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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Easy Inline?

I just went to reply to a comment on my opening post for the Palisades Shore series, and lo and behold there are these double-underlined pop-up links there.  I noticed the same when I was reading elsewhere on the net.  So quick question -- did I inadvertantly install some sort of "helpful" junk on my computer lately, or has Blogger foisted this upon my blog? 

I know I don't want this linked to my content, that's for sure.   


Bixy said...

It's probably your browser. If you are using chrome and have any extensions installed, try disabling them, closing the browser window and then opening again.

Other browsers, I am not so sure, but I suddenly started seeing pop-up links in chrome, and doing the above got rid of them. Now I just need to figure out which extension started being naughty!

Josh said...

I'm not getting any pop ups on your blog.

CarbSane said...

Thanks Bixy, Yeah I was using an alternate browser and it somehow had this installed. Sigh. You have to be so careful these days when downloading and installing software -- if you go too fast it's too easy to accept all sorts of tool bars and such. Glad it's not Blogger! I saw it on another blog as well but didn't seem to be every website. Fixed now :-)

Unknown said...

Just go to: and hit the big "disable app" button. This action removes it from Chrome.

CarbSane said...

Thanks Sharon, and welcome! I had fixed this already but bookmarked that in case I ever accidentally install this again.

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