AHS 2012

Hello all!  I was hoping to hold off on this announcement until tomorrow or Sunday, but
  1. I will be traveling with unknown internet availability this weekend,  and
  2. AHS12 folks changed their refund/transfer policy
So ... it is with some regret (and several other thoughts I will blog on in due time) that I'm informing my readers that I cannot attend AHS12.    The short story of the long is that my husband's recent change in employment leaves me without a travel companion and chauffeur -- again, there'll be a bit more in the long story ;-)   

I have tried to contact any donors who made donations specifically for this purpose, but I may have missed a few.  The PayPal interface isn't that friendly for such things and I had missed quite a few changing accounts back and forth.  If you donated spcifically for AHS12 and are learning of this for the first time just now, please email me and I'm more than happy to make things right. 

On to the next order of business.  AHS12 used to have a "full refund" policy once the next person on the waiting list purchased the tickets.  This policy changed.  They are now allowing folks such as myself to sell/transfer our tickets outright. 

I currently hold ONE ticket to the Symposium, and ONE ticket to the Barefoot Ball.   

Before I go and do anything crazy like put it on ebay (grin), email me if you're interested and we'll talk.  This symposium is so heavily populated by carbophobes, I would ultimately love for the ticket to go to someone with Carb-Sanity!   So email me (carbsane at gmail dot com) ASAP.