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Friday, June 15, 2012

Who says nobody's VLC in my house?

Yes, the inhabitant that should be on a carnivorous diet, is.  I just had to share the "cat in the box" picture.  He's always been a box cat.  He's too big for shoe boxes but that doesn't stop him if one is available.  Box full of stuff?  He's on top.  Cardboard tray from Costco?  You'd think I paid premium for it at the pet store.  I had used this "tray" to carry some stuff between rooms last night.  And this morning there he was sitting in it, like I meant to put it there just for him :-)

Some other pics, not to step on Beth @ WeightMaven's toes with Friday Cat Blogging.  On the lower left, he loves to read my blog :-)  And check out that coloring, I think he's got a tarantula on his forehead!!  This guy doesn't have normal fur, it's a thick "pelt" is the only way to describe it. I call him my Gotta-Getta-Gund.



Mike said...

Haha. Our youngest cat is a box cat, too. Whenever something arrives in a box, he waits for me to unpack it and will crawl in as soon as I set it down. For the next week, it will be his favorite thing and we'll often come home to find him curled up in it. Then another box will arrive and he'll be mad about that one.

His life could be chronicled by the boxes he has loved.

Oh, and to keep on topic, we switched both our felines to a "Catkins" diet of wet food when the older one was diagnosed with diabetes. She recovered quite nicely and is noticeably happier.

CarbSane said...

Almost 3 years ago now, this cat was quite sick. We took him and his brother to the vet and he said he had bad allergies. We switched him to canned food -- mostly tuna for cats, though now we get what we can that has only a little rice in it. His brother who seemed otherwise healthy died inexplicably a month or so later, but this guy is doing very well. Still has a skin issue that flares from time to time, but he just turned 13 and acts like a kitten half the time.

Unknown said...

Only a matter of time until someone accuses your cat of being a witch's familiar

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

He's cute! And yes, I actually SEE that tarantula formation!!!!

Beth@WeightMaven said...

We can't have too much Friday cat blogging ;).

Alicia C said...

OMG so cute!!! All my cats have liked being in boxes as well - even the bathroom sink! I wonder why that is - o yeah, the carnivore hunting instinct :D

CarbSane said...

Welcome Alicia! I don't know, I think it makes my guy feel safe somehow.

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