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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Changing Stories

I thought I'd post here the comments Jack Kruse left here on my blog in response to this post.    I hadn't read much from him at that point, but enough to write his stuff off as quackery.  

  1. I thought I'd come over because my name was used in vain. For the record.....I was surfing for six hours in Orange County before the AHS. Hence the sunburn. People see my pictures constantly on FB. I am white as ghost as an Irish Catholic with freckles usually. I guarrantee you I eat more carbs than Carb sane.......and less protein too. The people who ate with me at AHS were a bit shocked. I do 42 labs on myself every three months in a quantified self program and I adjust my diet to meet my epigenetics switches. I've been doing it five years and I am an open book to my methods. Patients see me constantly and I don't hide behind an internet ambient awareness. I don't dye my hair nor have I had any plastic surgery. I work hard rebuilding my former self with science. My pictures speak for my methods. I don't mind being called out but I would appreciate you checking your facts before you post a falsehood. As a former New Yorker you could at least extend that courtesy. Other than that......thanks for reading my post on AHS and reposting it here. Some of your readers came my way and that is how I knew to come here and formerly introduce myself. Jack Kruse the has a K you know Carb Sane. not (quac)
    1. @Jack - er "john" : Just some advice here. Why not get one of those universal ID's so you can comment around the net with the same name? Or why not just be Jack Kruse Neurosurgeon everywhere you go? Very odd.

      I don't mind being called out but I would appreciate you checking your facts before you post a falsehood. As a former New Yorker you could at least extend that courtesy.

      Umm ... please do enlighten me what "falsehood" I posted about you?? Also not sure where you or I live/lived has anything to do with it.
      ~signed Stumped in Seattle

      I guarrantee you I eat more carbs than Carb sane.......and less protein too. The people who ate with me at AHS were a bit shocked.

      LOL - I dare you to post about this over on LLVLC forum! They seem to be under the impression you are a low carber.

  2. Falsehood one......Im not a low carb flavor of the day. If you had bothered to read anything i wrote im all about hypothalmic leptin control and controlling ones epigenetic switches as one evolves through life. That means the diet changes as your switches changes. The reason most struggle with all this macronutrient bullshit is because they dont get we partition calories based upon hormone status which is determined by what gene switches are turned on and off. If you got I am a low carber only guy from can come here for a free CAT SCAN and I will gladly show you pathology.

    two......I have posted this over on MDA and Jimmy's site. Infact its in many of my blogs that you clearly have not read. You only read what suits you. I think Kurt and Stephen pointed that out back in January about the NEFA issues.

    Be honest and be consistent. And it does not matter whart name I use because I clearly ID myself everywhere as I have here.

    You're 0-3 now, but the offer for the free CT stands.

    Jack Kruse

Does that Jack even bear any resemblence to Jack 2012.0??  Leaving aside the current claims of MRSA and surgery, I think Jack has a serious honesty issue.  Realize that everything he's unveiling is supposedly how he lost the weight in 2006.  He's revealing all of this piecemeal for reasons that have become increasingly clear to this casual observer of human behavior.  It seems he's not even being honest about how he lost his own weight, which is one of the compelling reasons to listen to Jack in the first place vs. some person who has never been obese.  Another thing we keep hearing is how Jack wants to help people.  So IF he did LR & CT ... and he's discovered Factor X -- why the slow nugget dropping?    I dunno.  I just wanted to fill in newer readers here of what Jack was saying a little over 6 months ago.

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Unknown said...

What's weird about Kruse is that blackberries seem to be a problem, but not blueberries
"Some one else brought up food reward and safe starches and that is when I chimed in……..(I added some blackberries to my diet yesterday and the immediate effect was no sleep last night so I wrote this blog……..So I’m back to my old plan today)"

Also, at the time I said he was red-faced, he and I both were posters on Paleohacks and he never corrected me. Either way, my original point that Steffan Lindeberg is much older and looks much better still stands.

"@CGK Thanks for posting this. The other blogger, thinks we have a disagreement over something. Funny, I don’t recall that. I recall she made some things up to try to get a rise out of us, who paid her no mind. In fact, I dont bother with her at all and have not after the way she treated me, Jimmy Moore and Mike Eades at AHS 2011, with some comments not based upon knowing any facts. That is her MO among the people at my forum and MDA as well. Maybe she does “think” in her own mind there is a running feud, but she really seems to think she is a big deal in her own mind. She never uttered a word to me at AHS 2011, but proceeded to make claims of “all of us VLCers” having red skin due to high protein diets ……..when one of her own paleoites pointed out to her I was surfing off the Pier the day before, she clammed up and never apologized for it or set the record straight as a moderator at PH. Her point was to try to be derogatory to us all. She exhibited precisely what Dean Dwyer brought up on our panel with Robb Wolf about grafitti and the lowest common denominator. She also did not realize the people who had lunch with me at UCLA saw me eating unreal amounts of blueberries and chocolate. She has a real problem with facts when she gossips about people. Her actions speak louder than her words and it reflects upon her. She seems to have a real problem with “me” and likes to say things to incite her lackey’s. I find it comical really, the more she spews the more popular I get. Maybe I send her a thank you card?"

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