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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chronological list of all of my posts

Hey gang!  I thought I'd bring your attention to a new page I added to the blog.  I have published over 600 posts here in the past two or so years.  The archives widgets are wanting in terms of being able to browse titles.  I do try to organize by labels, but even many of those lists are cumbersome.  Even when I try to find some of my own posts it often takes quite a while.  And then it hit me, that it would be nice to just have a list of all of my blog posts.  So I went searching for such a widget and found one quite quickly.  If you look down the right side bar you will now see a link to the page where all my posts are listed in chronological order.  While not all of my post titles are descriptive, many are, and I think this might help some of the newer readers, especially, to peruse what older material they might find interesting.  


Harry's Acolyte said...

Have you weighed in with your thoughts on Jack Kruse posting a picture of some guy's back and claiming it as his own? I'm interested to get your take on it.

I'm not surprised by it. I actually feel a bit of frustration that it took that blatant of a lie for otherwise smart people to realize that the guy is a charlatan.

CarbSane said...

Welcome Acolyte. No, I haven't weighed in on it except for a tweet here and there. There's no point really. Except to say *I told you so* from my very first post about the guy. For that I was called a hater, chastised for just tearing people down, etc. yada yada. Now that he's really blown it everyone's piling on. It's fun to be on the sidelines watching this for a while.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

I'm glad you did that, as I've missed reading quite a few of your posts due to you being so prolific!

Josh said...

The picture is funny but the bongo59 stuff is even better. The post from the football forum is classic - [talking about the kruse's MDA thread] "Well it was typical Bongo. He knew everything, and was 100% sure, and people ate it up hook, line and sinker. Except everyone didn't." -

You just never know what is coming next with this guy. The educational value of kruse is 0, but his entertainment value is absolutely off the charts. Next will proabably accuse paleo insiders of having a mole in secret service and hacking into his FBI file. Or maybe his brain has been hacked by spirochets.

This comment on FTA cracked me up - "Has anyone done a background check on Dr.Kruse? His industrial ties and such? Not to sound too conspiratory, but he could be a (pharma/health)-industry agent provocateur planted to discredit from the inside, a paleo/low-carb* movement which starts to be a threat to the bottom-line. It sounds a bit paranoid, but I’ve witnessed and read about weirder shit than that."

CarbSane said...

It reminds me of when I was accused of being a mole for Big Agro ;) Yeah, I spent a year on Jimmy's forum posting well over 1000 posts on all manner of topics, participating in weight loss challenges, rooting on friends in their journals, even starting my own journal before starting the blog and continued participating there to the tune of well over 2000 posts before I got the boot ;)

I think this reaction speaks to how much we humans hate feeling like we were punked. Has to be anything but having a stupid gullible moment or three, right?

CarbSane said...

Glad it helps. It's helping me out to link to old posts too! Wish I'd looked for/found this sooner!

Lerner said...

Evelyn, I hope you're being diligent in backing up your whole blog. I myself just very recently had the experience one morning of finding that my new laptop (1 month old) was completely dead. That had never happened in over 30 years of owning computers. Until the technician finally came and replaced the motherboard, I couldn't be sure what would be lost or not.

Sure, google backs up your blog data but I wouldn't trust them. What's more, one can never know when they might lock down any blog because of real or imagined violations.

The tech who came also was telling me about a recent customer who had lost her backups on an external backup drive. So I'm personally resolved to keep two backups of critical stuff. I hope I stick to it because sometimes it's good to be paranoid. You never know...

Lerner said...

"accused of being a mole for Big Agro..."

I remember you being accused of working for Agri-business, from when I first found this asylum about 9 months ago. But I thought the accuser might have been a secret agent for Taubesey-business.

Everyone has heard of how Big Pharma supposedly wants to keep people sick and not cured, so as to keep a supply of lifelong customers. But I've also recently heard the claim that the diet industry keeps people fat with deliberately ineffective diet strategies, so as to keep their own lifelong supply of customers.

Anonymous said...

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