JimKKKins Jimmy Moore Meme

I didn't link to the source of the following meme because I "swiped" it from a friend on a private FB page.  However.  Jimmy Moore is digging in his heels with his latest and repeating his deceitful behavior that began when he posted a bunch of screenshots of correspondence he claimed was directly with him.  His intent is clear.  To try and attach to people such as myself, nasty comments and/or play the martyr for suffering such supposed abuse.   The only screenshot with any connection to me or this blog was one of a comment Dr. Kurt Harris left here, he presented it as a comment he'd received, and did not link to the source.  Bad form, but nothing new for JimmyKKKins.  

If he wants to link to where I have called him a neo-Nazi, I want to see it.  Near as I can tell, ItstheWooo is the only blogger saying that.  

Now here is my challenge to Jimmy Moore.  Post a link or divulge the source of the following meme or remove the insinuation on your blog that someone such as myself created it. He is playing victim with:
"I didn’t even know what a neo-Nazi was before all of this drama unfolded online over the past few days with the really disgusting and unwarranted memes being created with my photo on them that you see in this blog post."

I say Jimmy probably created that meme.  It gets no hits on tineye.com.  Shame on you Jimmy!  I didn't really think you had it in you to stoop this low to save your ass.

In other hilarious news, according to Jimmy, his critics need to get out more in the real world and stop spending so much time on the internet.   This from a man who claims to have never heard of David Duke, apparently is incapable of a 5 second Google Search, and now claims he didn't know what a neo-Nazi was before all of this happened.  Too sad and sickening to even be funny.   Need to get out more Jimmy.  Ha!


Anonymous said…
His entire response tries to convince his audience that he is being accused of being a neo-nazi. It is one gigantic straw man, not terribly clever and chock full of one excuse after another. I can't believe he wrote that much about so little.
Anonymous said…
sorry about the weird username, not sure what happened.
Harry's Acolyte said…
According to Nikoley, RichHead:

This site features "bandwagon non-thinking, zero-distinction, collective mentality, binary thinking (good OR evil), political correctness (the biggie) groupthink imaginable."

Now, we know that Rich reads here and we know that he's too much of a coward to post here anymore and back up his words. But it must be pointed out that his line of thinking is truly binary and truly reductionist to an extreme. Surely he can do better than painting with a broad brush in such a childish way. Surely he's better than that. Surely he has to know that his logic and reasoning in that post of his is at an 8th grade level.

Yep, once again he is trolling for hits and comments.
Diana said…
It's clear that Jimmy has been stung. I honestly think he doesn't know what has hit him, because he is so far into his cult behavior that he has lost the ability to think with a modicum of objectivity.

What is unclear is, how will this all shake out? Will he be able to just walk away from this? What about all the big guys who appeared on his show? Will they say nothing, or will they be forced to disassociate themselves from him?
Diana said…
I also wonder whether the prominent bloggers who used to be associated with him will say something. So far I haven't heard a word from Regina Wilshire, who I gather has a lot of cred in the LC world. She removed her blog link to him, but hasn't said anything about this specifically.
Unknown said…
"I also wonder whether the prominent bloggers who used to be associated with him will say something."

Probably not because they are smart enough to stay 1,000 miles away from "Neo-Nazi." Health gurus want to be associated only with positive things and if they even mention this in a blog post then the magic of Google searching will result in their being associated, however tangentially, with Neo-Nazis.

Nobody wants health advice from someone associated with Neo-Nazis, it's a buzz kill.
an3drew said…
Did Jimmy claim to look those articles up on Vitamin D and low carb back in October? Were they even posted on Duke's blog then?
an3drew said…
Buzzkill to put it mildly. David Duke never killed anyone that I know of, but his message is vile and poisonous.
Diana said…
@Unknown - so, do you think they will quietly drop their association with him?

