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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun(ky) with Nature

Odd day today ... car troubles and such.  But it ended well this evening with another good load of hardwood from the neighborhood.   There are still some big trees lying around, but now with private contractors coming around to clear, most of it gets chipped up or hauled off unless you're really lucky.

Now, yesterday I was getting ready to relax when I heard chirping at my window.  Happens  .... didn't think anything of it.   Then chirp chirp, kitty on couch looking inquisitively at the window.  Lots of fluttering  noises ....    We have old fashioned storm windows and the storm on that window was stuck with about 2-3" open on top.  Well a little wood pecker got in there.  

So I got a step ladder to see what I could do.  Yeah right.  Almost killed myself as the legs sunk into the wet ground!  So then I got the real ladder out.  Still no love getting the window down and birdie was in distress.  Grabbed a hammer and started banging that window down.  I was prepared to smash it if needed, but mostly was hoping the bird would stop fussing so much and hurt itself.  Then it calmed down.  Seriously this bird was looking at me as I slowly banged that window down.  It was crouched in the corner as paint chips and such went flying, these are OLD windows!  Little thing was just watching me and it was slow going as I'm not very tall and with the bush in front of that window, I was having a hard time getting leverage. But when I got it down far enough, I stopped, it looked at the gap, hopped up and flew away.  Silly but it made my day ... eh ... made my week!

Little things ....


Anonymous said...

Ah, the woodpecker... Nature's fat-burning beast...

(cute story!)

CarbSane said...

I've been trying to attract the fructose addicts (hummingbirds) here with little luck. I know they are around as they buzz our rose of sharons but they don't come to the feeders like they did at our other home for some reason. Now the woodpeckers? I had a feeder on a shepard's hook that hung close to the pole. They would climb up that and guzzle at that feeder!

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