THIS WAY! And she didn't set off my BS alarm.
Karen said…
Yes, thank you Evelyn. I am not even listening to many of them. Think Ill skip Dr Cate.
We should be able to use the AHS Crowdvine for that. I'm certainly planning on sticking around late enough for brunch on Sunday.
Lerner said…

Amen to that, it's probably their biggest downfall.

Also, that was a nice little vignette you posted -- Taubes really says in person that he might be wrong? Haha, maybe he's practicing saying it. Did his face freeze up getting the words out? :)

And btw, I'd agree that eating the dreaded processed food makes zero difference in body composition, at least for me that's 100% true. I get tired of hearing how everything must always be whole food, natural food, 'real' food... Healthwise? That can be debated, but for composition it's a red herring for me.