At least it's not a Crap Shake!

Has Emeril gone low carb and moved into the Hacienda Hypocritica on the LLVLClue dud ranch?  Because it seems the in yo' face hypocrisy of Jimmy Moore has ... Bam! ... just been kicked up another notch!  Speaking of the Hartwigs of Whole9 fame while reviewing their new book, Jimmy Moore had this to say:
... while the co-authors Dallas and Melissa Hartwig are not necessarily enthusiastic advocates of the low-carb lifestyle that I love and cherish, they are big time believers in another concept I embrace and appreciate–that is, eating real, whole foods that nourish your body so that you can be both optimally healthy and as disease-free as humanly possible.
Yeah baaybee!  Oh oh pale-o-oh!  (← sung to the Sergio Valente jeans jingle)  Continuing down the road of integricide, Jimmy's podcast with Lou Schuler is again tainted by the sponsorship by Leaner Living products.  
Yeah I know what you're thinking .....   But this continued hypocrisy needs as much exposure as it can get and I don't care if I get accused of stalking poor poor Jimmy Moore.   

The mainstay of LL's product line, MRP's, is neither real food nor contains anything even remotely paleo ingredients.  At least Mark Sisson withstood the heat over Primal Fuel and stated his case regarding the ingredients.  Whether you agree or not, he didn't hide from his critics on this.  If you're going to have an MRP on a paleo diet, you could do worse (I'd just make my own with unflavored whey powder and save a ton of $ but that's just me).  But as my regular readers are aware, this issue cuts to the core of Jimmy Moore's professional integrity -- Livin' La Vida Low Carb is his profession, after all.

Been playing with my video software and figured I'd take a break from the big project (listening to Taubes audio to edit is TORTURE!) and play with the software a bit.  Put this together.  Enjoy!


bob said…
Jimmy make some dessert things out of the LL Powder??? Good for weight control most likely.
MM said…

Love that! Did you coin it?

Well, if this is just a small taste of what you have in store for us for videos, I think they're going to be lots of fun!
CarbSane said…
Yeah ... not sure if I'm the first one to ever use the word, but it came from my head :p Glad you liked!
We're thinking you are beating a dead horse because you are, Evelyn. What is it that you want Jimmy to do? Apologize to you? Run all possible sponsorship deals with you? Why is it okay for Mark Sisson to come out with shitty meal replacement shakes but Jimmy can not use the money to support his family? Oh, i forgot Mark Sisson is thin and Jimmy has commited the crime of regaining the weight he last therefore he is suspect. In which case, so are you.

As for your video against Gary Taubes? As if he cares about you. He is probably picking out with kind of grass fed steaks to buy from Berkeley Bowl right now, not your idiotic video that will "discredit" him.

While I appreciated your blog at first for the insight it gave into the personalities in this world, you are now just coming off like a shrew harpy who is way out of their league.
Sanjeev said…
how about pervtegrity ... pervertegrity (perverse integrity)

Or the Eades: integirdlety or girdled integrity.

Gary Taubes: (add to the last one) ... integcherryty

Petro D: int_gr_ty.

Sean and Mark: intebromancity

Sanjeev said…
> Why is it okay for Mark Sisson to come out with shitty meal replacement shakes

Nobody said 'twas.

we (especially me) have not been kind to Mr. Sisson


it seems to me MS has tried (constrained as he may be) his level best to moderate the worst excesses he's in the middle of.

> but Jimmy can not use the money to support his family?
It's like these:

Randi putting out the anti-homeopathy info,

Drs. Novella, ORAC and others setting the record straight on vaccines and Wakefield.

Bob Lancaster (awesome dude) putting this together, even though I bet the extra stress didn't help his situation.

What's worse: telling Sean Hornbeck's parents "the kid is dead" or telling people to eat as much as they want as long as it's low carb?

If the videos simplify the technical message enough or make it more understandable by a lay audience, reaching a couple of people that GT has been misleading, that is AWESOME.

I couldn't disagree more with how Evelyn's coming across.
Woodey said…
" are now just coming off like a shrew harpy.."

Interesting point you made, especially since that is what you came across as.

Urban Dictionary definition of Harpy - "A woman with an unbearable, shrewish, pain in the ass nature. In other words, a bitch or a harridan, especially a somewhat unappealing one."

That definition coupled with your response, I would say that you fit the description.