As for the "big guns" I don't think a quiet kiss-off is enough. I think that at some point Taubes will have to say something about this. But maybe I am too 20th century. Old school.
Unknown said…
I don't think Jimmy Moore is the big news in this, it is the other two.

You are so busy practicing medicine that you can only exercise 2 minutes a week, yet you have time to give an interview to a Neo-Nazi?


5:00am - 7:00pm In Surgery
7:08pm - 7:10pm Exercise
7:30pm - 8:00pm Interview With Neo-Nazi"

And this is a health guru?
Harry's Acolyte said…
29:50-minute mark or so in the Duke/Dr. Davis interview. Duke: "My friends and I are certainly very, very anti-globalist in many ways....." Interesting. The laugh that Davis does ---- is it a knowing laugh? It sounds like a knowing laugh at Duke's reference to the world conspiracies and he and his friends' beliefs.

Yep, I'm listening to it.

At the 44-minute mark, Duke talks about how "his people" are "controversial." I wonder what Davis thought when Duke kept bringing up about how "his people" believe controversial things.

Note: Duke stated up front that Davis "doesn't really realize" who he is. Take that for what it's worth.
CarbSane said…
No probs ... I'll call you ed :D

Yes, many strawmen in his response. I think Julie Lalonde nailed it in a comment he surprisingly published:

by Julie Lalonde
Agreed, I did not read this as a sincere apology, instead I read it as a list of excuses. The first part read as “I have a life, but most internet people don’t, so that’s why I’m only answering now”. And then on about how some people just hate him so much out there that they’ll do anything to make him miserable. I think that happens to any public figure but whatever, they wouldn’t be able to do much if they didn’t get the right ammo. And then to weirdly talking about how some people won’t post full body pics or some people are just jealous that he’s lost 60 pounds. And at the end of this whole thing I’m supposed to get the warm fuzzies about how it was all some tragic mistake? Here’s another post that could have been written instead of the 20 paragraphs of excuses: “Guys, I am TRULY sorry, I had no idea, never would I have done an interview if I had understood who this guy was and what his message was. Please accept my sincerest apology”.
CarbSane said…
Interestingly I think RN gets more hits from here than I get from his blog. LOL.

I Eat Real Food said…
Talk about deflecting? My goodness, his tirade was all about him being a victim! His problem wasn't that he was being labeled a neo-nazi, it was that he linked to one and encouraged his readers to check him out. I don't care about the radio show, it's that he linked to him after it and now wants to pretend he had no clue.

Look at the timeline.

He says he was emailed in OCTOBER.
He says he clicked the links in the email and saw good information.

How did he miss the crap on that site?

The HE contacted Duke. HE contacted him, which means he clicked through pages to the contact page, and he STILL missed all that man's crap?

Duke contacted him back to go on his show, not Jimmy's. Jimmy does not other due diligence? He goes on his merry way to Australia, then gets back and does the show, no idea what he's going on?

But that's not the worst thing. He was warned shortly after the show, when he linked to it, that he'd gone on a former grand wizard of the KKK's show.

What did he do with that information?


He then linked to him on his 12/22 blog post, encouraging his readers to check out the blogs he listed, including David Duke's website.

He again was warned who the man was!

Yet he played stupid in comments and on twitter and then has the gall to write he didn't know until AFTER Christmas, after the shit not only hit the fan, but splattered all over him?

If he expects any of us to believe that, he's STUPID. And he's even stupider than I thought because he also attempted to delete the history of what happened. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

