New On the Record Series

In recent discussions here, it's become clear that there is a lot of confusion regarding where "Guru X" stands regarding "Topic Y".  This is somewhat more confused by the fact that many of the movers and shakers in the community have tweaked, refined and sometimes outright done a 180 on various topics through the years.  This series is not to present "gotcha" moments, but rather to collect in one place where various voices stand on issues, and what they've said in print (books, articles, blogs) or otherwise (podcasts, interviews, videos, etc.).  So I'll use the label "On the Record" for all of these posts.  This way I can use the same widget I used for all of my posts chronologically to create a page of OtR posts.  Since this is The Carb-Sane Asylum, the focus will be on the role of carbohydrates in various issues.    

My hope is that this can be a resource newbies to the community can be directed for accurate information on where various people stand, and/or where positions have changed.  As always comments will be encouraged and appreciated, so that we can get it right! 

I'll probably bugger off my critics as well by creating a separate page just for my buddy Gary Taubes, who knows, maybe even my bestie Jimmy.  :-)


Unknown said…

IMO he doesn't look that healthy in the after photo
CarbSane said…
He definitely looks better in the after, but there's something funny about that picture, aspect ratio is off and his head looks disproportional.
Unknown said…
It looks like he's been stretched.
Sue said…
He looks better - lost his boobs!
Unknown said…
I'm calling it a fake.
Unknown said…

10-14-12 UPDATE: When I posted my updated photo after losing 50 pounds on nutritional ketosis over the past five months, I had no idea it was going to be the source of controversy. Some claimed my head was disproportional to my body and put forth the belief that I somehow “doctored” the photo to make me look better than I really am. Some people must have a lot of time on their hands to worry about it this much. But to put to rest these concerns, I had Christine take ANOTHER photo of me on her iPhone today after church. We tried to get the angle perfect so that my head is proportional to my body. I’m a tall guy, so she had to crouch down slightly to make it work. Here’s my new “after”

p following my 50-pound weight loss:

He looks fatter in the "new" photo

BTW - I'm glad he reads this blog