Thanks to people like Carbsane I was able to see the hypocrisy of Jimmy Moore and Gary Taubes. This has saved me money from buying books, videos, as well as easing my frustrations by helping me get out of the bad science filled LC/Paleo dogma these turdsniffers are peddling.

If I had known what Jimmy really looked like and the weight gains he was hiding (using his skinny pic to front his site is misleading) I would have started questioning the effectiveness of LC/Paleo a long time ago. A big TY to Carbsane for pointing out the BS. I hope she continues to do it and more people start seeing the light.

Go back to your harpy nest and enticing simple-minded fools.
Melchior Meijer said…
Hi Evelyn,

Could you please skip me from your 'Friends of the Asylum' list?



KD said…
"Way out of their league", that's certainly one way to look at it... another way is to wonder if there's anybody on the internet who does more to elevate the level of real understanding than Evelyn. There is absolutely no defense for the low carb/ pretend paleo writers that doesn't apply equally to low fat raw vegans or any other idea that works despite itself- ie low carb 'works' because it happens to lower calories spontaneously, at least in the short term, for a lot of people, not because of why it's proponents say it does.

I think beating a dead horse isn't the right concept, it's more shooting fish in a barrel- they're at least trying to get away.
CarbSane said…
You're entitled to your opinion. Regarding Sisson, I criticized his Primal Fuel here: I stand by that criticism, only here I said that at least he stood by it. By that I mean he allowed at least one highly critical thread on his MDA forum about this very topic. He defended the maltodextrin as being cassava derived (don't think that matters, md is md), but moreso that it was an unavoidable incidental ingredient to the coconut milk powder. The LL-MRP is adding maltodextrin as a filler (supposedly non-carbic/caloric**). And I'll tip my hat to Sisson for just putting a bit of good old sucrose in his rather than artificial sweeteners.

Heather, you miss the whole point. This guy savaged the Body by Vi shakes and told his listeners how carefully HE vets sponsors. He wouldn't bring you a product he wouldn't put in his mouth in a million years -- well back in November, anyway. But now? It's OK to not just have ads, but run this commercial where HE is saying how PROUD he is of this company for making this great MRP -- what with all the crap out there?? Yeah right.

** BTW folks, this Fibersol sounds an awful lot like the Dreamfields "protected carbs" -- wonder if Jimmy did any n=1 testing on it??
CarbSane said…
To continue ... Thanks Woodey & KD! I've got a book in mind, a sort of biochem/physiology for the dieter (<- need a better term there, but ...) that just lays out the facts of what we know. It will not be a debunking book, though it will have a chapter or two on common myths that sets the record straight.

@Sanjeev: Spot on with Sisson. Anyone who actually listens to him knows he's mostly selling things, and I don't have a problem with that part of it. Ever since I -- gasp! -- put a $ in Taubes' name I've been accused of everything from vitriol to jealousy to contempt to far worse. Really, folks, what world do you live in that I'm unaware of? The man got 3/4 of a million dollar advance to write GCBC. Frankly, I think selling one's ideas in a book is probably the most noble enterprise undertaken by various people of fame about the internet. Put it out there and if it is of value, people will buy it. And sometimes they buy it anyway even if it's not of value, because of some hype. That latter reason is fair game for criticism. In 2010 Taubes had WWGF coming out. I wonder if publication wasn't even pushed back some for him to retool and take out a key card underpinning his house that a certain blogger had a small part in bringing to the attention of the public.

Everyone deserves to earn a living based on their contributions to this world. But the integrity with which one does so is important too. Personally, I think Jimmy would do well to capitalize on his success building LLVLC -- he's clearly got skills!! -- and market that towards going back to work at some sort of a "real job" -- preferably one that has him going out of the house routinely to work and compensated for applying his God-given talents in a more ethical manner. Linking one's entire life to their weight loss and one specific diet for the rest of one's life is risky and ill advised. Mark Sisson is on no danger of changing really soon, and he came into this from a pretty nice financial situation to begin with from all appearances. ANYone who capitalizes on their weight loss success is taking an extra risk and putting added stresses on themselves -- I imagine this is part of the reason Jimmy was able to ostensibly keep the bulk of the weight off for as long as he did ... but it's all there in black and white on the internet ... years and years now of whacky extreme schemes and rollercoaster weight swings that has now landed him gaining back roughly half of his lost weight. I feel sorry that nobody close to this man seems to be able to get him to see this. Maybe they've tried.

