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Friday, December 7, 2012

Quotations: Jimmy Moore on Exercise

In a review of a diet book,
One final thought: What about exercise? Strikingly silent on the subject, don’t you think? Shamblin openly and proudly shuns exercise in the Weigh Down Diet approach and Hawks makes no mention of the role of exercise in discussing “intuitive eating.” If you’re going to be serious about losing weight and keep it off, then you have to talk about exercise. It has been an instrumental part of my success on the low-carb lifestyle. That’s why I devote an entire chapter to it in my book.
~Jimmy Moore, November 2005 


Anonymous said...

Does Jimmy Moore not exercise? It may be that he exercises, and derives some benefit from that, but it just doesn't show in his appearance. What's the story?

CarbSane said...

From what I can tell, he started exercising soon into his 2004 weightloss -- treadmill and eliptical -- and was a cardio king doing 45 min or more near daily through 2005. He slacked off a bit in 2006 and more in 2007. Then he took up lifting end of 2007. Who knows when he gave that up, but he by 2009 when I started reading him he wasn't doing any regular exercise. He took up some sporadic stuff in 2010 and 2011 though I think he stuck to the every 3-5 days 15min-half hour slow burn thing. He stopped lifting the first 4 mos of nutty keto and has returned to it. This is compounded by him blogging full time since sometime circa 2006.

Unknown said...

Blind leading the blind

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