I really do hope that the big fish realize what an idiot they're dealing with and move on, away from him.
I Eat Real Food said…
If anyone looks at the timeline, from what was out there before all hell broke loose and from Jimmy's own account, he KNEW. For any of them to pretend he didn't, give him a pass, that's unacceptable.
Harry's Acolyte said…
It's weird because at certain points in his post, he understands why people are upset but then in almost the same sentence he talks about HATERS. He does this more than once in that pathetic post. He understands the outrage and then he blames the HATERS.
I Eat Real Food said…
I think Davis and McGuff are as toasted as Jimmy, and they have Jimmy to thank for destroying their credibility too.
I Eat Real Food said…
Or at least for him exposing their lack of integrity like him.
I Eat Real Food said…
It wasn't even a "hater" on facebook that started the picture memes, it was Antonio, then from his page Steve Cooksey shared it and ran with it and others shared it again and again, it was a burning hot topic on a bunch of different groups very quickly. I know Steve is (was?) his friend. So for Jimmy to claim this is just haters, he's sadly mistaken, it was those who were his friends who were most offended by what he did because it affected them much differently than it did those who already thought he was stupid.
I Eat Real Food said…
And I'll add, Antonio's meme was the top one. Until here, I did not see the lower one anywhere except Jimmy's blog post and I am in a very large number of different groups online.
CarbSane said…
Thankyou IERF for making a number of salient points here especially about the timeline. Much appreciated. I do not participate in any LC or paleo private FB groups so when another commenter mentioned Cooksey and others publishing these, I had not seen them. Frankly, FB is not enough ... especially private groups. This needs to be blogged on in the usual public outlets and I've yet to see that. Thanks for confirming (so far anyway) my suspicions about the second meme. I've not seen it anywhere. Until Jimmy produces a link to the original source, I'm going on the working hypothesis that he made it himself to smear others.
Diana said…
Thanks for cluing those of us not on FB in.
Just Ducky said…
Evelyn, you arrived on the scene well after the Kimkins fiasco. My first shot in that was at Jimmy and let me tell you, he's acting exactly the way he did during that time too. Nothing new, just more newbies today who have no idea what he did in the past. History has a way of repeating, so here we go again. Quack.
CarbSane said…
Well Feinman commented that he thinks Jimmy being an ignoramus is a virtue. Really. It's a good thing he never heard of David Duke and went on his radio program.
CarbSane said…
You are right, I had no clue when I first came upon the Jimmy webpire in 2009. But I've done my homework. Much scrubbing couldn't erase it all, and even from my partial retrospective viewpoint, he's up to old tricks. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
river rance said…
One has to believe the so called "guru's" of the LC/Paleo world have been looking for an excuse to separate themselves from Jimmy Moore, this could be it. More than anything it has to be his defiant response to a very serious mistake in associating with Duke. He probably gets a pass with a simple, as Evelyn posted from Julie Lalonde;“Guys, I am TRULY sorry, I had no idea, never would I have done an interview if I had understood who this guy was and what his message was. Please accept my sincerest apology”.
He didn't do that instead he went back to the "people hate me, people are jealous of me and its a witch hunt and I'm the prey".
Nonsense and pure hubris. His actions and his response to his actions are both "shameful".
He should be shunned, he has nothing to contribute to health,exercise, or nutrition.
Just Ducky said…
My former identity was Just Ducky, but it's not available. Bummer. Google Jimmy Moore and Just Ducky and see what he was up to before I got started on the Kimkins shit. There should be some good history since it was quite a stir when he acted just like he is now back then. The playing stupid and blaming others is his modus operandi.
Harry's Acolyte said…
I didn't survive the blog censor on an earlier post on the Wheat Belly site, but a couple of other guys made it through. Let's see where this goes.

Diana said…
Evelyn: "Jimmy Moore is digging in his heels with his latest and repeating his deceitful behavior that began when he posted a bunch of screenshots of correspondence he claimed was directly with him."

I didn't understand that, and maybe some of your readers don't, so for the benefit of those who don't, in his woe-is-me apology, Jimmy links to another "haters gonna hate" whine he wrote a while ago. These screenshots were misleading juxtapositions of insulting below-the-belt emails people wrote to him directly, PLUS a screenshot of Kurt Harris making a legitimate complaint about Jimmy, on this blog. He made it look as if they were all the same.

The man is unbelievable.

