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~ Charles Darwin (it's evolutionary baybeee!)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day!

To all my readers who are Dads, I wish you a very happy day and hope you get to spend it with your kids (and if they're old enough, that they do something nice for you for all you do!)

On the front here, we have a limited celebration in store.  But if this haze lifts there's supposed to be a nice day for it.  We're grilling up porterhouses for the red meat eaters, steamin' up a lobster and cooking up salmon filet in the fry pan.  This will be complimented with coleslaw - homemeade by me of course, a cold green bean salad from my maternal grandmother's recipe (with a vinagrette of sorts) - made by Sis, roasted yukon golds (me), and some sort of orange squares for dessert (Sis).   The plan is to enjoy food, and more importantly, family!


Woodey said...

Sounds like fun! I hope you guys have a good time and enjoy lots of food.

Are orange squares paleo? If not I'm sure one of those paleo "scientists" will make a breakthrough and show science backed "proof" that it is. We all know how much they love science.

All kidding aside it sounds like you are going to have a good day. Cheers!

Rad Warrier said...

Have a nice time Evelyn with family and food. My son just phoned us from far away east coast of Canada to wish me happy father's day. That has cheered me up. Also, an appetizing aroma is wafting from the kitchen as wife is cooking lunch!

"The plan is to enjoy food."

Yes, I want to, and do, enjoy food and that is why it is difficult for me to go the way of low carb extremism. :)


bentleyj74 said...

What the heck is an orange square? Like a lemon bar? Intrigued.

CarbSane said...

The best way to describe them is they're blonde brownies with an orange flavor, glazed (like as in a glazed donut) with a confectioners sugar and OJ glaze. Sis uses Valencia oranges in them. I ate one and it was delish! I'm still alive today :D

CarbSane said...

Glad you got to talk to your son!

CarbSane said...

Decidedly not paleo. But I had one anyway ;p

Sanjeev said...

Oh, yes ...

No matter how low carb he is, PLEASE don't eat your dad.

And no, I bet he doesn't taste like chicken.

Eric said...

Did a 5k run ( and my kids did the fun run ). Quite the race for me since I'm 37 and only got fit 2 years ago and only started running ( again, did in HS 20 years ago ) last fall. Finished 16th out of 549 runners with a time of 19:02. All of this on a diet which is 40-50% carbs and teetering on breaking into single digits for bodyfat percentage.

Take that carb haters. :-)

CarbSane said...

Good on ya, congratulations! But how dare you torture your kids making them run ;-)

Woodey said...

Could you please post the recipe for those orange squares? I am intrigued.

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