Special Limited Edition David Duke Teaspoons ...

... now available in the Asylum Gift Shop!   Just $1 (plus $100 S&H)

Special Limited Edition 
David Duke Low Carb Teaspoon

And for a limited time, if you buy one, I'll give you five more to give to your friends!!

And if you really act now, I'll throw in the entire Commemorative set! 

ACT NOW!!!   Our phone lines are open to take your order!



Ev Barney said…
SPOOF!? And I so wanted the entire set . . .
Jimmers Kimmers said…
This is greatly appreciated! I would like to make a purchase.
I'm not really interested in any of those teeny tiny teaspoons though.
Only people with eating disorders measure food and count calories.

What I really want to buy is a Wheatbelly Davis Soup Ladle.
I need a good-sized ladle (none of those small ones!) for my heated coconut oil to make sure it adequately covers my breakfast butter sticks.

Oh, I almost forgot about the warmed buttermilk I first pour over my avocado appetizers.
Make that one Wheatbelly Davis Soup Ladle and one Jimmy Moore Soup Ladle. See if you can hunt down my thinker-pose photo to use. It's out there somewhere, I think.

Do you accept payment in ketones? They are very healthy you know. And these are from a southern-bred free-grazing lipovore. I've been Livin' La Vida Low Carb for almost nine years now!

I can't wait! Woo hoo!

And THANK YOU for making these FANTASTIC products available!
Diana said…
I nearly died of a case of LIMI (Laughter Induced Myocardial Infarction)

But seriously - how much do you think these would go for on Antiques Roadshow?
Gys de Jongh said…
Nothing more strange than reality itself :)


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CarbSane said…

Hey gang, check out Jimmers Kimmers profile!! Thanks for the laughs JK!

CarbSane said…
Saw that on TV yesterday! Also in the sidebar while reading FB there was a "portion control" device -- a belt. LOL. (Al Bundy vision ...)
CarbSane said…
Ya know, if people would buy them, I am quite crafty ;-)
Ev Barney said…
Hahaha! It was the 'one blueberry' that made me spit tea on my keyboard. I find these recipes that say things like 'add ten blueberries SOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying! I got frozen blueberries. I grab a few. I throw them in. PLEASE have me committed if I ever start COUNTING them!
Simon Carter said…
Who is the guy on the left?
Did Taubes and Lustig go on the David Dukes podcast as well?
I thought it was Jimmy, Davis and McGuff?
CarbSane said…
The original collection was introduced in this post:

Left to right: Feinman, Taubes, Lustig, Davis

Feinman is probably most famous for pushing the "no dietary need for carb" meme.
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