The behavior exposed in this video short is unacceptable, and doing it to support one's family is no excuse. Obviously "buyer beware" puts the personal responsibility on anyone who would purchase LL-MRP, but how anyone can follow the machinations of a Jimmy Moore -- especially this past year -- and not see just how deplorable his behavior is at this point is beyond me.

And there he'll be at AHS, moderating a panel on whether or not starch will kill ya! Really, it's a true bizarro world out there.
CarbSane said…
Done. Sorry you feel this way.
CarbSane said…
Welcome bob! I think making dessert things with whey powders -- big in LC cook books -- is a recipe for disaster. Yes, it adds protein to otherwise empty calories, but more than one low carber has then justified how those cakes and stuff are appropriate for breakfast.
CarbSane said…
int_gr_ty L.O.L.!!!!!!!!!!
And these for folks who are all about abandoning carbs because it raises the dreaded insulin?

"Whey protein increases postprandial serum insulin levels."

bentleyj74 said…
"another way is to wonder if there's anybody on the internet who does more to elevate the level of real understanding than Evelyn."

100% agree KD. Exposing the psuedo science, hypocrisy, and misdirection of people who predate on others as their primary source of income is a valuable service. Done free of charge on her own time btw.
CarbSane said…
Yuppers Beth! The BCAA's in whey are some of the most insulinogenic amino acids. It's funny, back when I tried the Eades 6WC -- the first two weeks could be described as nothing more than a low carb SlimFast plan -- I had a shake for the first time during this stint on low carb. I only ever used shakes in place of cream in my coffee (Atkins used to make a latte shake that was perfect, and I would "drink" like 1/2 per day in my coffee). I was never so hungry on LC as the first few days of those shakes -- probably b/c of the insulin spike w/o carb -> hypo or rapidly falling BG if not technically hypo. The spike probably worse b/c of rapid digestion of whey protein. Now hubby had the opposite effect (he of non-LC background) and one shake mid-morning carried him until dinner.
Yeah, I experimented with mixing protein powder and oatmeal for breakfast a week or so ago. Big mistake. Huge ;).
CarbSane said…
Yes, I find plain (I make mine with almond milk as I don't ever use enough milk to consume a carton w/o spoilage) steel cut oatmeal very satisfying, but once added whey and ... got hungry way sooner than usual. Not in a catastrophic way, but noticeable. If you're looking for ways to up protein, one thing this MRP does get right is to use casein which is more slowly digested. I'm thinking of playing with dried milk in oatmeal one of these days. Or you could just eat whole dairy protein like some cottage cheese or yogurt on the side. Not that it has to be dairy, but steak and oatmeal doesn't sound too appetizing to me ;)
Woodey said…
I think it is a great idea to make a book using real science to help people out in regards to nutrition and even exercise. I'm so tired of nutrition books full of opinions and warped science. It would be nice to have a book in my personal library that I can use as a reference guide, something that isn't laced with sensationalistic junk science.
Woodey said…
As for Jimmy Moore, being a tubby has been the best thing that has happened to him or ever will for that matter. It has given him a focus in life, helped him write a book, not have to work for a living, get constant attention and praise/support. He can cry about being fat all he wants, but really it is a huge plus for him and he knows it. He siphons life energy from others to keep himself going, a 'psychic vampire' if you will.
Woodey said…
I've gone back to making my shakes. Now that I have been able to get over my carbophobia life is starting to return to much as possible.:)

2 cups soy or cow milk
1 cup frozen strawberries or blueberries
1/2 banana (yeah eating bananas again, they also add some texture to the smoothie)
2-4 tablespoons ground flax seeds(used to add only 1, but I no longer add flaxseed oil. Too pricey)
2 tablespoons egg white powder

One thing I don't understand is why more people don't use good old fashioned egg protein. So many go after whey or soy, when egg whites are far more superior. Egg protein is a complete protein and the body utilizes 99% of the protein, to me it makes sense to stick with that over any other kind.

Back when I was into bodybuilding and living in the gym people like myself where egg white freaks; everything from drinking them raw to boiling. Every day I made protein drinks and went through about 2 dozen eggs.

I can understand not eating them if one has allergies, aside from that eggs are cheap and highly efficient. The egg whites I use for my shake I get from and for $48 get a container with about 170 servings.
Woodey said…
**Update** I just checked the box and its 189 servings.
Mike said…
Say what you will about Jimmy, but I think the man works very hard at what he does. Between the podcasts and the blog, he's quite prolific and that doesn't even count all the emails, forum posts and background stuff he's doing all day long.
Woodey said…
I half expected you to refer to Jimmy's workload as "potent".