I predict he'll have lap band surgery and lie about it.
Mir Writes said…
I was in the Duck Patrol and was on LCF Friends searching alongside others for photos to prove Kimkins was stealing fake "ids", and was there the night--early morning? cause I"m a nite owl-- one of the gals found the infamous red dress photo. I remember Just Ducky (though I have a crap memory). :D Some really good posts done by the ducks on various blogs showing what Kimkins was up to. I'm sure it was crucial to getting Kimkins outed and judged in court.

I wish Jimmy, as a Christian man, would stop with finding excuses and making deflections and just say, "Man, okay, I was not duly diligent and did a stupid thing. Really sorry, guys, I screwed up. I will be more careful in future. To any whom I have offended, please forgive me." Done, end of it.

We all do dumbass things now and then. But he can't seem to just accept, apologize, and take the responsibility. It has to be someone else at fault? Geesh. Evenlyn, I and a bunch of others clearly stated we didn't believe Jimmy was a racist/neo-nazi/whatever. We did NOT. If some did, hey, that's their right. But he's so busy deflecting, deflecting, self-excusing that any apology has to ring hollow in the barrage of CYA activity...
Mir Writes said…
He clearly doesn't read here. He's an uninformed idiot if he says this is bandwagon or groupthink or whatever.

Some who gather here are atheists. Some believers in some faith. Some paleo. Some LC. Some HC. Some (like me) moderate carb--I find I do better and my thyroid does better with more carbs than the VLC and LC crowd prefer. Some of us believe LC is great for weight loss. Some thing LC is dangerous all around. Some follow reward theory. Some think there is validity in gluten avoidance; some don't. We're hardly homogeneous.

I'm an evangelical Christian with one degree in Health Information Management (which meant I also took courses in medical science, nutrition, microbiology, chemistry) and one in English. Some here are engineers and scientists, atheists or agnostsics. Some are regular non-science folks who want to get a handle on weight problems and want the science explained to us. Pretty much that's me. I don't work in a scientific career, but I want to understand it better for my own health. Because I saw issues creeping up in the LC community, I went exporing and found Evelyn. I like her critiques. I think they have value to the dieting community, especially to avoid LC groupthink.

I haveread Taubes and Paleo folks. I read Jaminet and deVany. I like Guyenet's blogs. I like Kresser. I like when these folks discuss the issues and debate them. It's valuable.

I don't hue to one bandwagon. I just look for folks who can explain better ways of understanding where the fricken good trails might be for all sorts of wagons, folks with the ability to assess and warn about the pitfalls so I can keep from breaking my metaphorical legs on this journey.

I do hope Jimmy sorts this out. I really do.

Unknown said…
Doug McGuff MD - now this is how its done Jimmy. Thanks Doug.

"Here is how it went down with me. My manager at Ultimate Exercise was contacted multiple times asking me for an interview. Dr. Duke described himself as a history professor at the American University in England. He stated that he conducted interviews that were used as content at various high quality websites and blogs. He billed himself as a supplier of content for news sites, and blogs and that he focused on cutting-edge content relating to politics, science and economics. I told my manager that I would not give an interview until I could see examples of his work. He provided links to a few interviews and articles at various websites that gave no indication of anything untoward. I agreed to do the interview. I did not find out I had granted an interview with THE Dr. David Duke until a few weeks later when someone I had done a consult with about a year prior, left a voicemail saying how much he enjoyed the interview and gave the name of the website. My wife and I were on the way to pick the kids up from school when I got this phone call. My wife was driving, so I looked up the website on my i-Phone. When I figured out what had happened, I felt like I was going to puke.

Oddly, he was one of the best interviewers I have ever encountered, and the interview went very well. When the interview actually appeared, it was preceded by an introduction where Dr. Duke stated that the interview was done without me actually knowing his full identity. He said this was done so as not to bias my answers or make me uncomfortable. That may have been his intent, but had I had full knowledge of who he was, I would have declined the interview.

