I can't believe it is October 1st.  Wow.  I had so many plans and things I wanted to accomplish over the summer, here and in my real life, and so much of it went undone for various reasons.  And now I'm knee deep into my real job.  Luckily I have a draft bin full of half to mostly finished posts that seem to just wait for a current reason to dust off and publish up ... not much time involved, which is a good thing.  

But another thing happened in the past few weeks -- Blogger finally forced everyone to their new interface.  It STINKS.  So I'm playing around in the background when I get a chance with migrating to WordPress, something I've considered doing and worked on from time to time for over a year now.  It's being toyed with, but my biggest obstacle at the moment is that -- whether you like it or not, and I have some things I'd like to format differently but cannot with Blogger's template workings -- I like the basic format of this blog.  

I like the posts "floating" and scrolling on the background with the tabs and spaces between.  I like a solid right sidebar with my widgets.  I'm not attached to my subheader of links, in fact I prefer the options for navigation menus and such with most of the WP themes I've played around with.  So if anyone knows of a free, canned, WP theme with just the "floating and scrolling" feature PLEASE link it to me or email me at carbsane at gmail dot com.  As it stands now, easy customization seems to be the only place where Blogger shines.  

Thanks in advance!  Feel free to constructively criticize this blog's formatting and such in the comments here.  If/when I migrate, I'd like the time not to be wasted in making The Asylum more reader friendly, while remaining true to my quirky decor.


I used to have my own hosted WP blog and did my own CSS, but moved to and a stock theme after getting tired of having to be on top of upgrades etc (WP is a big hacker target and I got blacklisted on Google as a result of getting behind).

It may be more than what you have time/expertise for, but it would be fairly straightforward for someone with both to replicate your Blogger theme on WP (maybe worth paying a few $$ to do so?).

Or hopefully someone will know of a theme that comes close. does allow you to insert custom CSS even with installed themes so you can tweak if desired. And the WP.

BTW, the one thing I *love* about WP is the "1st-time commenter" moderating and the selective comment blocking. I'm guessing you'd find that useful!

One thing that does suck with the setup is the inferior stats capability. You get basic stuff, but nothing like Google Analytics (whihc is not available with blogs though you can if you host your WP blog).
Subcalva said…
There as some free basic designs at this site
CarbSane said…
Thanks for the input Beth. I have a website that I set up using WP. Yeah, I've considered spending some $$ to get it done for me. I'm convinced they came up with CSS to stop folks like me from doing too much for ourselves ;) HTML I can change-up and play with w/o knowing a thing about what I'm doing! I'm disappointed in Artisteer as well, but admittedly haven't spent enough time playing with it.

Yes ... that first time commenter moderation has always been a huge draw for moving to WP. It's the best of all worlds as I can moderate (or not) as I do here, without Razzy spamola.