My the difference a year makes.

I received an email as to whether or not we'll have 2012 Insanies ... the answer is yes, but in light of recent events they have been delayed and require some updates on the material I had already put together.  Who woulda thunk 2011 was such a relatively sane year in retrospect??!!  2011 Insanies

As of sometime yesterday-to-today, if you look at the right sidebar, there is not a single post relating to Gary Taubes ... and amazingly ... or Jack Kruse!  The second and third posts are interesting late climbers.  Someone -- I think in the cycling world -- is stealthily linking to my blog.  Thanks, but I wish I knew who you were!  The #2 post as of today was written on Nov. 7, and received little attention until over a month later which basically never happens here, especially nowadays. 

Here in 2012 we are talking about a legitimate scandal involving not one, not two, but three relatively big names in the greater community associating with the notorious neo-Nazi, white supremacist, KKK Grand Wizard, etc. David Duke.  My what a long way from Gary Taubes' hangover fueled asshattery at AHS11, and eclipsing Kruisegate at the last minute.  

Just chatting it up a bit here.  So yes, I do plan on a 2012 Insanies Awards, and yes, I do plan on a roundup post of sorts but that, too, shall be delayed.  

Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you all for reading, your support, your humor (really one of the best characteristics of the participants here, laughter keeps you young and sane and I thank you for that even when discussing some serious issues), your intelligence, for challenging me, and for your enduring ability to think for yourselves  in the face of dogmatic groupthink all around.  

Here's to a healthy and happy 2013 for all.    Evie :-)


an3drew said…
Are you moving to a new website?
CarbSane said…
I own and my desire is to migrate the blog there on a Word Press platform. I will double post for a few weeks and get things autodirected and all that jazz. I did not expect this activity however, and I've got some other projects in the works.
Happy New Year to you, Evelyn.
I haven't been commenting much, but read you regularly. Your output is incredible. Whether I agree or disagree with you, you're always interesting.

Diana said…
@Evelyn: You are awesome and you perform a public service. I don't know how I found this website, but finding it saved my sanity.

@Dr. Parker - I clicked on your name and see that you advocate a Mediterranean diet. Do you realize that 200 days of the years, the Orthodox calendar requires some form of fasting? Today is a fast free day, by the way.
CarbSane said…
Thank you! I am honored to count you among my readers.
CarbSane said…
Thank you Diana!