However, the responsibility of due diligence is mine, and I must accept responsibility for this screw-up. If my being interviewed by this man has offended anyone, I deeply apologize. I apologize to my co-author John Little, I apologize to my wife and children, and all others who have affiliated with me or supported me along the way."
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Jimmy, that's how an apology looks like not your whining, poor excuse ...
river rance said…
This made it through on "Wheat Belly's" site. At least the responder addressed the issue and also Jimmy Moore's response: Evelyn hope it's OK to post this if not here is the link:

Bob Crason says:
December 30, 2012 at 12:18 pm
Hello, Dr. Davis. Happy New Year and thanks for your work.

Quick comment – you’re being taken to task on some of the paleo sites for your appearance earlier this year on former KKK grand wizard David Duke’s radio show. Your response?

Ev Barney says:
December 30, 2012 at 6:38 pm
Aww Bob, I have to tell you i hope that Dr. Davis has the dignity not to go there – at least not much. Would I RATHER someone I admire not be associated in any way with David Duke? Sure – but this whole ‘Low-Carb-Guru-Nazi” nonsense is getting out of hand. In fact, I found Jimmy Moore’s reply to the whole thing so absurdly defensive and juvenile it will be a while before I can read him again. I just blush at the thought.
Mir Writes said…
There you go. He explained simply how the interview was done without knowledge,without disparaging anyone else, taking responsibility, and apologizing. Jimmy could learn from this how to explain and apologize without dragging other people into it or making other people look like the villains.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diana said…
McGuff truly manned up there - but he didn't do it on his own blog, did he?

Doing it on Mr. C-Word's blog somewhat detracts from the sincerity, at least to me. He should write the same thing on his own blog.

"‘Low-Carb-Guru-Nazi” nonsense is getting out of hand."

Yes it is. That's the strategy Jimmy is adopting and among the idiots, it's working. "She's saying I'm a Nazi because I unknowingly appeared on Duke's show!"

Never mind that Evelyn has said, and almost all commenters except one or two have said, that they don't believe Jimmy is a racist or an anti-Semite. You could say that 1000 times and they woulnd't listen. These people truly have thought disorders.
Unknown said…
McGuff's apology is certainly better than Moore's, but there's something wrong. Assuming he really was misled by Duke, why didn't he contact Duke immediately after he found out and demand that Duke remove the interview from his archives? A simple lawyer letter might well have cleaned up the mess. If Duke refused, he could at least have posted a brief note on his site acknowledging what happened (he claims he found out when a client who heard the interview contacted him only six weeks after the interview). Instead, the 2 hour interview stayed on Duke's archive for nearly a year. I know that if my name/reputation had been falsely linked to a white supremacist site, I'd anything I could to clean it up, pronto. In other words, while better than Moore, this response does not seem like a profile in courage.
I really don't think this had to turn into the mes it has become. When I first heard that Jimmy was going on Dr. David Duke, I didn't make the leap that it was THAT David Duke, espeically sinde I didn't know THAT David Duke had and type of doctorate. Many people are unforunately saddled with the same "infamous" name as others. There is a broadcaster in Baltimore named Gerry Sandusky. Different spelling, but same name and when you hear it you don't get the spelling benifit. With that said, Jimmy has messed up in his response; instead of a simple I'm sorry, I goofed, he went on the attack and it is HE who is making this into a mountain.
There is an old experssion in political PR; The cover up is worse than the crime... Not that Jimmy committed a crime, but he really looks like he is going crazy trying to cover his ass; and in the process making himself look worse.
an3drew said…
"He provided links to a few interviews and articles at various websites that gave no indication of anything untoward."

I'd like to see the links that McGuff was sent by Duke.
Anonymous said…
Not McGuff, his manager.

"He provided links to a few interviews and articles at various websites that gave no indication of anything untoward."

Even still, what kind of manager does this guy have? Either they guy is supremely incompetent or was in on misleading his client. I find it hard to believe a manager looking out for their clients best interests wouldn't have at least googled.