On another note, I started to build-up a sweat just thinking about all that laborious work he puts himself through every day. Man he needs to slow it down or else he is going to put himself at risk of a heart attack. I don't care what anyone says, no amount of fat consumption will be able to protect him if he keeps up that kind of a pace. I can just see the sweat trickling down his grand canyon as he struggles through that heavy workload. The day the moobs stop jiggling will be a sad day indeed.
CarbSane said…
The egg-white protein may well be b/c of supposed anti-nutrients in whites, and a reactionary attitude towards low fat where egg white omelets rule and yolks are tossed. On PaleoHacks it is not all that uncommon to see the opposite ... as if our ancestors separated eggs ... LOL! Whey is oddly sweet and almost creamy. I use it in place of cream in my coffee sometimes. I have to use the stuff up somehow!
CarbSane said…
@Mike: I'm not sure many are aware -- I learned this when I was misrepresented in the show notes for my podcast -- but Jimmy has a producer for his podcasts. Kevin puts it all together including the show notes. Up until last year he only had the once a week deal. That's one hour taping and maybe 15 minutes prepping. In the early days he may have had to hustle to get guests, but nowadays it seems not so much. So even doing 4 days a week, unless talking on the phone is exhausting for him, he could tape all of them in one day and still have time to take his wife out for a long lunch in between.

I don't think he's quite the slacker Woodey imagines, but I also don't think he works particularly hard. How much work is it to C&P show notes and add a few comments? His blog is mostly podcast posts lately, very little if anything in the way of what he used to blog on. He answers some comments with short sentences and pretty much just dumps the rest in the trash. FB & twitter? All of that is circular repetitition. I dunno. I think his vacation was needed from the stress he has put on himself, not from some demanding work schedule.
Christopher said…
Amen to that. Just compare how many comments he routinely got - and responded to - a couple years ago to now. Most of the critical thinkers get summarily dumped in the trash, I think (although, interestingly enough, Razwell made in on there recently. There's some discernment for ya).

And on Kruse and the injustice that went on over that whole deal? Deafening silence. He's still on his blogroll, though.
Galina L. said…
Still can't wrap my mind about the necessity of making shakes for people who don't want to overeat. Actually, shake is the perfect food for somebody who feels the need to eat more, but doesn't want or can't to chew too much for too long, or for a mother who wants her child to eat at least something in the morning. Straw makes food consumption very efficient, it is not what a dieter suppose to want.
I think paleo-style diets could be quite bad for business - no need for snacks, special drinks,meal-replacement bars, all shopping takes place on the perimeter of the store, even eating happens less often. With limiting my meals to two a day I now can afford grass fed meat and cleaner veggies, but I give less business to a grocery store by avoiding products with higher profit margin. Paleo-style diets provide much less opportunities to make money for people who promote it.
Woodey said…
"Still can't wrap my mind about the necessity of making shakes for people who don't want to overeat."

You have to factor in that people have a specific use for shakes. For some its meal replacement, weight gain, weight loss, or they want to get some extra nutrients in and can do so by making something quick and easy. All one has to do is monitor how many calories they eat in a day and adjust it to add in the shake. By doing this you avoid taking in extra calories, but that is only if your goal is to not gain weight.

Shakes are great during the summer when its hot out and you want to have something light and pleasant without jacking up the calories. Sometimes it gets so hot out I don't want to eat, but I need to so I make a shake. Its cool and refreshing and not heavy.
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to say I'm finding a lot of this stuff really interesting. I used to follow Mark's Daily Apple and a lot of the other paleo/primal blogs, and kept falling away because we simply can't afford to eat that way (we're on food stamps). We need our starches simply to stretch out our food budget. So this has been really useful and has been encouraging that I'm not killing myself by serving white rice.
CarbSane said…
Welcome! I'm glad some of this is helpful for you. Since this is partly about overpriced whey, I would add that whey protein is actually quite economical as is egg white protein -- especially if purchased in bulk. Another cheap great source of protein -- what my Mom and generations before her relied on to add a little extra protein here and there that I NEVER hear about is non-fat dry milk. Many a long lived culture has managed not to kill themselves eating rice (and other carbs).