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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leptin Man's TEDx Nashville Talk

Can't seem to imbed yet:  LINK

I haven't seen the whole thing yet so won't comment.  But thought I'd let my readers know the MRSA talk is up.

Edit - Classic Kruse-ism at the end:

Ideation without execution leads to deletion.


Woodey said...

I tried watching it, but damn, boring speaker + bullshit = impossible to sit through.

CarbSane said...

Mercifully it's under 20 minutes. What bothers me more than the BS is how he treats his family. I don't have kids, but if my husband put me through what he claims to have put his wife and daughter through (and the son was not told even after the fact?) I'd be seeking professional help for him at a minimum. You don't do this to a spouse and then he claims to have then shown his 11 yo daughter his incisions and described what he had done. That's not right!

CarbSane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CarbSane said...

The medical folks call it em are ess ay, us non-medical types call it mirsa.

NewMe said...

A lot of build up to...nothing.

Woodey said...

I don't have kids either and I'm fairly sure I would never ever do that to a child if I did ever end up having one. Common sense tells me not to do that, something Dr Jack in all his ummm "wisdom" fails to grasp.

Eric said...

If I was a hospital and knew a doctor was intentionally injecting themselves with MRSA for such irresponsible research I would not let them onsite. His actions place the lives of other patients at risk.

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