Post Sandy Weekend Wood Whoring

Well, the one good thing about storms like this, the clean-up crews don't spend time chipping up the wood when it's of more importance to just get the tree off the road and/or powerlines.  Hubs and I went out whoring for firewood.  Here's the two loads we got.  I'm a bit sore now, it's been a while since I hoisted logs over the side of that truck (the bed comes up to just below my shoulders) ... but as they say, it's a good kind of sore.  

We also took the chainsaw to some stuff, but most of this will wait.  We'll cut it up and stack, but I think I've got enough wood from end of last year to split and burn this winter.  


Gabriella Kadar said…
Looks like nice solid hardwood. Amazing what loads a pickup can carry.
Great example of making lemonade when life hands you lemons.

Just visited the first english country pub to have a log fire up and running this winter. I wish I had your collection for bonfire night here in u.k. tomorrow.
CarbSane said…
Yes! The second load was quite heavy, I could practically sit on the tailgate instead of jumping up. Not sure what wood some of it is, almost left it behind as pine b/c of the bark, but you can't argue with a leaf sprig growing out.
CarbSane said…
I try! "Firewood management" is a favorite exercise around here.
CarbSane said…
We are blessed with a huge fireplace in this old house. With no kids we often just crash in the LR some nights with a roaring fire.
Lerner said…
Using a maul on it is very similar psychologically to hitting a heavy bag (punching bag) :)

Athletically/mechanically similar, too.